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    Melina Hassel


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    In Progress Melina Hassel

    Post by Awu 16th September 2023, 1:31 am

    Name: Melina Hassel
    Gender: Non-Binary
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 6th of 8th
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Special Characteristics:

    Personality: Melina is an energetic character driven by an unyielding determination to achieve her goals. She approaches life with relentless ambition, whether unravelling celestial mysteries or embarking on thrilling adventures. Her infectious zeal for life makes her the heart and soul of any gathering. Melina radiates enthusiasm, infusing every moment with laughter and joy.

    What sets Melina apart is her unwavering belief in her own luck. She exudes confidence, seemingly attracting good fortune effortlessly. Her positivity is a self-fulfilling prophecy, transforming challenges into opportunities for success. This belief inspires those around her to embrace optimism and take risks.

    In adversity, Melina's determination shines brighter. She views setbacks as mere detours on her path to greatness, never losing faith in her luck. Her boundless energy and positivity warm the hearts of those who know her, spreading a belief in the power of positivity and luck wherever she goes.

    *Overly Trusting

    • Stargazing: Melina is deeply fascinated with the night sky and loves spending her evenings observing the stars, planets, and constellations.
    • Tea: She loves herbal tea, peppermint in particular.
    • Bees: She loves honey and looks after a hive of bees.

    • Closed-Mindedness: She dislikes individuals who are closed-minded and unwilling to consider the mystical and magical aspects of the world.
    • Disrespect for Nature: Melina dislikes actions that harm the natural world, including celestial phenomena like pollution or deforestation.

    • Proving Astrology's Validity: She is motivated to prove the validity of astrology to skeptics and non-believers, striving to demonstrate that it is a genuine and powerful practice.
    • Celestial Understanding: Melina is deeply motivated by her desire to understand the mysteries of the celestial realm. She seeks to unravel the secrets of the stars, planets, and cosmic forces to gain wisdom and knowledge.
    • Destiny Discovery: She believes astrology can reveal individuals' destinies and help guide them toward their true paths. Melina is motivated to use her astrological skills to assist others in discovering their life's purpose.

    • Losing Loved Ones: She worries about the safety and well-being of her loved ones
    • Cosmic Ignorance: Melina fears that she might never fully understand the mysteries of the cosmos despite her deep passion for astrology.

    General Appearance

    Height: 150cm
    Weight: 50kg
    Hair Color: Purple with Blue highlights
    Eye Color: Aqua
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Appearance:Example Appearance

    Guild: Meliora Vitae
    Tattoo: Neck
    Tattoo Color: Royal Blue

    Faction Chapter:

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