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    M.O.D.U.S - Mk II

    Rhace Tarrin
    Rhace Tarrin

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    M.O.D.U.S - Mk II Empty M.O.D.U.S - Mk II

    Post by Rhace Tarrin 25th April 2022, 12:49 pm

    Name: M.O.D.U.S - Mk II

    Grade: Legendary (+)

    Type: Armor

    Proof of Purchase: Here

    Description: The M.O.D.U.S., or Modular Operations Defensive Utility System, is a marble of modern engineering, and indeed, is, in most ways, ahead of its time. The technology was originally developed in the nation of Pergrande, designed to, in some regards, counter and combat the capabilities of mages and rival their abilities. Conceptualized and manufactured as a prototype for the special forces branch and the secret police of the nation's armed forces, this creation, to most regular people, presents little more than just metal-alloy armor, wiring, and circuits glued onto a form-fitting exosuit, though it is, of course, more than just the sum of its parts. Theoretically, this piece of equipment enhances the user's base physical abilities greatly and puts them on par with what magic offers to the average magus. In theory, at least. Now that I mention that, if this was designed for the secret police how do we know about it? And how did one end up outside of Pergrande? I can't really offer a decisive answer to those questions, but... somehow this particular piece of technology ended up on the Black Market. Isn't that lucky for you? Now, are you gonna buy it or what?

    M.O.D.U.S - Mk II FuaAqH6


    Combat HUD (Plot Ability): The suit's internal systems can provide information about almost any kind of opponent and combat scenario, displaying all such stored information on a heads-up display inside the suit's helmet. This can show the user statistical information, such as the HP or MP of a foe, their speed, information about their attacks, and so on. Obviously, not all foes can be analyzed by or are stored in the internal system. This ability needs explicit OOC permission to be used on any Player, player-owned NPC, or Event NPC.

    Name: Enhanced Alloy Frame
    Rank: A+
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: Due to its sturdy design and metallic frame built exclusively from strong and rare metals, the user benefits from a 25% increase to their Damage Reduction as well as a user rank advanced passive buff to their HP multiplied by 2x.

    Name: Combat Servo Motors
    Rank: A
    MP Cost: N/A
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Single Target - Buff
    Damage: N/A
    Range: Self
    Speed: Self
    Duration: 7
    Description: Allocating part of the suit's internal electrical output to the auxiliary servo motor systems, the user can activate the combat-suit's movement assistance, internal gyro-stabilization, automatic motoric correction, and back-up force output enhancers springing into action to aid the user's natural movement. This ability, while active, increases both the user's Strength and Movement Speed by a user rank active buff respectively.

    Name: Automated Electrogenetic Aegis
    Rank: B+
    MP Cost: N/A
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Multi Target
    Damage: N/A
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Melee
    Duration: 8
    Downside: Sacrificing range and speed for an additional effect
    Description: Activating the armor's defensive systems, the user sends a surge of electricity through the outer layer of the combat-suit, sparks dancing across the metal surface of the armor's hand pieces while this ability is active. For the duration of this ability, all those that are hit by a strike from the user's armored fists are hit with a strong electric shock, which has intentionally been designed to throw both bioelectric systems and magic circuits into disarray, causing a 5% drain to both MP and HP once per post while this ability is active. Yet further, those afflicted with the electric shock are stunned for a single post and suffer from a user rank advanced active debuff to Movement Speed as the electricity overloads their nerve system, but can only be stunned every other post max, and only if hit again after the original stun effect expires. All of these aforementioned effects do not stack. A maximum number of attacks equal to the duration of this ability may be made with it in any given post it is active.


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    M.O.D.U.S - Mk II Empty Re: M.O.D.U.S - Mk II

    Post by Guest 26th April 2022, 3:06 am


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