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    Irregular Fate | Private | Romulus & Viola Empty Irregular Fate | Private | Romulus & Viola

    Post by Viola-chan on Mon 15 Jun 2015 - 9:55

    Don't play till you read the part where she starts singing (fyi feel free to just not play it at all if you like).

    Living all alone
    like the monsterthat i am
    ---that i am
    humans go so quickly, they fall so deep asleep. Never show the shock, but I start to weep. You fell in love with the monster that I am, uniform it suited you, hand in hand we ran. Calling all the snakes with all the powers that I have, if they disappeared I don't think that I'd be sad. A never ending world, made for you, and for me. Loving family then we will be. Waiting up for you. Door I closed behind. But you never came. Never wondered why.
    The lively were not always affable, masking their bitter emotions with venomus words of vomiting deception, a case, that was taled as nothing more than ordinary. The jealous are the envious, the enraged are the angry, the killers are the ones who play for the gallant of thrill - viels of transparent opposites so effortlessly sustain to swallow the innocent without so much as a singular blink. A cycle of living that was, and still is, the horrid reality that denied to be endorsed as something normal. Something worth accepting.

    It was striking that the one void of memories could arise so adequately while acknownledging the horror many staked not to inquire. Death is death, whats the point crying over such a prevalent cause? Why waste your tears when you can smile? Why fill the world with more hate when you can fill it with laughter? Is there something wrong with not feeling pain? Sadness? Words such as that, spiralled through her mind, forwarding the hope of alien-like emotions that had not yet attained her heart. An aged swelling heart that hummed rhythmically against the inside of chest, embraced by fragility of years long gone, and now but mistaken.   

    Viola. That was her name. The trouble child of the birth-place of her beginning, a fluctating light that began with a woman who was long but taken to the realms of divine light, a tablet of stone and a bed of grass forsaken in her name. A mound of cherry blossom that was the assembly for sexual harassment, but hand of another mentor, recognized as first, but truly the last, sought her way to being the mother. The photo of an older ruler paired with the newer, a memory never forgiving to be mislaid. These were the alluring lights that granted her the desire to shield the only  source of solidity she assembled around that heart, urged to never be crumbled by a smile hidden with secrets. 

    Children had earlier embraced the appeal of bliss with the girl they falsed as Elven, but, in accuracy was anything but that. More overflowing with restlessness, an idea belted forth, elighting the light bulb that only unnerved the younglings bounding back into the embrace of their also fearful guardians. Stumbling off into the assurance of civilization to leave the dragon desolated with whispering words of torment, the scaly frame unraveling into it's once "Elven" form as she herself mumbled - "Monster, huh?" - the sting no longer shuddering the nerves. It was provoking how effortlessly afraid they could get, only when she ventured to expose something purely for fun. Humans were rather fickle beings, and she could never comprehend if they did it for mer torture of gathering turmoil, or were just precisely odd. 

    A sigh, the direction steered into wood-land, opposite of the display of town instead. Unseemly path-ways, fallen branches, beds of moss, the dragon situated herself flawlessly within the thick of the woods, a hum resonating in her throat as the birds chirped almost cheerfully at her aura of lengthy youth. The radius was unknown to her, but, she was not advancing toward unease, but, rather curiousity. Gloved hands spanning toward the air, as if faithful in grappling something that would regrettably not be there.  

    Pinkish lips parted, liberating the humming to more louder and alluring sounds, an almost drawing caroling reflecting toward the one who situated nearby. Surely able to haul the absorption to the one who formed such enticing sounds as the source did not falter in it's bashful endurance. Step. Step. Step. Unraveling like the air, she cantered through the narrow way of descended grass, weaving through trees and daunting ledges that firmly rooted against her feet with never faltering touch. The melody left a stream of unseen music, whirling like stardust, gentle, light, enchanting, if only she would halt in her steps to the one who bounded so dearly in seize.

