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    Hono no uta (Chikane's weapon)


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    Hono no uta (Chikane's weapon) Empty Hono no uta (Chikane's weapon)

    Post by Chikane on 10th May 2014, 11:02 am

    Name: Honō no uta
    Rank: Legendary (+)
    Type: Buster Blade
    Honō no uta is a buster blade that was originally hidden deep within a lake in the continent of Midi. Many had tried to go and retrieve the blade, but only one managed to retrieve it. Honō no uta has tied itself to that person, Noriko Hitsugaya, as its sole wielder. This has bonded the blade to her soul, giving her special benefits to the blade. Despite it’s size, Honō no uta can be wielded with only one hand by Noriko. This is due to the blade tying itself to her and thus being lighter in her hands than to others. Honō no uta can be broken, but it can be reformed by Noriko if she uses magical energy. Honō no uta is tied to Noriko, and if it gets completely destroyed it will take her with it. Honō no uta can speak directly with Noriko, but only her and no one else.

    How it looks:
    Hono no uta (Chikane's weapon) Riven_s_blade_02_by_g33rsofdeath-d6dwubv

    -Can be wielded with one or two hands by Noriko.

    -Can be reformed if broken using magical energy

    -Can speak directly with Noriko.
    -Even if Noriko can wield it with one hand, its still a large and slow blade.

    -Connected to Noriko’s life, so if it gets destroyed completely she dies along with it.

    -Uses up a lot of magical energy to reform the blade

    -The blade can only communicate with Noriko whilst she is wielding the blade.

    Reformation: Noriko can spend 15% of her current magic energy pool to reform her blade if it gets broken in battle.

    Tamashi hori Kuzushi:
    Name: Tamashī hori kuzushi
    Rank: A
    Type: Fire, Offensive
    Description: Noriko engulfs the entire blade in an extremely bright burning red flame. She swings it in a downward diagonal arc at her current target. If it hits, the target takes D-rank damage and has their magic pool ignited with the flames.  The next 2 spells (Up to A-rank spells) that the target attempts to cast will explode in their face, and cause A-rank damage. This status effect lasts for three posts.
    -Causes the next two spells the caster casts to explode in their face

    -Causes D-rank damage with the swing attack

    -Is useful to make an opponent feel confused and scared to cast spells

    -The next spell after the status effect goes away that the target casts deals 50% extra damage to Noriko

    -Spell cannot pierce A-rank barriers

    -Effect goes away after three posts

    -Swing can be dodged, rendering the spell useless.

    Duration Instant
    Cooldown 6 posts

    Hono no bumeran:
    Name: Honō no būmeran
    Rank: A
    Type: Fire/Ice, Offensive
    Description: Noriko rears the blade back with one hand, before it becomes engulfed in either red hot or icy blue flames. Spinning in a circle once, Noriko throws the blade up to 40 meters at her target. The blade spins rapidly in a circle, becoming a discus like flame object while it travels at 50 MPH. If it hits the target, it deals A-ranked damage and causes either burning or frostbite damage to occur to the target. Once it has hit something, the blade will immediately change course and return to Noriko, who catches it in her right hand.
    -Very useful to get at targets a distance away.

    -Wind/air magic of equal/lower rank can propel the blade 10 meters further.

    -Blade returns immediately to Noriko after it has hit.
    -Cannot pierce A-rank defenses

    -Water magic of an equal/higher rank can put out the blade’s flame, just making it a normal thrown blade.

    -Earth magic can snuff the air out of the blade, so long as it is of equal/higher rank.

    -Anything the blade hits causes it to return. Anything.
    Duration Instant
    Cooldown 5 Posts


    Hono no uta
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    Hono no uta (Chikane's weapon) Empty Re: Hono no uta (Chikane's weapon)

    Post by Chaotic Rumble on 10th May 2014, 11:03 am

    Well, I hardly see any problems with this, honestly.

    'Tis approved!


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