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    Liberation of Slaves [Private; Yukine/Viola]


    Private Liberation of Slaves [Private; Yukine/Viola]

    Post by Guest 6th March 2015, 1:36 am

    Job Details:
    Job Title: Liberation of Slaves
    Player Requirements: 1 C-Rank mage or 2 D-Rank mages  minimum. Must kill/capture/arrest the 2 heads of the Slaver operation. Minimum 30 posts with 250 word minimum requirement. Must also roll 5 monster dice minimum to summon the boss.

    Job Location: Hargeon Town
    Job Description: Lately there have been slaver's running an operation to kidnap women to be sold to other countries for a tidy profit. This operation must be stopped and the Rune Knights are offering a tidy sum of jewels to anybody that will stop the latest shipment of slaves to leave Fiore. Not only must not a single slave be harmed, but the leaders must be made never to be allowed to escape or this will happen again. The Bounty is for them Dead or Alive, but the Council prefers them alive and will double the bounty if done so.

    We also know the individuals are extremely tough and stealth may be required...

    Weak:Slaver Initiates x5- These are the fresh new recruits of the slaver operation and each deal individually D-rank worth of damage with their non-magical cutlasses. The will attempt to surround and use their numbers to overwhelm the enemy. The Slavers will run or surrender at displays of B-rank spells knowing they are out of their leagues.

    Slavers x2- These are experienced sword and gun users with a weapon in each hand. The sword and gun deals C-rank damage each. They will fire the gun 3 times a post and ignore D-rank armors and barriers of whoever they are shooting. They will fire at whoever is dealing the most damage and the bullets do travel at 900 MPH making them hard to dodge. They require 1 C-rank of damage to beat, making them a bit of glass cannons.

    Veteran Slaver- They have been doing their job for so long that thThey have earned the jewels to buy themselves Lacrima to use water magic. They also use cutlasses imbued with the same magic, but this magic is not eatable by Water Dragon Slayers due to having salt mixed in all their spells and Abilities, thus making them instead LOSE the magic they were supposed to gain. The water magic itself deals C rank damages and is very malleable to users will. The Blade however deals C-rank damage and continuous D-rank bleeding per post. Requires 3-Crank of damage to beat them.

    Captain Scarlet and First Mate Carver- Captain of the slaver ship the 2 are notorious individuals that have no value of human life. They fight mercilessly and will fight to the death since they know that a hangman's noose awaits them if captured.

    First mate carver is a speed based mage with a pair of cutlasses that look worn after many use and stained with blood of those that opposed him. He will immediately charge at the strongest looking mage at 100 miles per hour and lock the person in melee combat with his blades. Using his magic it allows him to strike multiple times for B-rank damage due to speed and momentum of his blades. It is very tricky to hit him, but he is ultimate Glass cannon as well due to his speed and a Solid C-rank blow at his high speeds will cause major damage.

    Captain Scarlet uses a pair of guns that deal C-rank damage each and is fired 6 times per post and ignores C-rank Barriers and armor. Her shots also explode on contact causing people hit to be blown away from her and causing AoE damage. Living the life at sea made her tough and requires 4 C-ranks to beat her. When knocked down to 3 C-ranks of damage she will attempt to shoot herself in head rather than humiliation of the hangmans noose.

    Reward: 15k jewels and double exp. If both bosses are captured alive then the jewel increases by 30k.

    Regardless of being unknown to the universe even still at this point in time, Yukine had come to his senses that there were more important tasks to attend to. It seemed he was destined to become stronger so the power of a beautiful mind would rid of all corruption, and return what the powerful desired; as all who carried power along their backs had lost something, in the process. "May fate and I intertwine when time is of the most essence." Yukine muttered, "You who would desecrate this land of the rising sun, with my advent I, the Sekki god, lay waste with my sword, and expel thy vast defilement..." This was the traditional chant Yukine spoke to bestow justice upon the world. Justice indeed comes with a definition set in stone, and that is to commit an action for the greater good. To be evil is to commit an action beyond one's intelligence; the insane. Believe it or not, from this day forward, Yukine was actually a god of calamity, yet he still stood sane. A person destined to cease the existence of others, actually knew the formula to both a glorious and corrupt future- an utopia or hell. Life surely was complex and impossible to solve.

    Yukine was to demonstrate a just performance during this time, yet he would be assisted by another from his guild. Whether that person knew as much about livelihood as he did could be set aside for now, though as a member of Eclipse Soul, Yukine vowed to make things clear in the minds of his comrades. Yukine was a god who believed in the greatest of his kind, you see: the creator of the universe, the one above all, and the judge of life and death: God. This god held so much power that all other existing gods worshipped Him to the utmost. Of course, there were also human beings and the extraordinary alike who relied on science to decipher their surroundings. Everyone had the right to their own opinion, it seemed; the power of feelings- a power no wall could defend. The soothing wind coursed through the Sekki god's hair while he awaited his partner, the sky clear and the sun cornered with daylight hovering over the country. A step towards a bright future was about to be set in stone by sundown, though in exchange, the end of some who hoped to wander the other path would be set in stone. How ironic...

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