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reminiscent: personified spirit panfandom


reminiscent: personified spirit panfandom  Empty reminiscent: personified spirit panfandom

Post by Skye 21st May 2023, 6:47 pm

reminiscent: personified spirit panfandom  Reminiscent

Reminiscent is a canon-based AU panfandom (otherwise called a personified/spirit panfandom). Create a character inspired by a canon and explore the world of Iwen, an open-lore continent rich with player-submitted locations, species, religions, and more. Mingle backstories and plots with other canon spirits, not from a character’s canonverse, create interesting and elaborate families and relationships, and become interwoven in a web of false memories. When your character begins learning who they really are, will they decide to uncover their real life or take comfort in the life they've built in Iwen?

Is there a way back home? Will you choose to pursue answers? Or will you embrace the new life you've been given in Iwen? Come play with us at Reminiscent and find out!
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