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    Miseria Empty Miseria

    Post by Yuri and Yuli 3rd November 2021, 2:44 am




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    Originally appearing as the part of a costume, the mask has not always been a magical item, though over generations and generations, has been molded into the shape it possesses today. No one actually knows for sure where it came from or when it appeared, but some rumor that the mask is the physical manifestation of a concept that everyone is familiar with. For when we are broken, we, too, hide behind a mask to shield us from the world ... and the world from us.

    This mask, although appearing broken, retains an aura and a sense of magical energy that is eery at best and terrifying at worst to all those gifted in arcane understanding that enables them to sense it. It is as if the item peers into their very being itself and brings forth a sense of dread that stems from the deepest and darkest corners of their minds, producing an almost primal feeling of fear just when looking at it. This, however, changes entirely when the mask is put on, whispers of inadequacy, depression, failure washed away as all dark emotions are absorbed into the magical item itself. Almost like a high, the user will feel their own senses dull ... and the mask take over.

    The mask, however, is dominated by dark and evil emotions. Anger, sadness, fear, hate, all these emotions will run rampant and control whoever wields the mask by extension, the user focussing all of these emotions outward and onto anyone they might encounter while the mask feeds off of them, an aura of pure darkness following the user and the mask. The user, or the mask, whoever is really in control at a given time, gains the ability to shape these emotions into excessively strong, sinister magical power and manifest them into different shapes while under the influence of this item.

    Of course, this is all just rumors, hearsay, tales, for an item like this cannot exist ... surely.

    Miseria 12yVVjB


    Name: Misteria
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The mask, while being a physical object, is also a concept as old as time, a means to protect oneself while shrouding one's identity in mystery. The mask takes on the same concept, and while doing a somewhat inadequate job at concealing the wearer's identity, it magically grants them a blessing that influence's their magic. Subsequently, this ability grants the user a 50% buff to base Spell Durability, enhancing their protective capabilities by a considerable margin.

    Name: Naenia
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The mask numbs the user's senses, placing them in what they would perceive as a state of absolute clarity and calm, but that is not all. The mask strengthens its user and their body passively to ensure its host remains more or less intact. Further, the mask also allows the user to draw power from magical energy contained within it, increasing the user's MP by 200%.

    Name: Umbra
    Rank: B+ (Unlocks at B rank)
    MP Cost: 120 MP
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Single Target, Buff
    Damage: N/a
    Range: Self
    Speed: Self
    Duration: 8
    Downside: Unaffected by decreases to spell cost
    Description: Directly drawing strength from the mask the user empowers their magic with all the negative emotions and feelings bundled within the mask, increasing the power of their magic considerably. This equates to a set increase in Spell Damage of 300% for the duration of the ability. As a side effect, though, all spells and abilities used by the wearer gain a distinctly dark color when also wearing the mask.

    Name: Claustra
    Rank: A+ (Unlocks at A rank)
    MP Cost: 150 MP
    Category: Defensive
    Type: Single Target, Anti-Piercing
    Durability: 500 HP
    Range: Self
    Speed: Self
    Duration: 9
    Downside: Unaffected by decreases to spell cost
    Description: The user stretches out a hand, causing an ethereal barrier to take shape around themselves to block an attack or spell. This barrier appears like a dark grey smoke that lingers around the user's form and moves automatically to deflect incoming attacks up to the ability's durability. This barrier cannot be pierced by spells and abilities containing piercing effects, even if the spell or ability in question is of the "Auxiliary" spell category.

    Name: Potentia
    Rank: S+ (Unlocks at S rank)
    MP Cost: 180 MP
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi Target, Debuff
    Damage: 300 HP per hit
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Melee
    Duration: 12
    Downside: Unaffected by decreases to spell cost
    Description: The user channels the dark energies at their disposal into a sinister physical shape, forming the aura of black smoke around them into the shape of claws around their hands, tainted by corrupted magical energy and seeping with evil energies. Damage dealt by these claws causes agonizing pain to opponents hit by them, and wounds inflicted with the corrupted magic heal slower than normal wounds, every hit with them dealing 300 HP in damage and cursing enemies struck, debuffing their Spell Healing by 200% for the duration of this ability. The user can choose to have this ability benefit from increases to either spell damage or melee damage when casting it, though it must be specified which buff is used when this ability is cast and the buff used cannot be switched until the duration of this ability runs out. Only either spell damage or melee damage increases may apply, not both.

    Name: Histeria
    Rank: H+ (Unlocks at H rank)
    MP Cost: 210 MP
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Multi Target, Drain
    Damage: N/a
    Range: Melee
    Speed: 900 m/s
    Duration: 25
    Downside: Unaffected by decreases to spell cost
    Description: An ability that focusses the dark feelings and negative emotions, bundling them and setting them free without restrictions for a short period of time, causing the mask to take control of the user so that they may pursue their goals together, shrouding the user in an aura of billowing charcoal smoke that blurs their movements and is freezing cold to the touch. The mask removes physical restrictions from the form of the user, for the duration of the ability allowing them to freely move at this ability's speed. Additionally to this, the aura around the user's form causes every strike they hit an opponent with to inflict upon them the same freezing cold that lingers around them, inflicting a cursed frostbite that cannot be healed or removed. This afflicts opponents hit by the user's melee strikes with a 10% HP drain once per post for the duration of the ability. This drain cannot be removed in any way, e.g. through negation effects of any kind, and cannot be countered by counter-effects.


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    Miseria Empty Re: Miseria

    Post by Guest 3rd November 2021, 3:54 am


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