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    Rowena Willow


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    Rowena Willow Empty Rowena Willow

    Post by Wren 17th January 2023, 7:41 pm

    Beauty is the Curse
    Enchant the Masses
    So Curse the World in My Image

    Lushious Lips Kiss

    Name: Rowena Willow
    Rank: Ethereal (+)
    Species: Witch
    Type: Bond Combat
    Proof of Purchase: Page 13, Post n°306
    Bond Magic: Enchantress of Woe
    HP: 450 HP
    Melee: 35 HP
    Rowena Willow KdFbXVl

    Rowena is someone who is from Sailkia that once tormented Wren. She is a tall, 5’9” woman who is well endowed with long black hair, sea green eyes, and light tan skin. She wears herself in confidence and knows she has looks that can turn heads.

    After being teleported similar to Wren from Sailkia to Fiore, she has now lost her powers and is relearning everything while her body adjusts to Earthland with the help of Wren. Due to her circumstances, she had given up her previous antics of tormenting Wren to be able to survive and get stronger once again. Her attitude is still rather snotty, but she is softer than she had been since her survival revolves around Wren.

    Heart Break Kiss - S:
    Melancholy Threats - A+:
    Desolate Enchantment- Bond:
    Weep of Death - Bond:
    Banshee’s Cry - Bond:

    Kiss of Death

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    Rowena Willow Empty Re: Rowena Willow

    Post by Guest 21st January 2023, 1:34 am


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