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    Four Leaf Clovers in Clover! (Event/Shirayuki)


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    Four Leaf Clovers in Clover! (Event/Shirayuki) Empty Four Leaf Clovers in Clover! (Event/Shirayuki)

    Post by Aristotle 2nd May 2022, 9:38 pm

    A loud yawn escaped through the room. It followed silence and the sound of shuffling amongst the covers of the bed sheets and blanket. With a light bit of sunlight peering through closed blinds, it dimly lit the room but enough for any one person to tell how well into the morning time it had become. It felt nice to sleep in for a change rather than to get up and move about the skies with her Kitsune teacher these past couple of weeks, however even then it started to become a little less enjoyable not having her around. Despite the fact that the white haired woman tended to punish her like a disobedient child and in some rather inhumane fashions, it wasn't enough to deter her from wanting to bolden herself some more. She'd been too meek and resistant to the obstacles from which were placed before her in her life, but under this woman's guidance, she would become a fiercesome force to be reckoned with... just so long as she never ended up like her mother. That rat bitched deserved nothing but the crumbs of the rats that invade her prison cell drop to feed her with the hope she starved to death during so.

    Now that her morning ritual of wishing nothing but the worst of her birth giver, the blonde summoner sat up in her bed and let out a long winded groan as she stretched. She'd taken time away recently as her birthday had come about. Never did she like her birthday since she was a child and Aristotle tended to push away everyone --even her father. Frankly, she hated that no matter how excited she got from any other day, the dreadful return of this day haunted her like a never ending nightmare. She gave no obvious reason to Shira on why it was she was going to be going somewhere, however she had made sure to tell her where it was she was going to be staying in return for her space. Knowing Shirayuki, she would very much so be keeping an eye on her to an extent. At least so to know she was staying in the town she said.

    After a light freshening up, Aristotle took out her iLac from the nightstand drawer and began to type out a message on it before heading out of her currently place she'd been staying at. The recipient? Well the kitsune of course.

    "Mademoiselle Shira, a Spring Festival is happening today and I wanted to know if you would join me. I would be happy to have your company for a relaxing time getting to know each other a little more without any stressful events! I will be waiting for you there if you decide to come!
    Meilleurs vœux~"

    Translation: Best wishes

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    Four Leaf Clovers in Clover! (Event/Shirayuki) Empty Re: Four Leaf Clovers in Clover! (Event/Shirayuki)

    Post by Shirayuki 3rd May 2022, 4:01 am

    Even though Shirayuki had agreed to giving the blonde girl a rest from their travels, that didn’t mean that her icy blue eyes weren’t keeping an eye on her. There was a slight amount of risk for both of them, with the white haired being having revealed her natural form to her student, not to mention the finer details of her work. Work that required the utmost secrecy at all times, lest she find the law breathing down her neck, which was never a pleasant experience for anyone. Of course, she was intelligent enough to evade the dullards but still, it was much easier to keep things close to the chest.

    Secured in the knowledge that Aristotle was safe and seemed to be sticking to their agreement, Shirayuki had moved to the outskirts of the town in order to do some business with a few of her more seedier partners. She’d managed to get her hands on a large amount of merchandise during her trip to Minstrel. Yes, it was technically a war but politics had never been something that she’d cared about too much. The Ironheart Pact had offered her a lot of money and all the captives she could grab, just for doing what she’d have done anyway. A bargain in her mind. It had been an easy job and one that she had been praised greatly for.

    The negotiations with her associates, however, were not so easy and the usually calm kitsune was soon beginning to become a tad irritated. The buffoons' offer was ridiculously low for what they were asking for and the red haired woman, having shapeshifted to an alternate form, as she tended to, wasn't amused in the slightest. They desired half a dozen of her Minstrel Soldat’s, a group of her own allies that she’d swiped and girls that Shirayuki knew would sell well. With such lovely voices and sweet manners, they made perfect maids when trained and the kidnapper knew that.

    “Not good enough for the six.” She coldly stated, folding her arms across her chest.

    The three men before her looked rather annoyed too but the look she was giving them seemed to burn into them, green rather than her usual blue while in this form. “This is all we have and we do need the six so…” The leader of the trio started before another of the group tapped him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear. After a few moments of deep discussion, he would sigh and remove a cloth covered item that was strapped to his back and hold it out to Shirayuki, a hand on each end. “Take this too then to sweeten the pot. We acquired it just recently and it truly is a magnificent piece of work.. Accept this along with the jewels and we’ll take the girls out of your hands.”

    Shirayuki raised an eyebrow but took the item into her hands. It was fairly heavy and felt like metal. At first she was going to turn it down but after taking a brief peek under the cloth, she had second thoughts. She didn’t need another weapon but… Attaching the large weapon to her back, she’d stick out her hand. “Alright but next time. Bring more jewels.”

    With that, their business was concluded and the two parties went their separate ways. As it so happened, her iLac would just go off at this point and after retrieving hers and glancing at the message, a smile crossed her features. It was as if she could hear Aristotle’s voice in her head as she read the message and with her business concluded, she didn’t see why they couldn’t have a little fun together but perhaps…a little change of outfit first?

    By the time Shirayuki reentered the town and came across her mentee, she was now a brown haired woman, wearing an almost kimono like getup which gave her a rather old fashioned look. She didn’t mind that though and quite liked the image that she gave off with it. Who’d suspect her of being a criminal dressed like this? The blade was still attached to her back which somehow seemed to fit with her look.

    Unable to help herself and recalling the first time they met, Shirayuki would briefly vanish and sneak up on Aristotle from behind, whispering into her ear once she was close enough. “You know that you really should learn to mind your surroundings because you never know when some weirdo might try and grab you.” Considering their first meeting, it was about as dry of a joke as possible.

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