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    Righteous Defender

    Lucia Winchester
    Lucia Winchester

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    Righteous Defender Empty Righteous Defender

    Post by Lucia Winchester 24th April 2022, 7:53 pm

    Righteous Defender

    Artifact (+)


    Proof of Acquisition:
    [Insert link to purchase post] The armor was purchased by my alt Diana Winchester, but it was requested that the armor be given to Lucia Winchester. Request: Page 2, Post Number 43, Approval: Page 3, Post Number 67.

    An expertly crafted set of armor that, through a set of magical enchantments, will bestow strong blessings of protection upon its user. Originally, this armor belonged to a righteous knight from Ca-Elum, who fought and defended his realm against a small, unknown force of invading demons at the behest of his king, clashing with the dark forces and smiting them with overwhelming magic of pure light, though eventually, succumbing to the wounds he sustained on the battlefield, but not without guaranteeing victory. As such, his legendary suit of armor has come to be known as a symbol of protection, loyalty, and righteousness.

    The armor itself is a pure white color and automatically adjusts its shape according to the body of the wearer. Further, the metal of the armor appears otherworldly, as it glows faintly and, no matter how damaged it is, it will, over a while, regenerate itself automatically.

    Righteous Defender 6PaAgQG


    Name: Holy Aegis
    Rank: User Rank (Up to S)
    Category: Defensive, Supportive
    Type: Single Target -Anti-Piercing
    Healing: User Rank Healing
    Durability: User Rank Single Target Durability (x1) + 50%
    Range: Self
    Speed: Self
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: The user shrouds their form in a bright, white glow, thus activating this ability. The light around the user's form acts as a barrier that will protect them from harm and defend them against any kind of damage that seeks to harm its wearer, shielding them for user rank damage multiplied by 1.5x. The durability of this aura of light around the user's form is restored to full once per post for the ability's duration and is enchanted with a strong protective charm, thus rendering piercing effects unable to penetrate it. Further, the white light soothes and heals the wounds of the wearer, once per post healing them for user rank damage as long as this ability is active.

    Name: Celestial Flame
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to S+)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi Target - Immobilization, Homing
    Damage: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Damage + 50%
    Range: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Range
    Speed: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Speed
    Duration: 1 post
    Description: This ability can be automatically activated once per post if the armor is hit with damage. As soon as it is hit, the armor will release a burst of white holy flame that will engulf the user and shoot out several balls of white flame at the nearest opponents, which will automatically pursue and try to hit the nearest opponents up to the ability's range at the ability's speed, dealing damage upon impact. Projectiles created via this ability can travel a distance equal to the spell's range at max before dissapating. The flames will envelop the target if it is successfully struck, binding them and rendering them completely immobile for a single post. Opponents may only be immobilized once every other post at max.

    Name: Protector
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to S+)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The armor is enchanted with several blessings that are meant to shield its user, manifesting as a small white mark on the user's right wrist. As long as they possess this mark, they can summon the armor onto their form, and similarly unsummon it at their will. Further, these blessings also increase the user's Spell Durability and HP by a user rank advanced passive buff.



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    Righteous Defender Empty Re: Righteous Defender

    Post by Nero 24th April 2022, 11:19 pm

    Righteous Defender HNhUsGf



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