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    Liberation Of Slaves [Job l Riley and Zoe]

    Zoe Schiffer
    Zoe Schiffer

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    Liberation Of Slaves [Job l Riley and Zoe] - Page 2 Empty Re: Liberation Of Slaves [Job l Riley and Zoe]

    Post by Zoe Schiffer 23rd September 2015, 1:22 am

    Hope. It clung like a parasite to the fatigue brimmed eyes of the various women. The desperation in their mien was vivid as, their quivering hands clutched the metallic bars that bound them within that compacted space. No words were spoken but, rather it was a conversation of glances of unfathomable depths of an array of emotions. Agitation, hope, lethargy, and consolation; all coerced like, strings to a ball of wool. The emotions in their orbs constituted a semblance within the vicinity which the women were in. And, the light blonde haired young Sabertooth mage could adequately feel the radiation of their despondency creep up her heart. “Don’t worry. We’re here to help, you’ll be out soon.” These mere words held significance; especially, to these women. For these words elicited a stronger reaction within them as the fear drowned a bit and hope clung to their sleeves abundantly.

    Fuchsia orbs traversed through the dimly lit area; only a mere cantaloupe glow from a lamp illuminating it until, her eyes fell upon something coated in silver. Keys. No direction was needed as, her feet treaded towards the bundle of keys that lay, still, in slumber, attached to a wall. The light jingle emanated through the entire area as, they were brought to life and she held the keys within her ivory fingers and raced back. Like, a puzzle piece, one of the keys stuck fully in the lock and Zoe twisted the key, opening the door to freedom. Like a mirage, it appeared as though a myriad of endless happiness had filtered into the visage of the women as they tumbled out. On the brink of tears as, the moisture welled up in their eyes, they released words of gratification and blessings. Warmness spread like, ethereal sunrays within Zoe for, the amorous behavior of the women towards them made it seem like a privilege to be their liberators.

    Yet, that was what it all was. A mirage. The reality began to sprout out when growls were heard through the area; growls from the young pearl furred artic pup. Twin pools of pink travelled to the young pup, bewilderment within them at first. But suddenly, a chord was struck and realization drowned within which was transformed into a heap of words; mainly, directed towards the black haired young female. “We have company.” It was as though those words were a signal to an epiphany; disguised, as a flood of cackles, it swam through the breaches of the wooden walls and audited into the ones who were supposed to be the sole receivers. “Theo, try to take these women out. We have trouble on our hands.” The rosiness of Zoe’s lips painted upon it, a picture of vexation. The dying curiosity to whom these cackles belonged to was an impatient query. And, the dread that made itself bloom in Zoe’s heart was an accessor to the fact that was approaching them would not be amiable. Albeit, it appeared as though, Theo had obliged with the request and had started to move; the soft padding of his feet followed by, the fear laden thumping of the female’s feet assured the two Sabertooth mages of that.

    But, the guarantee rang out when the medley of footsteps as well as, the indomitable laughter halted and instead, a mild groan was heard. Next thing they knew, Theo was flying across the room where he hit a wall and slid down, unconscious. The whimpers of the women wholly told the two mages one thing; the Carte Blanche of this little escapade had arrived. “Well, well. Look we have here?” A sultry female voice replaced the unyielding worry for Theo from the blonde’s mind as, she turned to come upon two figures. A man and a woman. Power emitted from the in wafts, surging the whole place within it. Their foes were no easy preys; instead, they were predators and their prey were the Sabertooth mages. “It’ll be fun finishing the both of you off.” As the red-headed woman spoke those words, a glint of guns scurried in her hands. And the next thing that Zoe knew, Captain Scarlet was heading for her.

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    Liberation Of Slaves [Job l Riley and Zoe] - Page 2 Empty Re: Liberation Of Slaves [Job l Riley and Zoe]

    Post by Iesha 9th October 2015, 1:50 pm


    The unfamiliar scent of individuals lingered in the air and caught the young slayer's attention and seemed to have caught the her partner's attention as well. Riley stayed silent as Zoe requested Theo to escort the women to safety and he did. It was good that she had thought of getting Theo as well as the ladies away from what would soon become a battlefield yet the feeling of something unpleasant occurring latched itself onto the slayer's heart. Her grey eyes were left ajar once she hear the soft, painful whimper of her pet and her gaze caught the sight of him being thrown against a wall and landing on the floor, unconscious.

    Red, the color that flashed before her eyes. The shade of anger which boiled within her as her grey hues lingered on the pup. Her fists folded and moments later, she shook with anger. It was clear that she was furious. The voice of a woman echoed through the vicinity, causing Riley to snap her neck in her direction. There stood a man and a woman, The woman spoke as she held two guns in her hand while the man simply stared at the slayer's clenched fists with a smirk sprawled across his face. He carried two swords, one of which he placed over his shoulder and stood smugly, gazing at her.

    She sent him a furious glare before shifting her attention to the red-headed woman's weapon, "It was her. She hurt Theo." With each though, her boiling anger increased. Within a blink of an eye, she lifted her hand and in it appeared her sword, "How dare you?!" With rage evident in her eyes, body language and her voice, she stepped forward to launch herself at the woman but out of nowhere, the man suddenly stood crouching before her with his blades positioned to attack. It was instinctively that her eyes glanced upon his posture and anticipated his movement.

    Her blade immediately shifted to her left, crossing with the rough blade that launched at her from that direction. According to her knowledge, he had two blades. her eyes widened as she quickly jumped back but she wasn't fast enough as a gash spread across her left cheek with blood oozing out. It stung but she could manage it. she glared at her opponent with ferocity as her sword stood ready in the palm of her hands. Guess he's the unlucky idiot to be facing her wrath this not-so-fine evening.


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