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    Post by Viola-chan on 20th October 2014, 10:31 am

    Job Sheet:

    Job Title: Shine Like the Moon!

    Rank: A

    Player Requirements: A-Ranked Wizard(s) or two B-Ranked Wizards. Thread must be 50 posts Long and each post must be 400 words long.

    Job Requirements: Must defeat 3 Groups of Enemies. Must defeat either Werewolf Omega, or Werewolf Alpha; without killing them. Must either severely wound; or knock out the enemies without killing them.

    The Confused and Raging Werewolves will attack eachother if you make them angry enough at each other somehow. The Confused Werewolves will also howl loudly; and call another group of 3 more Confused Werewolves if you fail to take them down within 3 posts of them appearing.

    Job Location: Haunted Village

    Job Description: The Haunted Village, on the coast of the Graveyard Sea. Not a place for those of weak spirit or mind. Nestled at the foot of the Phoenix Mountains; the villagers here have long been wary of the Mountain above. However, outsiders are wary of the villagers themselves; as each fifty years, certain families from this village undergo a drastic transformation.

    They are Lycan. Werewolves of the most ancient bloodlines. At least half of the village is composed of Werewolves. Normally; they have complete control of their transformations, and use their powers for good. Whether it be at home in Haunted Village, or around Fiore and the world at large.

    However; every fifty years, a Perfect Moon rises over the Graveyard Sea; and into the skies over Haunted Village and Fiore at large. Everywhere else except Haunted Village; this is a site to behold, as many festivals, parties, and love birds enjoy the Perfect Moon to the fullest. However; the Magic Council is aware that on this eve; the Werewolf Clan in Haunted Village goes into a Berserker Rage; murdering their own fellow townsfolk, perhaps even their best of friends; and attempting to branch out across Fiore for one eve of feral bloodlust.

    The Magic Council has sent a request too the Guilds; both Light and Dark, to send some of their more talented wizards too Haunted Village to prepare for the impending threat of Werewolves spreading across Fiore for a night of carnage.

    The villagers themselves and refuse to believe that anything is going to go wrong. Shunning the village elders who were around for the last Perfect Moon fifty years ago.


    Weak: Confused Werewolf x3 (B-Ranked, Hulk-Sized behemoth that is completely bewildered and out of control at it's sudden transformation. It's running speed on all fours is stupendous. It will use it's Razor Sharp Claws, and Fangs to rip and shred anything in it's way.Will become confused if too many flashy spells are used; and may attacks it's own kind. May also do a 'Calling Roar' within the first 2 posts it's around if it's not downed before the 3rd post. This will spawn yet another pack of Confused Werewolves who come running. Hopefully, your spells and attacks find their mark before a 3rd round. Takes 5 hits of B-Ranked damage to down each one of these beasts. )

    Normal: Raging Werewolf x10 (A-Ranked, these Hulking furred behemoth's are foaming at the mouth. They move so quickly; they leave smoke trails behind them as they run at about 30MPH. They have a Sonic Howl attack that will shatter through any B-Ranked spell effects and cause a 'disoriented', Status if you fail block rolls. They are also strong enough to lift trees, and other things of similar weight. Their claws and fangs are sharp enough to cut and bite chunks of buildings away. Their fangs and claws are so strong; that even Magical Iron, Steel, and Ice B-Ranked and blow can be broken and crushed. Takes 10 hits of B-Ranked damage to down each one of these behemoths.)

    Strong: Werewolf Omega (A-Ranked, this monstrous wolf has white fur. And can leap up to fifty feet at once; crushing anything it lands on. It's claws are sharp enough to slash through A-Ranked spells if it see's them coming or Blocks. It can easily dodge A-Ranked techniques as well. His claws and fangs are as sharp as a katana; and will deal A-Ranked damage with each slices, maul, or bite. He has a Mega Howl attack that rips up everything in it's path for 50 feet in front of Werewolf Omega in a burst of force that flips things over and causes weak construsts B-Ranked and below composed of anything to explode. His leaps are magnificent. Takes 15 hits of B-Ranked damage to take this white furred Lycan down.)

    Boss: Werewolf Alpha (S-Ranked, with Golden fur like the finest coin; he glitters. The Alpha of the Haunted Village pack. This Lycan can slay Giants on it's own. He moves at 50 MPH with one spring in his step; and can jump 100 feet in any direction. There is no escaping this beast once he has your scent. His claws and fangs? Well, let's just say he shatters through all solid magical effects of A-Ranked and below with ease; snapping them in half like twigs. He is strong enough to grab a house by it's foundation, and just flip it. He deals S-Ranked damage with every slice; his claw swipes are so powerful, they cut the air; meaning he can slice at you and even if you dodge; something behind you is getting sliced. His mauls leave claw marks wherever they hit; whether it be Iron, Brick, the Ground itself. It does not matter to the Alpha. Takes 10 hits of A-Ranked damage to take this paragon of Lycanthropy down.)

