The Death of Aoki


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    The Death of Aoki

    Post by Ghosts on 20th April 2015, 4:37 pm

    Aoki stepped out of his portal and closed it behind him before entering the small debris cluttered space that had once been his shrine. A deep ache in his chest told him that something very wrong was happening. Passing through several small walkways at a dead run, Aoki entered the alter chamber. As he passed through the doorway, Aoki was stunned. His worst fear had come true. The people of Fiore had forgotten him and his alter stone was crumbling away as a result. Desperate for any means by which to stay alive, Aoki sent all of his magical power flooding into the stone, trapping him within it's confines. For now he would sleep and maybe one day, somewhere in the future, the time would once more be ripe for him to due mischief.


    Killing this character off. Sorry for the hassle.

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