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    Rune Knight Recruit! No!

    Sir Roxas
    Sir Roxas

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    Rune Knight Recruit! No! Empty Rune Knight Recruit! No!

    Post by Sir Roxas 25th June 2015, 1:26 am

    As of late, Roxas had been dealing with many jobs that involved the Rune Knights and hopefully their predecessors, the Magic Council. Whilst on the simple job of taking and completing missions, one would've mistaken Roxas as an S-Rank mage, for he was hardly within the guild hall of Eclipse Soul at all. As a result, no one would know of his name and no one would even know he was a member of the famed guild. For all they knew, he was some outsider who went on into their guild hall, grabbed a couple requests from the board of money-making and leave without another word. These actions would repeat day after day, and in time, those days became weeks after weeks on end, never coming to a halt. There was once even an instance of a member grabbing his wrist in an attempt to prevent him from taking yet another request, telling Roxas that it wasn't his job and that he was simply stealing money from the guild. That truly irked Roxas, however, he had yet to make connections to this place, therefore, he would prove not to kill the guy. Instead, he would stick his tongue out, blowing a raspberry and revealing that his tongue did receive a stamp stating that he was in the guild. With that, our Bomberman would pull away from the tight grasp that the man on his wrist. In total digust, the guy grunted and turned the other direction, followed by his two lackeys. There was nothing for Roxas to do to stop the hate he had yet to receive, but it was, of course, all necessary if he was to stay within the guild. His history was just that now, a history. His sins were to be renewed. He made sure, too.

    Despite the event that had just occurred, it did not push Roxas away from his initial task that day. Roxas, after learning more about them, was quite interested in the policing force of Fiore, possibly thinking of joining them to yet further enhance their abilities to do their job and truly police the place. It may have been a far dream and a difficult one too. Having started out in a no name guild that would hardly ring a bell to anyone, Eclipse Soul would be hard as a starting point for Roxas to get in on some of the said action. After all, there's no well that he would simply be admitted right off the bat. That's right. He still had to make a name for himself, providing that this task was menial and just as hard as making a name for the guild. Despite these hard roadblocks in the way, Roxas' determination would eliminate them with sheer force alone. Forces of both mind and will would come together and act as one, now capable of taking on the hardest of tasks so long as he agreed upon it. Now pumped up from all the action, the Bomberman ripped every single sheet of the board, regardless of what rank it was and what challenges awaited. Then he would sort them out, taking on all the jobs that had any relations to do with the Rune Knights or Era. With this, he would surely get his name known by the Rune Knights, the police of Fiore, would he not? But that was only naive, thinking like a child on such trivial matters that would provide more than just a challenge. The jobs themselves were incapable for even the knights to take on, at least, not without the help of several outside forces.

    But again, that was nothing that the Bomberman knew of given that he did not really read through the said requests. But it just so happened that before leaving the guild hall, he set them in order of lowest ranked to highest ranks. Hopefully this would provide of some assistance to the knights after all!

    - Scene Change: Era -

    The camera slowly zooms in on Roxas, a lonesome adventurer, that slowly enters the gates of Era, the sublime city of the Rune Knights and Magic Council. This would be where the said headquarters are, unlike Rose Garden, this seemed to be more technologically based rather than magically based. It was the next day, sun shining and illuminating everything, forcing the sea to be a bright blue in color. Bird would sing and dance around in the sky, doing their own little thing. And Roxas. The very moment upon his entrance of the city, he would complete job after job, finally arriving on one that had A-Rank assigned under its difficulty. But again, rank was but a letter in Roxas' eyes. Little did he know that this letter was the line that he crossed, the borders of life and death. Walking to a nearby squadron of Rune Knights, he inquired and begged to know what was going on with all this and why exactly was the squadron required. But as he was only a menial child in the way, despite being twenty one years of age, they ignored him. This brought Roxas to do something he shouldn't have done, stripping a sleeping Rune Knight who was dozing off on his job and taking the clothes for himself. Sure, it was a move that he shouldn't have done but given his personality, the guy only thought. He shouldn't have been sleeping on the job, now should he? With the new uniform on, he was now a true Rune Knight! Okay, maybe not that fast but he was going to be for the details of this quest. Sneakily jumping in line to fit like one of the squadrons, one would hear  the squadron leader speaking in a nervous voice, making Roxas wonder if this guy was truly the man for the job. Then again, here he was, one who refused to chat with his guild members. He wouldn't open up to them just yet. They were strangers who didn't want to speak to him so why should the Bomberman be one to begin things. That wasn't in his job description. Nope. He ended things. The end.

