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    Break out!

    Saint Olga
    Saint Olga

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    Break out! Empty Break out!

    Post by Saint Olga 27th December 2022, 8:10 pm

    Saint Olga Would be standing on a road that would be leading to the capital of fiore. She had already been setting up a trap for the day having gotten some Intel that her target was going to be traveling along this road with a squad of Rune Knights.  Today she was on a job to free a dark mage prisoner that had some favor with their Guild. She didn't need to know that he does of what favor that may have been or who they were. The appointment thing was that they were captured and traveling down this road with the Rune knights. That was really the only until she needed. Her goal was To simply get him out and away from their custody. He did not have to guarantee their safety she did not have to make sure they made it back somewhere she just needed to free him and get him far enough away where he could manage. an easy enough task for her. As she stood there on the middle of the road she glanced at a left and right at the tree lines. Her undead army was already waiting in ambush for them. She already knew how she was going to do this and how it may play out. She didn't expect us to be a very difficult task though she was in for many surprises. However surprise or not she deal with it as it came there's no point in worrying about things that she didn't know about until they happened. She could plan for a thousands of events but she would never know which woman actually happened. Her trainer thought was broken however when she saw the caravan approaching. There were about ten men on horseback surrounding a wagon that was barred being pulled by two other men. Shouldn't view this to be much of a challenge but maybe there was something more to them. Her thoughts were soon interrupted though as they started to slow down in front of her and she just stood there respectfully in the middle of the road so they wouldn't be able to pass without intervening with her.  She slowly stood there as she watched one man gallop forward slightly an address her.

    You there, you are interfering with Rune Knight business, move aside or we will restrain you, this is your only warning!

    Well she kept Is a calm and compose look about her, internally she scoffed. The audasity of this man to address her like that, though he didn't know any better so like with everyone she would correct him. The odds of her achieving this mission through diplomacy was next to none however it would still sport on her favorite as her ambush was still laying in wait for them. When each shouted them she had about forty of her zombies were better for normal people are they took more of life force rather than magic power from people. Regardless they're about twenty and each side of them more than enough for a effective ambush coming where they weren't strong they Numbers which was the greatest strength. She spoke calmly and decided to correct them hoping that a democratic route could be reached however she highly doubted it could be.

    I am Saint Olga, You would do well to remember that in the future, I am here representing the dark guild Errings Rising. You have a prisoner you are transporting that I need to be released into my custody. Please release them to me and no violence worker and you'll all get to leave but you're lives.  However should you choose violence I will begin the process of guiding you into your next life I do hope you choose wisely.

    She spoke in a very calm and respectful tone as if she was ready for this exact outcome. The man on horseback wasted no time as they started to immediately drop forward two of them saying behind the guard the rest of them started to move up and surround her. However they didn't know they were moving into their death as she is so there respectfully not raising her voice or raising any sort of arms to defend herself. As the leader of the horse began to order her capture immediatelee rustling from each side of them started happening their attention immediately diverted from her. As immediately certain to surround her horizontally hoards would suddenly Spring up from the grass and start shambling away quickly towards the horse back riders. They immediately forgot about her and turned their attention to all the Zombies that was slowly surrounding them. Taking a defensive stance she just smiled watching this happen as you start to swarm even coming from behind her and slowly circling in around them Eventually the orders were to charge in women's dispatch them to make sure that she couldn't feed the prisoner. As that order was given a massive battle started.  They started to cut down the zombies as they weren't very strong however the zombies all start clawing biting at them. She didn't need to defeat these men she just seemed to make sure the prison her credit escape. These men didn't appear to have magic they were just rather skilled towards me as they kept dispatching her zombies easily. However she mentally ordered her to zombies of suck going for the men and start going for the horses bite them and kill them. They happily obeyed as they started climbing up the horses and biting after making them fall dead and causing dividers to fall off and it all off balanced a few of them bucking away and starting to try to run.  Though as the horses are default her forces are rather thin she started this fight with about forty zombies and now she was down to about ten. She dispatched the rest of them making them all fall to the ground making it so the virus thought they were one as I started to get up fall off the ground and underhorses to now come back the summoner. Though she simply smiled and then rose her hand casting a spell to be summoned them making them all the animate and be put back together firty more in a blink of an eye. They all modified as they all started battling with the zombies again.

    She watches encounter She was enjoying it would be an understatement. She enjoyed commanding her troops and watching them battle. They may not have been shown and get defeated easily but they could get right backup. Additionally she did love seeing her plans come into fruition. While this plane was at the extraordinary she was quite happy it was going off without a hitch. However it was time to move on to the next stage of it. She then mentally communicated with her next part of the plan as these guys were thoroughly under control. It was time for her skeleton knight her massive someone make his play. Her plan was working so far keeping the majority of the forces busy with those zombies it was time for the behavior to come out of the woods and free the prisoner. The car was strong enough that would probably survive what she had in mind. She merely ordered him to run out of the woods and barrel into the horseman and tip over the cart into the other one. And without hesitation the massive skeleton ran out of the forest with a shield vase and slammed into the man crushing him into the cart and tipping it over until the other one. A complete success however the man inside was probably battled a little bit but the cart was made a sturdy of stuff they were probably fine. She should probably check. As she mentally ordered her massive skeleton knight To rip open the door and check on the prisoner inside. However the second the car was tipped over the rest of the men's storage of battle towards it see what was happening in the two guards dead.  However as they started to rush towards them and left them open and run them over from behind as others I'm beside grabbing them and pulling them back only a few starting to make it to and through the zombies the best starting to perish as they were caught off guard from rushing.

