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    The Bloodaxe

    Nessa Lachina
    Nessa Lachina

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    The Bloodaxe Empty The Bloodaxe

    Post by Nessa Lachina 12th May 2023, 11:39 pm

    Name: Bloodaxe
    Grade: Artifiact
    Type: Weapon
    Proof of Acquisition: Here

    Dormant State - Bloodstone Lacrima:

    The Bloodaxe Art-Station-Explore-1

    Activated State - Bloodaxe:

    The Bloodaxe Roman-grigorev-ouroboros-blood-axe0

    The Viking mages of Iceberg have a history that stretches back centuries. For most Tribes, this history is muddled beyond the events of 500 years ago. However, there are those lucky families and luckier tribes who have artifacts passed down the generations. The Bloodaxe is one such item. In it's dormant state, The Bloodaxe is actually known as The Bloodstone Lacrima. This name was given to it by the person who gained it from a raid. This name was granted due to the almost blood-like color of the gemstone that forms the main body of the lacrima. The Bloodstone Lacrima is a small thing being little more than a gemstone that is small enough to be held in the palm of one's hand. Fused irreversibly to the Bloodstone Lacrima is a mass of metal that has lost its luster, looking more akin to stone.

    However, this Bloodstone Lacrima differs from your average lacrima in that the magic within it is not drawn out by storing it into an item or one's own body. Instead, feeding it even the slightest amount of Mana activates the lacrima, causing it to rapidly transform and expand into a two handed axe. The metal of the handle is formed from the metal that is fused to the bottom of the ruby colored gemstone that forms not only the blade of the axe, but the main portion of the lacrima itself. This axe is quite frankly massive, standing as tall as Nessa. However, it seems oddly light to whomever is attuned to the 'weapon', able to be used in either one hand or both hands. Interestingly, the majority of this Lacrima's magic can only be unleashed when it has actively been transformed into The Bloodaxe, with the only ability it has in it's dormant state being the ability to change into the axe itself.


    Plot Abilities:

    Name: Bloodstone Blade
    Rank: B Rank (Scales to A)
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Description: Gripping the Bloodaxe with one hand along the etched grip of the upper portion, the Crystalline blade of the weapon begins to emit a deep glow from within. For the duration of this spell, swinging the Bloodaxe will launch a projectile shaped like the blade of the axe itself. This can currently target up to five separate individuals once per post, though there seems to be room for it to grow..

    Name: Bloodstone Magic: Blessing of Blood
    Rank: B Rank (Scales to S)
    Duration: Passive
    Description: Increases Nessa's Spell Damage

    The Bloodaxe Empty Re: The Bloodaxe

    Post by Guest 15th May 2023, 2:32 pm


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