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    The Bank of Xiaowei


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    The Bank of Xiaowei Empty The Bank of Xiaowei

    Post by Xiaowei. 25th May 2014, 7:08 pm

    Xiaowei's Bank


    • [url=Url of weapon app goes here]Weapon Name[/url]


    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]


    Ongoing Missions:

    • [url=Url of mission goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Finished Missions:

    • [url=Url of mission goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Ongoing Threads:

    • [url=Url of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Finished Threads:

    • [url=Url of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Beast Pride:
    Description: In human evolution there were genetic mutations that eventually lead to the creation of new species. All other human species, apart from the modern human, were thought to have all been eradicated. However, back in the days when humans still lived very close to nature, a genetic mutation took place that would stay unnoticed for millennia. Humans with these genes could understand animals and communicate on a more sophisticated level than speech. When these humans mastered magic, their unique genes allowed them to take on specific traits of animals with which they had bonded. As these humans continued to mix with those who did not posses these genes the gifts that came along with them grew weaker. Only those in which the genes are present and strong enough can still use these abilities.
    Ability: The user can communicate with animals telepathically. When they share a bond with a creature ( must be a pet ) they can use a weaker version of their pet's abilities once.
    Usage: Depends on the pet's abilities. The rank is automatically 1 rank lower than the rank of the pet's ability. The cooldown is increased by 1 and the duration can be anywhere from instant to 2 posts maximum. Passive Abilities can be used 3 times per thread and only last 3 posts, Active Abilities can be used 2 times per thread.
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