    As the skeleton Knight ripped open the door slowly a figure in cuffs raised his head out a little disoriented. She couldn't blame him in the slightest after getting juggled around like that however He wouldn't have have time for thar ordering her knight to go intercept the guards. It did so having the order to not let anyone near the cart until he made his get away. However the more she watched him the more she got annoyed. He was just standing there observing the battle as if They were putting on a show just for him. Her followers that were dying was not a display for him, he was meant to be getting out of there now. Though it sounds if she could yell over the combat though she didn't make eye contact with him. She slowly raised her arm and pointed in mouth the word run. Though he didn't seem to understand. He seemed rather clueless in this front which only annoyed her more. She flapped her wings behind her back and slowly ascand floated over the combat as people pointed up at her but we're too busy dealing with the threats in front of them. She landed next to him now that she couldn't see him he was a complete debt's probably more muscle than brains. She spoke up looking at him only a tinge of annoyance and her voice however she remained calm and tried to be polite to the man as if this was anybody else.

    Sir you don't have anything holding you back no I do recommend you leave I will clean up the mess here and you'll get delete Scott free courtesy of Errings Rising, The debt is now paid it and you may go.

    She said what a bit of firmness in her voice as well as she just looked at him he quickly realized what she meant. She found it annoying that even though this man was a prisoner he would still just sit there like an idiot and watch things and forward about him. Anyone would comment since would No to at least get out of the situation hes in. Well it may be true that he didn't know that she wasn't there to get him out. He should still take the opportunity to not be part of a massive battle when restrained like this. Especially if you're gonna have that dope you look on his face. He nodded solely climbing out of the cart his feet wouldn't Jack would only his hands but they seem to be coughed up avenged in amusing his magic. It didn't really matter to her as long as he could run that's all that he needed him not using his magic wasn't really her problem. Whatever happened after the escape was all on him she just needed to make sure he got away from the area safely. As the nights that we've been assaulted by the zombies were now slowly being finished off only a few of them remaining and the ones facing the giant were almost defeated as well. Now was the probably the best time for him to run because even though their forces were almost defeated so was hers. These men were far more skilled than she gave them credit for. He slowly climbed out of the cart and wore a thud on the ground sorted running. She gave a mental order to her death knight To follow him and make sure nothing stopped him until he was safe. The night immediately stopped battling the guards running over to the men who was much slower than her Knight.

    As she watched him start to run in her minion easily catching up she wondered why this guy was so important maybe she should have got the details on this man because she couldn't see why he was so heavily guarded. Perhaps he was either smarter than she gave him credit for or without those cups on had some magic that would blow them all the water. Either way the Knights scooped the man up and started running at full strength using his body as a shield as a chased. However as I started to change she pointed her out and made A-war of rwenty skeletons to intercept them and what combat would pursue. She looked over and what they didn't even know that she finally did what zombies were done those men were all dispatched eaten apart. The seven that were left Started to shamble over and get ready to attack them from behind. She just watched this play getting giddy she didn't enjoy watching people die and meant her job could continue for some reason I always excited her to see them die especially people who often try to stop her from her work like these people would. Just as she predicted once the pincer attack happened it was over they screamed in anguishers they got assaulted from both sides. And the men got swallowed up into the swarm encrunching and smacking could be heard and then complete silence. She just spelled the spell and thanked them for Their service to her. They couldn't fiscally speak but mentally I could talk to her and they all gave her praise before leaving.

    Singing distance her massive bohemith of a knight We're still running with the prisoner she considered this job done the night would stick with her until it either died or its job was complete one of the two. She began to put this body's rest she would do it she always didn't after a major battle and start to finish her ritual to bring them all back to life under her control. There were bits of human remains everywhere somebody's and Flash torn of thunder. To anyone that came across this site it was a grotesque sight that will take something shadow of a horror film. To her though it was nothing more than a normal aftermath of a battle. Her followers didn't have restraint her followers did exactly what they were ordered to do. She wouldn't have any other way as she finished her Process and saw that the two were out of recite the since meaning they were probably getting away her job here was done. As she communicated mentally with her night it would report that nothing was pursuing them and that it would make sure he got to the next closest town or settlement that they ran across it will keep moving with him. Please with this outcome she suffered the communication and finished up what she was doing.  It was time for her to have home back to the Guild.

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