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    Vanessa Vanhellsing

    Serena von Edelweiss
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    Vanessa Vanhellsing  Empty Vanessa Vanhellsing

    Post by Serena von Edelweiss 13th May 2023, 8:40 am

    Name: Vanessa Redgrave
    NickName: Scáthach
    Gender: Female
    Age: 45
    Birthday: 43
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Special Characteristics: Vanessa's body is riddled with scars.

    Personality: Vanessa is a blunt and straight forward person, she dislikes beating around the bush and will often speak her mind without a care. She's the type of woman who gives zero fucks, which other mistake her as being cold and callous when in reality she just couldn't be bothered to worry about trivial things. Vanessa distances herself from others when she can, but she has no problems with conversing with others. Despite her lone wolf attitude, she is quite caring for those she has grown attached to. Vanessa is the type to face her problems head on she does not put it off no matter how difficult it maybe for her. No matter how dire the situation may be she always maintains her devil may care attitude. Due to her seemingly laid back nature, others are quick to deem her unreliable and lazy, however, this is far from the truth.

    Underneath her relaxed personality she struggles with her anger and various other negative emotions. She has trouble articulating her feelings and explaining her thoughts. As a result she's developed the the habit of going in guns blazing and asking questions after. This makes her great when it comes to dealing with things with sheer brute force, but helpless when it comes to more delicate tasks such as diplomacy. Due to her inability to communicate her feelings properly she does her best to keep her problems all to herself. In battle is where Vanessa truly feels herself, in combat she feels as if she has full control, in war she finds peace. Thus, the normal, mundane civilian life can be unsettling for Vanessa.


    • Fighting - Fighting is what Vanessa is good at, thus she enjoys it. Especially when she is fighting stronger opponents.

    • Courageous People - Vanessa deeply respects people who stand their ground and face their fears.

    • Cigarettes and Booze - Nothing beats a good smoke and good glass of Whiskey.


    [list][*] Corruption - Vanessa absolutely abhors those who abuse their power, she believes they do not deserve the power and influence they posses.

    [*] Weaklings - In Vanessa's eye's there is nothing wrong with being weak, but choosing to remain weak is a cardinal sin to Vanessa. The strong survive the weak do not.

    [*] The Vanhellsing Family -



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