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    Another on the Docket [Job]


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    Another on the Docket [Job] Empty Another on the Docket [Job]

    Post by Lothric 7th November 2021, 9:06 pm

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    One day, I too will carve my name upon this wretched earth.
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    A black, impassive mask concealed her face.

    Lothric drew a slow breath. Calm. Collected. Aware, terribly so, of what she was doing.
    He was getting what he deserved, wasn't he?
    People didn't hit on Lothric, and so she couldn't really empathize with some of the request. People tended not to like her; she was thin, not noticeably shapely in any department; scarred, usually, and covered in a cloak. People approached her because she looked capable, not cute. Because if you needed somebody killed, the darkly dressed samurai was as good a bet as any.
    Of course, nobody had approached her for this one.
    She had a habit of checking illegal job boards. She'd say she didn't know why if the pounding of her heart didn't answer for her. Such a thrill. A rush. T'was so easy to find joy in this when she could call the victim evil. Some sort of sick justification to indulge herself, perhaps. She knew she enjoyed this. The danger. The thrill of it got her blood pumping; made her excited. No longer was she numb to the slaughter, and what she found was that she ended up excited by it.
    When her better half didn't, of course, snuff that out. For that was the thinking of a psychopath. She was many things, but...
    Was she..?

    Lothric tore down the halls, silhouetted in the window-glossed moonlight. Her sword was loosed from its sheath, blade glinting in that light as she wheeled around corners with but near-silent footfalls to denote her presence. When she reached the room of her target, luckily getting it on her first guess, Lothric wasted no time; the women what surrounded him were dealt with immediately, the girl striking them hard with the back of her blade. Maybe she fractured something, maybe she didn't, but they hit the ground hard and with adrenaline causing her to shake that was all she needed. She struck him in the chest before he had a chance to throw some of his karate her way, and swung her sword into her sheath. Kicking one of his knees in on itself with what she would describe in a more calm state of mind as a 'horrendous sound', she caught his mouth before a sound escaped and slipped behind him. Another sound; a snap; echoed throughout the room.
    Lothric exhaled.
    Stashing the body was another matter, but not one that took very long. Before she'd broken into a sprint she'd scouted one out, and just as quickly as she had tore past the dogs and guards one way, she now did it the other. Her near-silence kept the guards off of her at least, and she outpaced the dogs by a rather significant amount. So when she whirled around the final corner and forced her way into an open room, stuffing him into a closet wasn't all too hard. She stepped out, latched it behind her, and broke into her final sprint. Minutes later it was the streets she was tearing down, only knowing that far from here was where she would be most safe. Far, far from here.

    For what can we do but leave our mark?

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