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    Job: The Hunter [Tsuki and Uni]

    Rin Moriyama
    Rin Moriyama

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    Job: The Hunter [Tsuki and Uni] Empty Job: The Hunter [Tsuki and Uni]

    Post by Rin Moriyama 31st May 2014, 8:18 pm

    job info:

    Rin was on her way to the Ancient Ruins, for she had just accepted a job from the Magic Council. She was to get rid of Harper Goldshine and his cronies who were at the Ancient Ruins trying to steal the original ten wizard saints' treasures which were rumored to be hidden there.The reward was pretty huge. Rin figured that the they had to be desperate if they were asking for help from legal guilds AND dark guilds. This was to be Rin's first b rank mission she'd ever taken. She wasn't alone however, an old acquaintance, who was a member of Blue Pegasus would be helping her out on this mission, which Rin was grateful for. She knew she wasn't strong enough to take on this mission alone. Rin was wearing her lightning flash armor and carrying her tempest blade with her, so she was fully prepared for battle. However, Rin couldn't shake the bad feeling she had since accepting this dangerous job. She heard from the Magic Council, that Harper was an incredibly strong mage that used crystal make magic and that he wouldn't be easy to beat but Rin needed to see this mission through til the end, even if she failed somehow, at least she would have tried her best. Rin decided it'd be safest to leave Hibiki at home where he couldn't get hurt at all. After all, he wasn't equipped for battle at all and Rin couldn't bare it if something happened to him on this mission. Although, Hibiki wasn't too thrilled about being left at home while Rin went off to fight. This time, Rin wouldn't have her teammate Adrien with her, mainly because he was off on a mission with their other teammates, but at least Rin would have some back up. She eventually reached the ruins, to find her would be partner waiting at the entrance.


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