    Reward(s): The villagers, thankful their friends and family were spared gift ONLY one wizard with an Amulet of the Moon (Increases wearers Magic Power by 100% at night in the Moonlight) & Double Experience (2 A-Ranked Jobs Completed)

    Haunted Village.

    It was a bit, daunting, that such a village just rested along the shores of Graveyard Sea, and then settled closely to the serene Phoenix Mountains. If you weren't so loose around ghosts, the word Haunted Village, did not make you feel any better. Like, Viola, for example. The young dragon had been engrossed in her thoughts ever since she went over the job sheet on the board, over and over again. Multiple times, one of her guild mates questioned what she was peering at for the last two and then three hours. As the twentieth person came up to her, she cracked away from her thoughts, clasped onto the job sheet roughly, and dashed up with a cloud of smoke bursted out behind her as she ran.

    In that moment as she ran, she twined all her fearful emotions. The village needed her, and she couldn't just remain here, twiddling her fingers while she knew something like this may or may not happen. Although she really considered the safety of the villagers, she was much more concerned for her home. Karakuri City, and Eclipse Soul. A glimpse of her friends blissful faces played in her head, prompting her that she was very lucky to have made it this far. And that, if hadn't been for the faults in her life-time, she wouldn't of ever met any of them. Melody. Katherine. Kyll. Priscilla. Alyia. Karina. Everybody.

    I promised, I'd protect them all. And I won't go back on my word. I'll protect everybody, the city, Eclipse Soul! And I'll come back, just to rub it in all your faces, that I really am strong! A joking grin crossed onto her face, toothy like teeth making their appearance once again. There wasn't a day she didn't go without showing off her pointy like teeth. Not that it was an odd thing, in-fact, many humans, had this alike trait. Viola already had her gear with her. The Hokage jacket that ran just past the calves of her bare legs, Akemi lurched over her shoulder and gingerly thumping against her back as she dashed toward the nearest carriage.

    Viola's ebony black combat boots made a click against the cobblestone ground, echoing out toward the citizens who were minding their own business until they remarked her. Coming to a stop, hands reclining on her knees as she knelt over trying to catch her breath, she erected before an aged man. He was settled in front of the carriage, reins in one hand, and a bottle of whisky in the other. "I need a ride." she lastly said, straightening up to look at the man with a rigid expression. He took a sip of the whisky, the scent of alcohol already biting her nose as she did her best to just neglect it. The two just stared at each other, Viola meagrely frowning while he just remained monotone. "Fine, Purefoy." he breathed, tucking the alcohol away for the mean time. She tensed up, snapping away from her intense frowning.

    "How do you know me?" she would question, a bit startled. He ushered for her to get in, to which she did with a bit of faltering in her steps. Pushing up the ragged curtain, she stepped inside the wooden carriage, taking her seat on an aged looking cushion. Instantly, the carriage began to move. "Wait! I didn't even tell you where I was headed too!" clamouring at him for a few moments, with nothing but a thin piece of ragged curtain placed in-between them. "Haunted Village, am I right?" he shouted back, making the dragon yet again surprised. She settled deeper into the cushion this time, lips pursed together with another light frown on her face. "My mother, was slaughtered by a werewolf, on the perfect moon. And since, I was aware of the council requesting mages in the aid to save people this time, I was awaiting for a mage to show up." a laughter loomed from his mouth, "I never thought it would've been you! The city knows most Eclipse Soul mages, but, as soon as you stepped foot here, it seemed the whole city right away took a liking to you... Despite your behaviour to take things too far though." there was a tone of sadness to his voice, that he tried to disguise with laughter. Viola frowned. Not from being irked, but, for the fact he had lost his mother. For now, she decided to just sit and stay muted.

    After about twenty minutes on the carriage, Viola lastly learned of the dreadful motion sickness that came with this lacrima. She had been groaning the whole ride, clenching onto her stomach and knelt over. Most times, she was sure she was about to just let it all out, but, it didn't want to come out it seemed. Though, for what seemed like forever, the carriage came to a stop, Viola just sitting there for a few seconds before feebly stepping off and making contact with the firm solid ground. I love you, ground, she mentally sobbed; tears of joy.

    "I'll be heading off now, be careful." the crack of the whip met her ears, causing her head to raise as she gawked at the carriage getting smaller and smaller in the distance, until she could no longer see it. Twisting around, she met the view of the Haunted Woods. "Sooo, I have to walk through there... To get to the village?" Viola said, speaking to herself now, and somewhat regretting on not bringing Melody along with her. Swallowing the lump in her throat, with beads of sweat prompting onto her face, she hesitantly began her way down the path into the eerie looking forest.



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