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    Spring Has Sprung


    Spring Has Sprung Empty Spring Has Sprung

    Post by Guest 2nd June 2022, 7:05 am

    It had been some time since the raven haired woman had taken a break from the responsibilities of her guild and had jumped at the chance to take part in another festival. She had become rather fond of such things over time and the dark mage had become a familiar figure at such events. Yes, some were naturally spooked as soon as they saw her but that was just the way of things. She felt no need to change her appearance just to satisfy a few mortals and was quite happy to explore the town in her natural form. Medeia could have gone anywhere but had decided to go to Magnolia, knowing full well that it housed the Fairy Tail guild. She still held a grudge with the guildmaster of that group of yobs and perhaps if she was lucky, her appearance might just give him a little reminder of that? Oh, she had no intention of starting a fight, as she had already beaten Mura up before but no doubt just leaving her magical signature for him to detect later would be enough.

    She was in a good mood in truth, having done so well during the battle between the forces of Bellum and Pergrande. The Warlord had done her title proud and annihilated all those that had dared to stand before her. Hundreds had been wiped out due to her magnificent new powers and Medeia could not have been more pleased with her success. Now, her name was well and truly known among the peoples of this useless world and her already monstrous ego was only further inflated by that thought. She was reaching the pinnacle of her strength and the witch felt that the end was truly near, her journey to the very top almost over. There were so few who could rival her now and that was a thought that both delighted and disappointed her in equal measure. To dominate those around her was her natural instinct but to have no one to use her true might against was rather sad. It was lonely at the top, after all and that was an emotion that she had experienced far too often in her long life.

    “It looks lovely, Mistress, they certainly did a great job decorating the place.” A cheerful voice suddenly piped up, cutting through the thoughts of the witch. Medeia had not come alone and standing beside her was her ever faithful guardian and maid, Armina, dressed in an elegant purple dress.

    “Not as lovely as you.” The angel replied, one arm wrapping around her maids waist. “Where did you get that dress from, my dear?”

    “Kyra’s sister made it for me after I nagged her enough. She is such a stubborn woman but I succeeded in the end. I am glad you like it, Mistress.”
    Armina answered with a smile. “Shall we have a look around and see what trouble we can get ourselves into?”

    “You have such a way with words, Armina, let us see what this festival has in store for us.” The purple eyed woman responded with a chuckle.

    Arm in arm, the two would wander into the crowds in search of some entertainment.

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    Spring Has Sprung Empty Re: Spring Has Sprung

    Post by Guest 6th June 2022, 7:26 am

    The angelic duo walked for quite some time, simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the festival. Everyone appeared to be in such high spirits and Medeia could not help but feel that way too. Having her lovely maid beside her always put her in good spirits of course and the two could not have been any closer. Their relationship was one that was difficult to explain, closer than friendship, closer than lovers, closer than family. They were joined at the hip and had been so ever since they had both been children, high above the clouds of the world. Armina was the first woman that the warlord had ever been with and even after all this time, she had never truly been topped. Medeia knew that her beloved companion would never leave her side again and the raven haired woman would stop at nothing to retrieve her if they were ripped apart from one another. Alright, Armina’s mouth tended to get her into trouble, as filthy as it was but Medeia would have it no other way.

    “How about we take part in a little feast to celebrate the occasion?” Armina asked, her red orbs glinting with cheerfulness.

    “Where do you even come up with that kind of language? We are in a public place, my dear.”
    Medeia replied with a shake of the head although the smile on her face spoke volumes.

    “That is not what I meant and you know it!” The maid protested, nodding her head towards a large spread of food that they were walking past. “There is an all you can eat buffet over there and I am starving.”

    “Well, we both know where all that food is going to go.” The witch answered, her smile becoming a smirk, her gaze falling upon her companion's bountiful chest.

    “More for you to p…” Armina began.

    “Not another word.” The dark mage swiftly responded.

    Laughing, the two would proceed to walk over to the buffet and take a seat, before helping themselves to whatever took their fancy. The food was rather exotic and Medeia had to admit that she did not recognise some of the dishes but that did not stop her from experimenting. It was all quite delicious and she soon drew the bartender nearby towards her, asking for the most expensive wine that he had in stock. Why not make the most of the opportunity while she had the chance? He seemed eager to help or perhaps was merely scared to death of her and quickly ran off to fulfill her request. Armina certainly did not waste any time and cheerfully ate her fill as well, seemingly happy with the quality. It was a rather enjoyable experience and although Medeia occasionally caught sight of a rather nervous pair of eyes or two looking at her from time to time, that was the only sign of problems that she detected. It was natural that people feared her, given her role in the war and her face having been spread across that magazine but it only made the food taste that little bit better.

