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    Lozica Strunbelt

    Lozica Strunbelt
    Lozica Strunbelt

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    In Progress Lozica Strunbelt

    Post by Lozica Strunbelt 18th May 2024, 11:15 am

    Lozica Strunbelt GHeTz2M

    Name: Lozica Strunbelt
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Birthday: September 8th
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Special Characteristics:

    Personality: Lozica embodies a rare amalgamation of unwavering determination and boundless kindness, her essence a beacon of hope amidst the tumultuous tides of the world. Within her beats the heart of a dreamer, one who envisions a realm where righteousness reigns supreme, and unity binds every corner of existence. Her origins trace back to the unforgiving lawless wasteland of Desierto, a stark contrast to the harmonious world she envisions. Yet, it is precisely this upbringing that fuels her resolve to carve a path toward a future bathed in tranquility.

    As a Celestial Spirit Wizard, she abhors conflict, opting for diplomacy and understanding to navigate even the most tumultuous situations.  Should a fight become unavoidable, Lozica takes a back seat, relying on her summoned Celestial Spirits to engage in combat while she remains a steadfast advocate for peace. Her pursuit of world unification does not involve forceful dominance but rather blossoms through the tender nurturing of alliances and mutual respect. In her eyes, true unity can only thrive when rooted in the fertile soil of cooperation and empathy.

    Despite her serene demeanor and gentle countenance, Lozica possesses a reservoir of inner strength that remains unyielding. Hers is not the strength born from brute force or aggression, but rather the quiet fortitude of someone who refuses to be swayed from her noble cause. Far from a naive idealist, she navigates the complexities of her journey with a wisdom that belies her years, her gaze fixed unwaveringly on the hopes of a better tomorrow.

    Her smile is recognizable as warm and genuine, her positivity radiates like the gentle glow of a sunrise, casting aside the shadows of doubt and fear that may seek to cloud the minds of others. Yet, beneath this radiant exterior lies a depth of compassion that knows no bounds. Lozica's caring nature extends not only to her comrades but also to the celestial spirits that she calls her own flesh and blood, each bond forged in the fires of mutual respect and unwavering loyalty.

    In Lozica, one finds not just a dreamer, but a visionary who is to many, a guiding light in a world often shrouded in darkness. Hers is a journey fueled by hope, love, and an unshakeable belief in the inherent goodness that resides within us all. And though the road may be fraught with challenges, she walks it with grace and determination that leaves no doubt that her dream of a righteous and united world will one day become a reality.
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    • Magic: Growing up within Desierto, her relationship with magic is a complicated one. She understands that it is a double-edged sword, and while magic itself is not evil, it's wielders very well could be. It is thoughts like this that make her question if magic has made the world better or worse.
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    • Losing Family: While she has left Desierto, much of her family remains there. She sends them jewel and letters every month, caring greatly about their wellbeing. If anything were to happen to them, Lozica would be devastated.
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    General Appearance

    Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
    Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Tone: Fair

    Tattoo Color:

    Faction Chapter:

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