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    Mugen Jikan Burakkuho'ru


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    Mugen Jikan Burakkuho'ru  Empty Mugen Jikan Burakkuho'ru

    Post by MugenJikan 2nd February 2023, 12:28 am

    Name: Mugen Jikan Burakkuho'ru

    Gender: The gender of your character.

    Age: 26


    Sexuality: Asexual

    Special Characteristics: red eyes , pale white, black hair.

    Personality: Calculator and cold. Manipulative to a degree and willing to do what he must. Mugen is basically cut throat and a hunter type. Introverted, but also enjoys a good smoke. He is a mercenary character who believes in taking, but also giving back to the less fortunate. He finds himself often shrugging off emotional moments, and then escaping into his mind for a future endeavor. He is a bandit of sorts, but a negotiable person. He prefers not to kill because it'll leave a trace, and only kills when he has to and makes sure to cover his tracks. Observant, and action oriented he is street smart so they say, and was an open believer in the God of Shadows, Sombra Burakkuho'ru. He is a man willing to heist just about anyone, but also fight them as well. When found he is usually seen in a hooded cloak of black, but he avoids the spotlight however, he has a strong sense and desire to lead but also to avoid the spotlight, with him growing up in Ontario, Sin and murders, killings as well as illegal drug selling. He saw opportunities to take control some of that and only viewed this stuff as normal day to day stuff. He didn't truly care what others thought of him. When he'd steal food, he'd share with commoners, but also keep some for him and others; however, with other more hard to come by things he'd sell. A killer but he was raised to not kill children or pregnant women. He is adventurous and willing to travel to make a name form himself and his friends back home.

    Likes: Commiting crimes in order to get paid.
    Sparring and fighting to get paid.
    Organization, above all he likes to organize and keep track and control of things.

    Dislikes: Disrespectful people who insult others.
    Slavery, but is okay with indentured servitude.
    Dislikes black widow spiders, and when seen at the same day as a women who he meets will become superstitious.  

    Motivations: Become King of sin and take control of the state and introduce some sort of peace so children are safe.

    General Appearance: Mugen Jikan Burakkuho'ru  Jack-nightmare-anime-boys-red-eyes-glowing-eyes-wallpaper-thumb

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