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    Framing the Ex


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    Framing the Ex Empty Framing the Ex

    Post by Nadarr 17th January 2022, 2:01 pm

    Today's request for a simple one there was a man who had upset a group of women and had no hired her to help take some modicum of revenge on him. The ideal situation was. He got beat up and would never have another woman looking at him again all things that were very doable and she had a plan to do it already. She has been stalking him from the rooftops in the latter half of the day observing him in waiting for the right time to strike ready to be alone as he was walking down the street toward some bath houses this would be the time to make her move. She jumped on a rooftop just behind him when he was alone and called out to him.

    Hello there" she spoke in a kind and almost seductive tone looking down at the man. She knew instantly she had his attention. He was on her over both and curiosity and her body as well. However he didn't want to hear his dribble so she jumped down to the ground her robes forming like a butterfly wing against the moonlight making him even more drawn to her. Actually landed in front of him with a couple feet away before he could speak she would move in a flash and her fist to make contact with his stomach causing him to guy in knocking the wind out of him so hard he fell to the ground fainting. Step one was done as she looked over the man who had made all these women upset. He wasn't bad on the eyes and she assumed he had some charm about him but either way she would pick up his body start heading towards the Hot Springs. With no easy task snuck him into the women's side and stripped him of his clothing and threw them into the water. Afterwards she just waited outside for a group of women to come it was a little while she hasn't she hasn't seen him leave either he was still in here and as a group of Women Within she joined them.

    She made small talk with them as he entered with them and then they all yelled out that he was in there calling him a pervert and calling for security in the guards. He was still too out of it to properly give a defense as the guards took them away. Just smile and sat in the bath thinking to herself. Shirley now expect the word that this man was just a pervert and you would spend a few days in jail to boot for it. Exactly how she wanted it to go down. Surely a criminal record for this would help his case either. Hopefully these women can rest easy knowing that this man probably will be praying on a woman anytime soon and if he did somehow she could always repeat this get him in more trouble. But now she just laid back in the hot spring and soaked. Hot Springs will always better after a day of good work.

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