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    Without a Word (Nikolai's Outro)


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    Without a Word (Nikolai's Outro) Empty Without a Word (Nikolai's Outro)

    Post by Alexander on 4th December 2014, 10:19 am

    It had been too long. Way too long. Maybe it was paranoia; maybe it was something more. He didn't know anything about the situation, and that's what drove him out here. Dropping his bags, Nikolai took a moment to rest. He had forgotten how tiresome and long the trip had been before, and making it again was already a decision he regretted immensely. But he was going to find out what happened. His letters had gone unanswered from his home, and it bothered him far too much. The situation was volatile to say the least when he left home, but they had always replied. Now that he was hearing nothing he was getting worried. He couldn't sleep at night; his mind constantly running different scenarios on what could have happened.

    It probably was just paranoia, or maybe the letters had never reached them, but he couldn't live like this. So he left. He was really good at that surprisingly. He had little to keep him where he was, he had done very little since he had shown up after all. Outside of maybe a handful of people no one even knew him. So, without warning because he had no one to warn, Nikolai set off.

    Picking back up his belongings, he prepared to venture towards his village. He still had a while to go, and doubted that he'd be returning soon cause of that, if at all. He had no idea what to expect when he returned home; he knew there'd be at least the bad blood from when he left without warning there as well... He did that a lot, didn't he? Well, he'd find out when he got there, not that there was much point in worrying about it, though he definitely still would the entire way there.


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