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    Rising Tide


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    Rising Tide Empty Rising Tide

    Post by lana 14th June 2023, 1:38 pm


    Magic Name: Rising Tide
    Magic Type: Caster Magic
    Description: Rising Tide, in essence, the ability to manipulate water with a multitude of applications. From offensive, to defensive, to even more utility-styled; the possibilities are limited by the user's creativity. Rising Tide, as the name might imply, is at it's most efficient when in, located nearby, or while in the possession of water. Though the user is capable of conjuring water from the body, that amount can only be so much. The more water, the stronger the magic. 

    Her strategy with this magic revolves around how much water she has at the present time. If it's only her reserves? She may go on the defensive, sprinkling offense when the opportunity presents itself. However, if she's near a large body of water? She may solely go on the offensive, with little regard to defense. It all depends on the moment and making the most of every chance given. 
    • Ability 1: Water Form (D Rank): Lana has the ability (so long as she's near a body of water), to become one with the surrounding water for a limited duration of time. As this isn't a magic she's fully mastered yet, she's only capable of holding this form for three turns. 
    • Ability 2: Unlocks at B Rank
    • Ability 3: Unlocks at S Rank


    D Rank Spells:

    D+ Ranked Spells:

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    Rising Tide Empty Re: Rising Tide

    Post by Medeia 15th June 2023, 3:18 am


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