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    Its just a little flood


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    Its just a little flood Empty Its just a little flood

    Post by Mizuko 16th September 2014, 3:54 pm

    Its been quiet a long time the last time Mizuko visited Hargeon Town. The last time he was here Ethan showed up and invited him to stay at Nox Animus. Those were better days. Today he decided to revisit his old hangout in the back alleys of the town port. Not much has changed then again he wasn't expecting it to be different at all. As Mizuko stood there all wrapped up in his ragged clothing to hide his appearance from the world he had a thought. Maybe it was time to let himself be known but how? Was then a smile grew across his face and he began to make his way to the rooftops. He stared out into the sea and said. "Think I'll flood the city." Last time he tried to do something like this he couldn't make the water rise no more than another 2 feet. But Mizuko is much stronger than he was last time he might be able to pull it off this time around.


    Its just a little flood 0006411

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