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    Riana Maren
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    M.F.S.P. Empty M.F.S.P.

    Post by Riana Maren 24th April 2022, 11:15 pm

    Name: Mobile Fire Support Platform (M.F.S.P.)

    Grade: Ethereal (+)

    Type: Combat Pet

    Proof of Acquisition: Here

    Description: A tall humanoid robot standing roughly three times the height of a normal human, the M.F.S.P. is built for the purpose of providing fire support to even the odds against large groups of enemies. It carries a hand-held dual Gatling gun, two more Gatling Guns in the chest, and several missile pods in the shoulders to help it deal with targets both armored and unarmored. It responds to voice commands from its owner and its systems boast high-grade encryption to reduce the possibility of technologically savvy opponents turning the M.F.S.P. against its owner.

    The M.F.S.P. is ideal for fighting in open terrain against large groups of enemies. It can also fight and move in terrain that tracked and wheeled vehicles tend to have trouble in. Even urban environments pose little problem to it thanks to its humanoid form and bipedal locomotion. The only real downside is the possibility of collateral damage, so care must be taken when employing the M.F.S.P. in urban environments.

    If collateral damage is not a concern and its owner is heavily outnumbered and needs support quickly the M.F.S.P. finds its niche. Its weapons allow it to suppress multiple targets at once and slow down their movement, making formidable groups of enemies easier to handle. It can also move in almost any terrain, allowing it to provide support wherever it is needed. If one needs a lot of firepower that can travel almost anywhere and that can be called upon at a moment's notice the M.F.S.P. is a good choice for virtually any fire support need.

    M.F.S.P. NVTMIK6


    Name: Gatling Barrage
    Rank: S
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst - Piercing, Debuff
    Damage: 180 HP
    Range: 100m
    Speed: 200 m/s
    Duration: 10
    Description: The M.F.S.P. aims the handheld Gatling gun at the target(s) and its chest panels open up to reveal two more Gatling guns. The four Gatling guns open fire simultaneously, saturating the area in a conical shape in front of the M.F.S.P. with a barrage of armor-piercing rounds, dealing the ability's damage to all caught in the attack. If the target(s) are hit by the bullets they suffer a user rank active debuff to Movement Speed for the duration of the ability. Gatling Barrage can punch through armor and magical shields, but it gives up half of its base damage in cases where this applies.

    Name: Homing Missile Volley
    Rank: A+
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi Target - Homing
    Damage: 172 HP
    Range: 338m
    Speed: 250 m/s
    Duration: 9
    Downside: Two effects sacrificed in exchange for 50% more Damage
    Description: Opening the panels on its shoulders, the M.F.S.P. exposes the homing missiles within and then fires them at its targets. The missiles can home in on targets in range of ability and for a distance equal to the range of this ability at max. If the missiles travel past this range they fizzle out on the spot without doing damage. If the missiles hit their target(s) the targets take the ability's damage. Homing Missile Volley can fire a number of projectiles equal to the maximum duration of this ability in any given post it is active.


    M.F.S.P. TF1LSEK
    +100% Jewels In Effect - Lineage
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    M.F.S.P. Empty Re: M.F.S.P.

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 25th April 2022, 12:14 am

    M.F.S.P. HNhUsGf



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