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    Kara Matheson


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    Post by Guest on 17th January 2014, 4:51 am

    Kara Matheson V0ad96L
    Face Claim: Kyou Fujibayashi - Clannad

    Name: Kara Matheson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 9th February
    Sexuality: Straight

    Special Characteristics: None of note.

    Personality: Meet Kara Matheson, potentially the biggest wind up merchant and the most stubborn, independent and perhaps threatening person you could ever meet without stepping into the depths of a Dark Guild. This isn’t to say she’s vicious, selfish or a threat to society, although she certainly could be if she were pissed off enough. No, she’s merely very set in her ways, and became quite abrasive and less social after her mother passed away. Her general attitude towards people is still somewhat cold at times, although this is something that she is attempting to work on. It’s not that she doesn’t like people, she just struggles to speak with them on a friendly basis until she feels like they’re deserving of her friendship. Instead she will simply attempt to show some level of superiority over them, assuming they are not obviously of considerably higher rank than her. This ‘superior’ attitude has a tendency to rub people up the wrong way, however it is actually more of a front than anything else. The wat she views it is that if they can’t show they want to try to be friends, or if they can’t cope with her supposed ‘superiority complex’ then they’re a waste of time. Ironically though this is actually one of her traits she hates the most, but is the one that has stuck to her more than any of her other previous attitude traits.

    Once someone becomes her friend however, a whole new side is revealed. She is actually incredibly sweet on the inside, often going out of her way to help somebody out with a problem they’ve got, no matter how small. This does have a tendency to backfire though, as she’ll often jump into action without knowing all of the details surrounding the issue and end up red-faced for it. When embarrassed she will snap and will most probably throw something at the friend she was trying to help as if it were their fault. This is merely one of her quirks that is easily overlooked – although never forgotten – due to her unquestionable faith and loyalty.

    She also has a tendency to really tease her friends, although never to the point of upsetting them, and never about particularly touchy issues. However, she cannot take teasing herself, and will quickly retaliate to any attempts made by smashing the other person in the face with the nearest heavy object.

    When battle ensues and she’s caught in it, she will stand firm with her beliefs. This stubbornness does mean she’s very susceptible to taunts, although being taunted will only make her even more threatening than she already is. What is surprising though is how quickly she will cool down once she’s released some of her rage, and she can often make a very well-sniped taunt back at the initial offender. She isn’t one to give mercy to somebody unless they are a friend. Even if a battle ends with her as the winner she will continue to torture the poor soul further by making them a kind of slave, making them do various chores for her. While the cat may be away from home, she is still a cat.

    - Wizards; She was unsure of them for many years until the day she met one wizard in particular. He showed her a new path for her life following her mother’s passing and became close with him from that point onwards. Since then she has embraced her magic and views all wizards with the same view as him, although he certainly holds a special place in her heart.

    - Sports; It is very out of sorts for a noblewoman to be a fan of sports, but Kara absolutely adores playing sports. She finds it to be a release for any frustration. After all, nothing feels better than smacking a ball into someone’s face.

    - The Spirit World; After the meeting with a Wizard in Era Kara has begun to appreciate the Spirit world more, believing that her mother resides there. The idea of there being a spirit world to return to one day gives her a feeling of complete reassurance.

    - Animals; She’s never had a pet before, but Kara absolutely adores animals. She hopes to eventually save up enough money to get a pet, one of the many reasons she wants to start taking jobs.

    - Perverts; She hates people who would rather spend their time trying to get her into their bed than trying to get to know her. People like this often receive a swift kick to the face.
    - Dresses; After years of going to noble events and having to wear elaborate ballgowns and dresses, Kara has simply had enough. It’s more hassle than is needed.
    - The idea of being disappointing to her mother; When her mother passed away Kara fell into a deep depression. Upon a fateful night with a wizard however, she began to realise that the way she was acting would have upset her mother, and she hates the idea of being seen as a disappointment.

    - Atonement; She wants to make up for the time she spent wasting her life away and treating others horribly (although she’s not gonna become a pushover either!)

    - Marick Lowell; The Wizard who pulled her out of her downward spiral, to show him that she’s become a better person and made something of her life is something she is incredibly motivated for.

    - To become a better mage; After not practicing magic for years Kara wants nothing more than to become a better mage than she would’ve been had she kept going, thus she will do almost anything to become more powerful.

    - Losing someone she loves; This is pretty much a typical fear of everybody, but this has been pushed into Kara’s mind after she lost her mother.

    - Going back to the way she was; Kara resents how she acted in the years following her mother’s death, and despises the possibility of returning to that attitude. Although she doesn’t intend to, she knows that old habits die hard.

    - Being embarrassed; Kara is naturally a very proud young woman, something which most likely comes from her noble blood. Thus she will immediately knock a person unconscious to make them forget it ever happened, and then flee.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’3”
    Weight: 101 lbs
    Hair: Kara’s hair is of a violet colour with two small protrusions at the top of her head that look similar to cats ears, and reaches down below her waist and almost halfway down her thighs. She has a white hairpiece on the left side of her hair that she cherishes and that is always kept on. She will occasionally put her hair up into a ponytail, although this is purely dependent on whether she can be bothered or if it is necessary for something she needs to do.
    Eyes: Purple
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Appearance: Kara is quite a pretty young woman with a slender figure that allows her to get away with wearing pretty much everything. Her preferred clothing changes on a regular basis, although a simple jean and hoody combination or a shirt and skirt combo are the common choices she will return to. She will occasionally wear a dress, although her many years of going to noble events has caused some resentment towards wearing them in public.


    Guild: Lamia Scale
    Tattoo: Right forearm in purple.
    Rank: D

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