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    Post by ly 30th March 2022, 11:08 am

    ❀ lyrá blooms  ❀ F24U4Pj

    ♡ profile ♡
    name: lyrá blooms ❀
    alias: ly ❀
    age: twenty-six ❀
    gender: female ❀
    sexuality: pansexual ❀
    birthday: may 16th | taurus ❀

    ♡ special characteristics ♡
    fai: upon fulfilling the prophecy of the fairies, lyra has become the fai of the ancient fairy realm valeriya, the human savior of the ancient race- in taking on this role she has harnessed the magical ability to turn into a fairy at will upon calling upon the divine tree of prosperous blossoms through an ethereal ring she keeps on at all times. this entails the ability to shrink all the way down in size to roughly nine inches tall when desired, alongside the ability to produce fairy wings upon her back to fly through the forest canopies. these powers also allow her to speak to rather non-communicative ordinary animals. ❀
    flora: if one accompanies the fairy on her many adventures, one would be able to recognize small floral manifestations organically appearing around her- along with the scent of sprouting flowers, dewdrops and mushrooms appear far more than one may be able to realize.
    tattoo: a blossoming lotus in the colors of pink and light green is permanently graced upon her lower back in the form of a tramp stamp, signifying the ethereal journey to becoming the fai within her late adolescence.  ❀

    ♡ personality ♡
    ❀ after looking past her vibrant fairy wings and potentially small size, one would be able to describe lyra as a slightly shy yet optimistic girl- while she has a few issues with her social anxieties outside of the ancient civilization, she tries her hardest to be sociable and kind to all in order to live up to how she sees her youngest sister, even if it can be a bit of a struggle for her to do so. delving into the beauty and jovial nature of nature itself, the girl of the fairies is one to find joy in miraculous moments and is fond of experiencing them with others- her love language is quality time with others, and though shy, upon befriending strangers her hidden extroversion is able to come out and flourish like a delicate blossom. taking on the role of a pacifistic individual, lyra wishes to make peace with those that come in her way rather than taking them on with magic; she feels as though respect for life is given by nature and therefore should be received, and though betrayal and hostile antics hurt and cause her immense emotion, she feels forgiveness should be the same way. though quite shy, she has taken on a few natural substances within her life in order to cause these issues to fade- while she is under the influence of the magical herbs of the world, she is even ditzier than before, and can unintentionally be quite blunt within her kindness. ❀
    ❀ as lyra is quite pacifistic, she is not one to wish to fight those that stand in her way- taking on the role of a healer in most combative situations, she works best tactically with others, though is able to function by herself if it calls for it. though she isn't the most confident in battle, taking on the role of a protector to those she considers allies is something she tries to take very seriously in order to fulfill her desires. functioning better under a leader rather than as one due to these social anxieties she has, the fairy is one to provide support with magical means and would attempt to save her allies over herself if it meant success. however, if she feels as though the situation calls for it, it is likely the girl of the fai would flee if it meant avoiding extensive combat. ❀  

    ♡ likes ♡
    fauna: woodland creatures are so adorable and innocent- they are seen as acquaintances to the fairies and are loved by all, not including those struck by difficult and negative motives. ❀
    herbal remedies: in addition to the healing benefits of her fairy magica, lyra is fond of using natural herbs to make beneficial tonics for those in need- this also applies to the benefits of smoking such things, something she has developed quite the dependency on. ❀
    comfortable pockets: while going on adventures with those of normal size, catching a ride in a comfortable pocket is the best way to pass time- it's so warm! ❀

    ♡ dislikes ♡
    unwarranted violence: finding herself more on the passive side of things, lyra is not fond of utilizing violence in order to solve the world's problems- she feels as though humanity is capable of functioning completely fine by coming to terms with things and finding solutions with peace rather than war, despite how sometimes it may be inevitable. ❀
    godfrey blooms: a corrupt man that wishes to terminate the existence of his daughters and everything they have accomplished- lyra hates him more than anything else and wishes to seek revenge for his evildoings, however that may be. he is an awful man. ❀
    thrashing winds: it is difficult for fairies to be able to gently fly across the horizon when the winds are rough, and though the trees help shield the realm from such things, flying long a long distance within a gale is quite difficult. ❀

    ♡ motivations ♡
    to end the interdimensional war: a war currently being waged between the shade and the ancient tri-race alliance by her father, lyra wishes to work alongside her sisters to somehow put an end to her father's evildoings. she wishes to find a cure for her father so he can return to how he should be, alongside the purification of his unholy realm. ❀
    to locate valeriya's missing artifacts: scattered across earthland are shrines to the ancient civilization valeriya, consisting of vaults from the ancient times; though the civilization has fallen once, they wish to attain the lost relics of their ancestors to regain strength. ❀
    to find true love: though a bit childish, lyra has never felt true love for someone else outside of her family- she wishes to find her prince or princess charming wherever he may be. ❀

    ♡ fears ♡
    shades: creations of her father sent to bring misery upon the horizon, the fairy has a great fear of just what they are capable of and what they wish to do to her and her sisters. this stems from an incident involving an unholy colossus constructed by godfrey in an attempt at her life. ❀
    wildfire: the destroyer of nations, often fueled by dark motives. ❀
    loss: lyra fears the loss of everything she has ever loved before- it applies to countless things in her life, such as the family she has left, the ancient civilization, and the cute little frog that accompanies her on every journey. ❀

    ♡ appearance ♡
    height: 5'4" | 9" ❀
    weight: 104 lbs | a pencil ❀
    hair: a deep chestnut brown with a slight auburn hue, accompanied with golden blonde streaks near the front and running throughout. is slightly wavy and spans all the way to her knees ❀
    eyes: olive green with a faint pink and gold luster ❀
    complexion:a deep tan with an olive hue, though goes slightly more pale in the wintery months. thin with curves ❀
    style: while both in the form of a small fairy and that of an ordinary human, lyra often finds herself in comfortable attire and dresses that show off a bit of skin- now residing within the fairy civilization, her outfits can often be seen donning beautiful sprouting flora and are often in the colors of the spring season and vibrant nature. while she is able to hide her fairy wings at will, she is capable of causing them to change form and color depending on however she is feeling; they can either appear extremely large or quite small according to her size, and can appear a deep green, a rose color, or a combination of both ❀

    ♡ guild/faction info ♡
    guild: silver wolf ❀
    tattoo: seafoam green, upper abdomen ❀
    faction: luminous covenant ❀
    chapter: bellum ❀


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