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    Bad idea to make a dragon wait(To earthland and beyond!)


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    Bad idea to make a dragon wait(To earthland and beyond!) Empty Bad idea to make a dragon wait(To earthland and beyond!)

    Post by Thatcywalker 29th January 2022, 1:25 pm


    Reina was still trying to figure out a lot of human customs. Apparently they actually needed permission to travel to different places? How asinine! But she did agree to join Silver Wolf, and had to follow their guidelines if they're going to help with her goal. So she grudgingly agreed to make the trip out to crocus. A few days' travel made shorter by bird led her to the capital of Fiore. Reina was slightly impressed by the size of the city, then again she reminded herself humans were nothing but builders and delusional. Wasn’t that why they tried to make such big buildings? To find some way to stay on the land after their short lifespan? Well regardless, she hoped this same emotion extended to this passport place.

    Fortunately it was, the building out near the sea away from the bulk of the city. She would enter, and was appalled. There was only one line and it stretched to the entrance! She realized she’d have to wait for it. She surveyed the scene around her, the building despite its size had little people, the line itself maybe had ten people total? There were also two other people not in line standing at opposite sides of the building. Odd, but human culture was odd in general. So she would stand and wait, conversation drifting by her.

    “Can’t you believe how crowded it was earlier?!”

    “Oh I know! I’m surprised that they're actually getting to us.”

    “Yeah, wouldn’t it be a shame if they closed now?”

    Reina hated the ugly tongue people spoke, nothing as elegant as the dragon’s one. But it was useful to know it, especially the fact that the place could close now! She would begin to walk past the other people in line, the first two were too caught up in their conversation to take notice, the third however did.

    “Hey you can’t cut!” Says the woman, who might’ve been a gardening enthusiast. Reina immediately grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled her down to be face to face with her.

    “Out of my way.'' The tone from reina packed more of a threat of violence then any words could, and the gardener lady nearly buckled from it. By this point, the man in white from the left would walk forward toward the two, wearing white and gray suit with a flower design on the left collar. “Easy folks, there's no need for this. Everyone will have time to get their passport today.” he stated slowly and calmly. Reina merely glared, let go of the woman, then continued to the front.

    The guard moved to grab her arm to stop her, Reina seeing this coming turned quickly with a shove moving him a bit back. The people in the line froze at the action, and the guard and reina were at a stand still. Before she had time to react, Reina was suddenly surrounded in leafy grass vines, binding her to the spot. “Let go of me filth!” was all she had time for before another pushed her to the ground, the second guard slowly approaching from behind.

    “Sheesh, you’d figure we get this earlier in the day eh Marcus?”

    “Yeah, good call on the vine strangle Fred.”

    Fred would turn then to the line of people, while Reina struggled against her leafy restraints. “Don’t worry folks! The situation is now under-” Fred would suddenly find himself bashed in the air, not by Reina but a…Bison? Marcus watched in awe as the woman suddenly transformed into this winter bull, but before he could act the bison charged him. The next few moments were chaos, Marcus was effectively defenestrated while the remaining people inside fled in a panic. Inside the building, all that was left was the clerk, hiding under the desk.

    The clerk after hearing the commotion would slowly peek his head up from it, only to be met with the red headed lady that had started this commotion. He was utterly petrified as she commanded. “Passport, now.”

    The next day, a story would go out about how a bison had somehow found its way into the customs building near the capital. Speculation if the nearby zoo was to blame buried the fact that a redheaded woman may have something to do with it.

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