    But, not even she could move forever. The serene bed of river slowing the tumbling feet, the audible allure gradually liberating from lips as round optics of uncommon amethyst reflected against moving water, emitting laughter. A shifting bush, the sense of another, acute ears strained in brief unease, crown of green twirling around to confront another set of eyes. There was nothing but the caller of river to relive the stunned muted silence, fluttering lashes of raven dazed by the mound of such radiant white. Another thing she yearned to touch.
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    Irregular Fate | Private | Romulus & Viola Empty Re: Irregular Fate | Private | Romulus & Viola

    Post by BlueRoseRebel on Mon 15 Jun 2015 - 16:28

    There was something to be said for a childhood. Whether or not it was pleasant is almost irrelevant. What might have seemed the ultimate hell at the time may in fact come to be what you look back on with the most fondness. What hurts is healing, at least that's what they always say. But to be torn apart in every way imaginable is far from a healing touch. Regardless, one must move past their circumstance if they wish to succeed in their lives.

    There is something to be said for strength. From the moment one is born, they must fight. The scale of the conflict is never the same. It could minuscule. It could be titanic. Regardless of size, strength is necessary to overcome all challenges. But strength of body is not the only strength. Strength if mind is equal to if not greater than physical strength. One cannot have one and neglect the other. To be only physically strong is to be like a blizzard with no snow, but to be only mentally strong is to be a blizzard with no wind. Neither one has any use as a blizzard until they are put together. Just as mental and physical have no use as strength unless used together. While everyone is born with the capacity for great strength, no two people are the same. Some have a greater capacity than others. While that may seem important, it is not. No matter your potential, if it is never tapped into, never harnessed, it is just as useless as having no potential.

    There is something to be said for family. Family is far from those you share blood with. Family are the people that are strong so that they can protect you, but still push you to be strong enough to protect them. Family are the people, directly or indirectly, that shape your life and guide you to your inner strength. Family, alive or dead, here or gone, should never be forgotten. As if they are forgetable, then they were not truly family. If one should fail to protect their family, in any conflict, small or large, then one should come to hate themselves. To not be able to protect someone that helped guide you is one of the ultimate pains in life. And if one should experience their family leaving, then one shall seek to blame themselves. No strength can overcome complete abandonment.

    Their is something to be said for love. Love is the ultimate strength. It heals without hurting, gives strength to the weak, brings a light to the darkness, and makes the largest of challenges seem nonexistent. Love knows no circumstance, no prejudice, and no boundaries. Love is the most unstoppable force and the most unpredictable at the same time. Yet no one fears love. Love as a concept is held in such high esteem most people fail to see the dangers it brings with it. There is no such thing as strength without weakness. Love brings pain. The two only ever travel together. Whether the pain visits the same person that love does is the only question. That and the matter of how long will it take to show up. You truly cannot know which one will arrive first, or how strong either will be.

    There is something to be said for home. Home is not a building. Home is not even a place. Home is a feeling. An emotion, just like sadness and joy. Anything can make some one feel at home, but there are a few qualities that ever home shares. A home must make you feel loved. A home must be able to make you forget any and all pain. A home just be with family, or at minimum make you feel close to them. A home must give you strength and support. And a home must make you think of your childhood. There are few constants in life, but all of these things are.

    There is something to be said for darkness. The shadows are spat upon by those that are afraid of the dark. Darkness and light are two sides of the same coin. One simply cannot exist without the other. They have an equal capacity for evil and destruction. Darkness is less predictable than light, but love is less predictable than hate. Darkness is like love in so many ways. Either can come in any form imaginable. Darkness could be a shadow, it could be the depths of the cosmos, it could be a funeral procession, or it could a bridegroom's suit. It could also be the clothing of a lone man, or a lone wolf, depending on which senses you are using to perceive him as he sat in the canopy of one of theany trees surrounding a small grove with a brook flowing through the middle. The man had never been to this clearing, but it felt like home to him. Here he felt close to all those he had lost, and all those he still had. Darkness could also be the magic welling up inside of the man. Darkness was his element, and he was proud of it. No matter how many times he was looked at with hate or fear because of it.


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