    When the two had eaten as much as they could, they would simply lay back in their chairs and watch the crowds for a bit. Soon enough, they would continue on their walk but for the moment, they would simply rest their full stomachs. As they did so, a rather cheerful figure would drop a pair of oddly shaped eggs into her lap which drew an odd look from her.

    “What are these…?” She mused, before raising a finger and pointing at her maid. “Hush.”

    Armina simply laughed.

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    Post by Guest 10th June 2022, 7:17 am

    Things were ever so peaceful and it appeared as though the two angels would be able to go a day without either causing trouble or trouble finding them. Medeia briefly toyed with the idea of perhaps swiping a beautiful beauty who she and her beloved maid could toy around with but she soon declined on following through with that option. She was just not in the mood to meet anyone new and who could possibly top her beautiful maid? Still, the thought did bring a smile to her face and judging from the matching expression on Armina’s face, the same possibility had run through her mind too. There were certainly plenty of lovely women walking past their table and it would not have taken much for the Warlord to bend one of them to her will, such was the strength of her magic. How often had she visited a town or village just to whisk away a lovely maiden? More than she could count. Her appetite was insatiable when it came to such things and it never dimmed, no matter how many years passed.

    Placing the oddly coloured eggs into a pouch attached to her hip, Medeia would reach out for her maid, with the purple haired beauty cheerfully moving onto her lap. Her arms wrapped around Armina’s waist, while her lips began to kiss the neck of her beautiful maid, resulting in a soft and gentle moan escaping her closest ally. Considering how swift she had been to stop Armina from speaking about their shared hobbies beforehand, it might have seemed strange that the raven haired woman would suddenly show such affection for her bodyguard in public but she could just not help herself.

    “So much for keeping things civilised.” Armina gently chided, her red eyes blazing with pleasure.

    “What can I say? You just have that effect on me.”The witch replied with a smirk, her hands beginning to move upwards.

    “Decency never truly applied to us, did it?” The maid chuckled. “Do you remember those nights where we would frolic in the castle gardens and make love under the stars?”

    “Yes and lord did we ever hear the end of it from my father and the other fools in our sect. They all believed that we were the spawn of the devil or something.” Medeia answered with a roll of the eyes.

    “Warlord Of Lust is not all that different, right? I take pride in the fact that we were able to free ourselves from them and forge our own path.”
    The axe wielder responded with a proud smile. “Now we have an entire world to turn into our own personal love nest.”

    “You have an incredible gift when it comes to looking on the bright side, my dear but yes, you are absolutely right. There is no one left to stop us from doing whatever we wish with this planet. One day soon, we will make our move and rule both the heavens and the earth.” Medeia stated, her hands starting to slip under Armina’s dress.

    Only for the two to be rather rudely interrupted as an almighty roar could be heard from nearby and the mortals around them began to run from their lives. Sighing, the two women would glance towards the sound of the roar, before standing up and walking in that direction.

    So much for a day without trouble.

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    Spring Has Sprung Empty Re: Spring Has Sprung

    Post by Guest 11th June 2022, 6:11 am

    It did not take all that long to find the source of the trouble and the two women shared a slightly bemused glance as an eight foot rabbit came into view. The animal did not seem too happy about something and was making a mess of the lovely festival. The locals and visitors were all running for their lives and away from the beast and by the two the angels caught the attention of the creature, they were the only ones there. The large bunny was pink in colour while its face was blood red due to its anger and rage, emotions that Medeia easily started to use to her advantage, her slayer magic allowing her to devious such emotions. She doubted this animal would be able to do much to either herself or Armina in all honesty as it did not seem to have any magical power.

    “It would be cute if it did not have such an angry looking face.” Armina commented with a chuckle. “I left my axe at home though so I will have to just use my fists instead.”

    “Not to worry, my dear, this will not last more than a moment.” Medeia replied casually. “It deserves a swift death for interrupting our date.”

    Motioning for her maid to stay where she was, Medeia would slowly walk towards the rampaging rabbit, her magical aura starting to surround her as did so. The rabbit became aware of her quickly enough and angrily hopped towards her, attempting to flatten her with its massive bulk. The dark mage simply surrounded her fist with flame and fired a projectile towards the beast, hitting it hard in the midsection and sending it flying. A powerful blow and one that clearly surprised the rabbit. It desperately scrambled back to its feet and roared with rage once more but Medeia simply created a sand scarab and sent it towards her foe, resulting in a massive explosion that ended the rabbit's life. In two attacks, the fight was over and she walked back towards her beloved with a smile, hooking her arm with her own gently.

    “I guess that is the end of that. Shall we?” The witch answered, before the two holy beings turned away and walked back up the street to enjoy the remainder of their day.

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