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    Be A Model (Sakura~Job~Solo)

    Amara Adrestia
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    Be A Model (Sakura~Job~Solo) Empty Be A Model (Sakura~Job~Solo)

    Post by Amara Adrestia 21st September 2014, 12:23 am

    Job Information:
    Job: Be A Model!
    Rank: Rank D
    Player Requirements: Up to 2 members only, D-Rank or higher, min 150 word per post, min of 5 posts per player
    Requirements: Only female wizards can take this quest.
    Location: East Forest, Magnolia.
    Description: Sorcerer Weekly is looking for female mages who can model for them in a photo shoot, with beautiful face and body structure of course. The theme is about being eco-friendly. The model will be wearing creations of Chanelle, the famous designer in Fiore. And one more thing, the photo shoot will be held in the East Forest of Magnolia.
    Prize: 750 jewels each.

    Sakura entered the bright studio at the center of Magnolia Town. She had been instructed to come here for a modelling job by a random man in the streets earlier on that day. She had been suspicious at first but then realized that it was a harmless job and would be a quick way to ear some jewels.
    "Welcome dear you must be our new model Sakura!" A tall skinny woman dressed in a suit rushed over to her with a garment bag in her hand. She shook Sakuras hand firmly then steered her over to a changing room before Sakura could even respond.
    She pushed Sakura into the changing room and closed the curtain behind them, "Right..." she consulted the notepad in her hand before thrusting the garment bag into the small girls hands "Here is your clothing, dont forget to put everything on. Be ready in two minutes and meet me outside the changing rooms." The woman slid through the curtains and left a startled Sakura alone to get dressed.
    As the zip of the garment bag was undone it revealed an extremely short dress with a skirt of large leaves. The dress had a sweet heart neckline and no sleeves. Sakura slipped the simple green dress on, horrified when she realized it showed the bottom of her underwear. She frantically tried to pull it down but clearly it was made to be this short.
    "Do it for the jewels Sakura," she was now forcing herself to look inside the bag and put on whatever else was in there.
    After she had pulled on a weird green strap onto her leg, pinned a large pink flower into her hair and tugged on some green lace gloves she stepped outside of the changing room to find the suited woman waiting for her.
    Just as Sakura was about to ask about her lack of shoes the woman grabbed her arm and pulled her over to a white screen at the other end of the studio hall. A crew of camera men all sat in a semi circle around the white screen, apparently waiting for Sakura to appear, for as she did they all stood up and bowed. She squirmed silently, thinking of how ridiculous she must look in this outfit.
    "We need exactly 30 perfect pictures of you dear, dont waste my time I have a busy schedule," The suited woman smiled and rushed off to deal with someone else who had just walked through the door, "Try to look pretty." Sakura wasnt sure whether she should be offended by this or not.
    The cold floorboards chilled Sakuras bare feet as she positioned herself in front of the white screen. The camera men and director were whispering to each other whilst glancing at Sakura. Finally a man in a white suite straightened up and addressed Sakura, "We have decided you will suit the 'cute' and 'innocent' look. Please pose for the pictures accordingly." Was that it? Was that really all the information she got? The man nodded and went to speak with someone not involved in the shoot. The camera men hid behind their cameras and gave her a thumbs up. Sakura posed awkwardly for the first photo to be taken.
    The people at the shoot said nothing as Sakura continued to pose for the photos, she could only assume she was doing okay. The cameras continued to flash, blinding Sakura a little every time they did so, and Sakura continued to embarrass herself as the minutes ticked by.
    About an hour later one of the camera men stood up and walked off. He soon came back, accompanied by the suited woman from earlier.
    "Well done. We have everything we need. You may go now. Here is your reward," She shoved some jewels into Sakuras arms, "Dont forget to take your costume off before you leave. And don't forget to check out the pictures of you in our next edition of Chanelle fashion magazine." Sakura couldnt think of anything worse to do than look at pictures of herself wearing a ridiculous outfit in a magazine.
    The job had been short and easy, the things Sakura usually looked for in a job when she was desperate. However this job had not been enjoyable a single bit, Sakura was looking forward to getting back home to her best friend and sitting down with Chloe for a nice meal like they always did on a Saturday evening.
    The studio door slammed behind Sakura as she exited the premises and wandered off down the half empty streets of Magnolia Town.
    (766 words: Completed)


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