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    Katherine's shopping adventure! (Job)

    Felicity Vrago
    Felicity Vrago

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    Katherine's shopping adventure! (Job) Empty Katherine's shopping adventure! (Job)

    Post by Felicity Vrago 2nd March 2015, 8:33 pm


    Katherine was enjoying a pleasant day of hard work, there was no jobs available at the moment and the Goddess was considering her options of what to do with her life and lack of magic. There was something there, but it always felt like it was just out of reach. Like she could touch it with the tip of her fingers, but unable to grab hold of it. Katherine felt that if she could grab hold and harness its power that would make Katherine remember. Something important that she kept locked away from all these. What was it? Why could she not remember?

    Katherine once again sat at a favorite cafe that they began to call her by name. This was a quaint, yet classy establishment with architecture from the country named after a number. She was of course referring to Seven, a land of snobs and people with a weird dress code that even Katherine disliked. They were so gaudy and showy, leaving no room for natural beauty at all. She also liked the attire she had on, it was casual with enough functionality to work as adventuring clothing. Still there was always room for more formal clothing when the occasion matched. So as Katherine shopped at the international markets for foreign ingredients for Eclipse Souls dinners, she also kept an eye out for decent clothing. One that matched and suited her desires and needs. It would take her most of the day to find all the items she needed to make tonights stew that the Goddess lost track of time. It was wonderful to see so many cultures mingle in 1 single place!

    The bit of piece that Katherine received was immediately ended when there was sound of small explosives and screaming as a massive crowd formed and stampeded over Katherines direction. Actually no in every direction. Humans were always so quick to panic when something endangered them. Why couldn't they decide to do all of this in an orderly fashion. Katherine had to extend out her pair of wings and take to the air before the crowd crushed her. She was glad that her bag did not spill, because she did not want to go on this trip all over again. Doing the trip once was more than enough for the angel. So she waited until the street came down and witnessed as Run Knights tried to push through the crowd of people. This caused the magicless Katherine to wonder what was happening as she floated down and approached the Rune Knight tape that was being put up. This was a crime scene or still was one. Katherine approached one of the Rune Knights with a question, "Excuse me, what is going on? The Rune Knight at first did not respond until he recognized her from a job she did with them. It was a good day when a Rune Knight feared the instructor more than the danger at hand. The man said, "Ma'am the Crocus newsletter recently fired a Mr. Lassiter and as f right now he has taken the third floor hostage with enough bombs strapped to himself to level the building." Katherine raised an eyebrow, "Is that all? Dear if you can give me the megaphone, I will be able to talk him out of it." Katherine took the megaphone out of the Rune Knights hand and proceeded to have a conversation.

    "Good evening Mr. Lassiter, my name is Katherine Wickfield. I am an Ace of Eclipse Soul."

    "So the Rune Knight could not do heir job and had to send a woman to do their job."

    "Yes dear. So may I ask what seems to be the problem?"

    "My boss fired me over an article that I wrote. He said that I was too insensitive about the people I interviewed. Screw their opinions! I write stories and the truth! Not make up stories to satisfy the public."

    "So you feel cheated that all your hard work did not pay off?"


    "So much that you wanted to get back at them?"


    "So that is why you made a fake Lacrima bomb out of cardboard, glue and fake plastic jewelry?"

    "No I made a fake bomb out of-"

    "It's been a pleasant conversation with you Mr. Lassiter."

    It was then that Katherine set the megaphone down and looked as the Rune Knights got their cue to bust in. Katherine knew that people like Mr. Lassiter did this to simply get attention. Not to blow himself up. If that were the case, there would have been no warning. And the sound? It was something to draw attention, but not enough to kill anyone. Maybe the cherry bombs to could buy off the vendor. Regardless Katherine turned around for right when the man was arrested and being hauled off. Unceremoniously picking up her bags to continue shopping...


    Katherine's shopping adventure! (Job) P5l7Dxp

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