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    Labyrinth of Secrets


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    Labyrinth of Secrets Empty Labyrinth of Secrets

    Post by Viola-chan 13th January 2016, 5:16 pm

    THREAD -- tagged | in/active

    THREAD -- tagged | in/active

    THREAD -- tagged | in/active

    ( jobs and socials )

    SNOWY SCALES -- ibara
    the son of igneel ends up stranded on the island of snowfall. while ending up somehow stuck in a tree his only meal is stolen by a mysterious blonde-haired girl who ends up keeping him company. although she may appear human at first, the son of igneel seems to have his doubts about her. the very first meeting of anna and ibara.

    CROSSING PATHS -- alito
    the dragon and the vessel of a god encounter one another. the two talk aimlessly about matters that seem trivial but are actually quite important. anna finds herself curious about this young man, disregarding his powers that seem to kill everything around him. eventually he grows worrisome that he might affect this world and vanishes to the next world.

    CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT -- teamfourstar
    whilst traveling through the mysterious forest of Phoenix Mountains, her previous route is changed by the strange sound of metal and wood in the distance. the dragon curiously pursues where the sound came from and discovers a rather large and magnificent ship. intruding the massive structure, her awe for the thing is immediately brushed to the side by a delicious sandwich.

    ( items, armours, etc. )

    DRACONIC SWITCH TOOL -- magic item
    the crystal the keeps her true form from coming out into the open. a tool that is used to revert her into the body of a normal human.



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