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    Nikolai Dixon's Secondary Magic Training


    Private Nikolai Dixon's Secondary Magic Training

    Post by Guest on 27th January 2015, 3:26 pm

    The Power of White Lightning
    By Nikolai Dixon

    Chapter I
    The Meeting

    The Draco Mage, who had just fallen, made an effort to get up, as if though he were hurt in some way. The fall had been steep, about ten feet in length between the highest point, and the lowest point, which just so happened to be desert ground. Raika, which was in its white wrapping, was laid out five feet from Nikolai, so that if something attacked him, he wouldn't be able to get to it in time to defend himself, but whatever. After brushing himself off some, the Wildheart managed to pop his shoulder back in place. Surprisingly, the only part of Nikolai's body which was even remotely broken was his right shoulder, which felt a euphoria when the joint relocated with its bone. No pain, no gain, I guess, he thought as he began walking towards the six foot long sword, which paid quietly on the ground. As he picked up Raika, the Wildheart strapped it to his back, so that it would not fall off again.....should he fall again. As he began walking towards a civilization which he could see out of the corner of his eye, he heard a howling sound, as if though a wolf were lurking in the shadows of the terrain, and Cor Draco's barista swiftly turned his head at the neck, to find nothing.

    Nikolai continued walking towards the civilization, until he heard another howling sound, except this time, there were about three, sounding off at the same speed and succession. What the hell is going on, the Draco Mage thought as he continued walking, vigilant of anything that may or may not be living amongst the shadows. Then he heard that howling sound again. That damned wolf!  Where are you, Nikolai muttered under his breath. Then something came from the shadows, which looked like a humanoid creature. Better go check it out, the barista thought.

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    Private Re: Nikolai Dixon's Secondary Magic Training

    Post by Guest on 27th January 2015, 3:39 pm

    The shadow from which the first set of eyes came from held four more. They started coming out, one by one, until the last appeared, with the first set of eyes to come out in the middle. They looked somewhat humanoid, but had features of various animals:
    1. The first one looked like a wolf.
    2. The second looked like a bat.
    3. The third a dragon.
    4. The fourth a lion.
    5. And the fifth, God knows what the hell that is.
    The Draco Mage instinctively took three steps back, as if though they were ravening creatures, but for every step Nikolai took back, the female creature who looked like a dragon took one step towards him. Finally, Nikolai stopped moving back, so that he and all five animalian creatures were face to face. He squinted at the one who looked like a dragon, and peered over her shoulder to find the leader of the group: A tall man, just taller than Nikolai himself, with blue hair and greenish eye paint. He was in a wardrobe of white, a jacket and shirt which had not reached the man's waist, and black jeans. He walked towards Nikolai, so that they were right in each other's faces. "So who are you anyway," the Draco Mage asked.

    "Name's Grimmjow. These are my friends," the man, or Grimmjow replied. "What magic do ya run?"

    Nikolai was surprised that the demon, a clear inhabitant of this Wakusei planet, immediately shifted the conversation towards magics and which ran which. With a slight hesitation in his voice, the Wildheart replied with "I'm a Magma-Make Mage. What do you run?"

    Grimmjow began speaking, then paused for a moment. Then the fifth demon, who looked like some demented rhino crap, finished his sentence with "We run Lightning-Body. White Lightning-Body to be exact."

    The other woman, who had the shape of a woman intermixed with a lion, added that "We are the only ones on this planet who use this magic" with a deep voice, like that of a boy which had been hit by puberty head-on.

    Grimmjow broke his silence with "We can teach you it if you like."

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    Private Re: Nikolai Dixon's Secondary Magic Training

    Post by Guest on 29th January 2015, 4:39 pm

    So, these people want to teach me some Lightning Body crap? You really gotta be kidding me, Nikolai thought as he took out a comb and ran it through his hair. Nobody had ever offered to teach him a magic before, usually he had to learn it himself or beseech someone to teach him, or something like that. The Draco Mage took three steps back, but not before turning, so that his face was away from the five people. While turned, Nikolai did some hard thinking which involved:

    "What is Lightning Body? How does it affect me? Will it make me stronger?" The thoughts resounded in Nikolai's mind until he turned around, having came to a conclusion, rather decision, and responded with the following:

    "Fine. You can teach me Lightning Body." Nikolai was still filled with doubt about the notion until Grimmjow broke his train of thought, saying,

    "Okay, so let me give you the basics on Lightning Body. The general idea of it all is that your body is composed of lightning, better to say that you become lightning. Get what I'm saying? We are the only people in Akuma who know this magic, like Harribel just said. So, the gist of it is that you can use your body, which is composed of lightning, to create spells, get what I'm saying? Each of us has a specialty spell that we'll pass on to you once we get the training started. But for now, let's decide who's gonna train you first."

    Grimmjow turned and looked around, until he saw the fifth one. "You, Yammy. You start him off." Yammy was the one who knew the Lightning Body Fist, a D-Ranked technique, and therefore the weakest, despite his massive size. He would be the first to teach Nikolai.

    "You're going to need some sleep first. You look like crap," Yammy said before a powder was blown into the Wildheart's face, incapacitating him at an extremely fast pace.

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    Private Re: Nikolai Dixon's Secondary Magic Training

    Post by Guest on 10th February 2015, 7:25 pm

    Chapter 2
    The Fist

    A blinding light met Nikolai's eyes as he struggled them open. Whatever that was must've worked really well. He and the sun had a staring contest until a familiar face met his. It was that dragon girl from last night. And he then noticed that the girl was sitting on top of him! The Wildheart squinted and responded with:

    "This how your people say 'good morning'? I swear....." Then a familiar voice. A gruff voice, like that of a giant hit Nikolai's ears and the dragon got off.

    It was that giant from before. Yammy or something his name was.

    "So are you gonna get the hell up or what? I plan on teaching you this in the least amount of time because I've got better things to do, to be honest with you."

    Grimmjow, who had used some sort of speed technique to appear in Nikolai's general field of vision responded with "Oh yeah? Like what?"

    "I don't know, video games."

    "Quit being lazy and teach this guy your signature skill."

    "Ugh, fine. Get up."

    The Wildheart took no hesitation in getting up, being sure to brush off the dirt from last night. His arm was still a little sore from the fall, but he'd live. Anyways, when he came to, he was met with a blow to the stomach. This was no regular punch. This was charged with electricity. Nikolai was immediately pushed back three yards and landed on a boulder. He howled in pain as his spine met the solid rock, which seemed to be even harder than that on Earth.

    "Goddamn, what the hell is this..."

    "It's the Lightning-Make Fist. You charge up your hand with lightning and punch. Fifty thousand volts hurts like a bitch, I know. Now get up so I can teach you this move. You're gonna need it."

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