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    Luster of the Turquoise Dragon

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    Luster of the Turquoise Dragon Empty Luster of the Turquoise Dragon

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 22nd October 2021, 1:12 pm

    The invitation to return to Sabertooth by Kenna was certainly a nice gesture and as much as he wanted to go back to the place he considered his home there were some things he felt like he needed to do first. He had been stuck in that pocket of Void for years, less years outside than he felt but the passing of time there didn’t flow normally in there so it felt like an extended stay. Before returning home he wanted to go and see what the world was like these days. He was climbing up a slight hill, a hill that was once travelled up when he was younger and on the run from his adoptive parents. After getting to the top he saw the small abandoned town that he had stumbled across, the wind blowing against him as there was now nothing shielding him from the gusts of wind any longer. “It’s weird to be back.” he said to himself as he started to approach the first of the buildings, the building he had found the book that took him to Asmodeous where he became a demon slayer. The same Demon who had his father in servitude and was turned into a demon himself. He didn’t have a clue during either events with the first time being written off as coincidence and the second incident he was under such duress with an old friend of his about to die at the hands of his Demonized father that he didn’t have time to rationalize anything except his rage and desperation. However he had plenty of time to sit with all of his thoughts and rationally sort out things that he hadn’t previously. During this time he had been able to make the connection with the book of the Demon King, the house it was in and his father of all people being in Asmodeus’ realm. The conclusion he had come to was that there was a strong chance that this house in this ruined Village was likely his home, perhaps even the place he was born. There were answers here to his past as well as to what his father was really doing here. “Let’s see what you were doing here. It better have been worth it .” Hints of rage were in his voice but he didn’t dive too much into it. He remained focused with the task at hand. He would go down into the same basement where he had found the Demon King’s book to start. The book wasn’t there any longer only a stack of books and packets of papers clamped together on the table with a full bookshelf with histories and other pieces of lore within Fiore as well as the world itself. He would walk to the table with the books and the packets and pick up the first on the stack while slamming his axe into the table using the blade to stick in the wood and make it stay in place. “Dragons: Myths and legends, I guess I will start here.”

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