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    Lightsaber Empty Lightsaber

    Post by Guest 31st January 2023, 7:29 am


    Magic Name: Lightsaber
    Magic Type: Solitary: Holder
    Magic Purchase: Here
    Holder Weapon: Here
    Description: A weapon capable of a great deal of destruction when wielded correctly, the lightsaber is a blade of plasma that is capable of cutting almost through anything. Built by Kalama herself in a cave of dark energy, the weapon has become a signature of the dark warrior, one that has killed hundreds and gives off a menacing hum wherever it goes. Very few who hear it survive for long and even fewer who are cut by it. Usually, the blade is of a crimson colour but depending on the style of combat used, that has been known to change.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability: Plasma Blade: The lightsaber is able to cut through opposing shields and armour as though they were nothing.
    • Ability: One With The Blade: Kalama has become so skilled with her saber that her strikes deal spell damage rather than physical.
    • Ability: Deflecting Blade: The dark mage has become skilled enough that she can deflect projectiles with her blade.


    A Rank Spells:

    S Rank Spells:

    H Rank Spell:

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature Spells:

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    Lightsaber Empty Re: Lightsaber

    Post by SlayerMathis 17th February 2023, 10:00 am


    Lightsaber Mathis22


    Lightsaber DcM8us5

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