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    Child of Yore, Songs of Older Times [Jubei; Private]


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    Child of Yore, Songs of Older Times [Jubei; Private] Empty Child of Yore, Songs of Older Times [Jubei; Private]

    Post by Tuna 11th February 2015, 5:23 pm

    The bar culture in Oak Town was something peculiar. Something to behold, to breathe, to feel. It was unique in that it resembled more of a daily and nightly festival circle for the street rats and high end citizens to come together and celebrate the history the city possessed. In these bars, the doors were open for anyone. The ethic and moral that went throughout the place was largely liberal but forbade one to judge over another's preferences and decisions. It was a place where everyone was able to be who he wanted to. It was that precise reason that Oak Town had become a nest for the lawless and immoral to pursue lifestyles that went in the complete opposite direction of what Lyserg promoted and lived.

    But yet, he enjoyed coming here. The history was rich, the library stocked full with the rarest of books and most importantly, the people that came here weren't boring. He was able to play the game he had set up to pass the time to its fullest extent. It usually consisted of focusing on a person, guessing everything guessable about them and if he got them all right, he won. For the purpose of finding evidence, Lyserg did anything from stealing, harassing to simply letting his charme act on people. Most of the time, it did work out. And he won most of the games. For that purpose, he was here tonight. To play the game. To relax and clear his head. To calm down. Nobody was after him, he was in a fairly safe zone of existence in Fiore, and to celebrate that, letting his mind rest for a while in a bar was the best option. After all, he was just human and even he needed off-time every once in a while.

    Stepping into a tavern named "The Cobblestone", aptly named after the historic trademark cobblestone streets that Oak Town's pedestrian zone had been paved with for the past few centuries. To his left, there were people playing live music, to his right, card games and other socializing was taking place. At the bar the drunkards and loudmouths usually sat, and in the back, his territory, the people who wanted a bit of quiescence while enjoying the presence of the turmoil sat. He had nothing on but his usual cloak and some casual clothing below. A long-sleeved shirt, and regular pants as well as sturdy boots. Strapped to his back was as always, his trusty short sword. His life insurance so to speak. Seating himself at a two-person table in the very back, where he had just the right amount of vision to outsource some of the more interesting personas, he ordered a cup of the finest wine the shanty had to offer, and began to let his eyes wander around.


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