In the Dark of the Night

    Kitalpha Aurence

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    In the Dark of the Night

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence on 1st November 2018, 1:15 pm

    Kitalpha watched Ace of Spades’s territory beneath her from atop a nearby hill, wondering. Something had lead her here, for a first time her guts had told her what way to go, and her body unconsciously had followed its directions up until this very point. The feeling tensing up her stomach at this moment was just as strange; the blonde had never been one to carry a weak stomach, and normally didn’t even have the slightest of problems no matter how grand and elaborate the meal… or how wrong the contents of it were when she experimented with new ingredients. Yet now it was there, squeezing and pulling at her insides over and over again, as if an unseen hand was crushing her intestines into a small, condensed ball. She swallowed slowly and felt the demandingly agitating itch of an incoming sneeze suddenly break through her train of thoughts. A strong pulse ran through her body as she convulsed into an utmost violent sneeze, and groaned softly after it had passed. This almost seemed like an allergy, and according to her elders (and Horama), was something beings sensitive to the moon’s quantities had when danger was impending or changes to the moon’s essence were about to occur. Kitalpha sighed once the itchy feeling had overthrown her a few times more and tucked a strand of loose blonde locks back behind her ear. She hated this. Her guts acting up and showing her the way was already strange enough, but to have all her power literally sneezed out of her because of a full moon and some so-called omen was just too much. Frankly, she was tempted to just head on down and get a place to sleep rather than wander around for yet another night of nothing.

    But fate seemed to have something else in store for the young blonde warrioress, as with brewing winds she was halted even before being able to take her first step. The blonde huffed as a strong sensation crept up on her, and she stared up towards the sky. Clouds gathered fast around a single point, blocking  out the sunlight and growing darker by the minute. They did not seem like regular cumuli though, as the dimmed light kept on fading even further whilst the sky grew ever so dark; from a lifeless dark grey to a deep, deep obsidian void. Devoid of life or light, not a single star shone within it, nor did the sun or moon… as if every source of light was being swallowed by the neverending darkness. Kitalpha stared in awe at the phenomenon, as the winds kicked up harder and harder with every shade the sky grew darker; unchained by whatever was causing it. The cursed Aurence felt how the planet bent underneath the laws of physics now thrown asunder, from every core of her body she did. Within her, something stirred. She couldn’t resist it. Her eyes were burning as if she’d been staring into the sun for too long, felt dry and painful, while her mouth and fingers alike cramped up constantly, as if something was pulling at the nerves located there. She tried to grab her head but jolted back in shock as she stared upon them; her hands, adorned with nails almost claw-like in nature; long and sharp, just like her canines, who now very visibly adorned her smile and softly pressed within her lower lip whenever she closed her mouth. Realising that her cursed wolf attributes had been forced out with this phenomenon, she did not need to gaze upon a mirror to know what was happening to her eyes. Crimson irises, divided by elongated predatorial pupils; a savage gaze itching to hunt. Normally this form would only show itself when her bloodlust had surfaced, or when she had to rely upon her curse too much. Yet now she’d done none of those things. She was calm of mind, did not feel the urge to shred things apart. A frown almost vividly depicted upon her facial features. In the back of her mind, Horama spoke softly. ”Strange… I can’t even feel you tapping into my powers, so why are they being displayed like this?” he muttered, to which the blonde shrugged. ”If I’d known the answer you’d be aware of it before even telling you. But I know just as much as you do… which is an awful lot of nothing. Any idea what this entails, Horama?” Kitalpha whispered underneath her breath, building up her composure again as she aimed her gaze back upon the village now clad in darkness. ”Needless to say that this sudden eclipse is the source of it all, but it feels familiar. The essences riding upon the moonless sky, this dust... utmost curious. But I think we’ll have to make time and leave meandering about this for another moment, as it seems we’ve got ourselves some company.” Horama chuckled directing his attention to the left. Three lights were heading their way; soundless, but fast.

    The lights became more detailed as they got closer; from an illuminated stick to a small little flame dancing in the wind, unwilling to succumb to the rough tides the skies had summoned. And once they had gotten close enough, the flames stopped, dancing around her in a circle as they started surrounding her, slowly circling around her being. The blonde stared at the flames one by one, but couldn’t make out much more than the candle… and the darkness underneath it almost existing of another fabric than the surrounding dark. Then all of the sudden, they stopped moving, and upon the illuminated grimace of sharp rows of white teeth, Kitalpha knew she'd let her enemies come too close within range.


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