    In his own little fantasy world, Roxas would block out all sound coming from the commanding officer Rune Knight, the puny one who said absolutely nothing that could be heard. It was either that option or Roxas truly was death, though hopefully that would prove not to be the case. In avoidance of all the details and facts, Roxas would simply march in time to follow the person in front of him. This would continue and lead Roxas to a boat which travelled to an unknown island. Yet throughout all that, no one questioned his face nor his identity. It was perfect! Or so he would assume until the monster appeared. Upon reaching the shore of the inhabited island a Kraken would appear and destroy their boat, trapping the Knights of the Council on the unnamed and possibly uncharted island. In the midst of it, it killed a fourth of the flank, taking them out by waving a tentacle their direction. Only screaming could be heard until another sound over-rided it. A sound of an explosion was heard and exactly that was seen. Exhaling deeply, Roxas would breathe crazy hard as a result of using ridiculous amount of chi energy to have shot a blast of that extent. He was still no master of this Bomb Curse he had been plagued with, but at least it stopped the monster from rampaging. As if in great pain, though the damage dealt wasn't all too much, the Kraken traversed backwards a couple meters before regaining itself and preparing for yet another attack. But being in combat quite enough times, Roxas would have memorized and saw through such a slow movement, striking the enemy once more with the exact same spell, a small explosion that would've caused an itch if damage was done at all. Still, it was better than what every one was doing. Which surprised Roxas entirely. Where was a squad leader when you needed one?! But as a calling to his prayers, the said squad leader would appear and cut up the Kraken by himself. Throughout it all, the guy was labeled to be quite angelic, as if he was dancing throughout the air while spinning his blades to deal damage. It was all too mesmerizing to watch. But it was beautiful and watched it, Roxas did.

    As the problem was now over, Roxas would simply slump down, fatigued from running low on energy. He exploded two spells at his maximum capabilities. The quiet squad leader approached him silently, in the end, scaring Roxas when a man had suddenly appeared beside him and watched him with the mysterious eyes. Stuttering a bit, the guy would speak first. "Y-you did great out there..." As for Roxas? The Bomberman was stunned, speechless. Here he was being complimented by a man who solitarily took down the beast that no other Rune Knight could have even come close to accomplish. And yet he was shy, that being his weakness. Not sure what to say, Roxas would only call him sir before being stopped in his tracks. "I know you're not a Rune Knight," would be the first set of things. Caught in the act, Roxas shamefully bowed. Taking his silence as an agreement, the captain would continue thing. "But your actions were braver than the rest of my knights." This, of course, got Roxas to smile once again. "S-so, what I'm saying is would you like to join the Rune Knights?" At long last, would he ever! "Of course not, sir!" Roxas would happily reply. Now it was the captain's turn to be speechless. Without having the ask why, Roxas would give his reason. "I thought the jobs of knights were fun and games, if anything, easy. But you just lost several men, I'm sure of which were your friends..." spoke Roxas in a sullen tone of voice. He wasn't ready to commit to that life yet. Not even at his age would he be able to. Standing up, the Rune Knight Captain spoke before giving away his final approach on things. "Well, your actions are going to the Magic Council, Mr..."

    "Roxas! Roxas Seijuro!"
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