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    Time of Celebration

    Coco Winters
    Coco Winters

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    Time of Celebration  Empty Time of Celebration

    Post by Coco Winters 21st October 2021, 6:05 am

    Aurora would find herself in the middle of a festival in Magnolia. There are lots of food stands and events going on around the city that they were clearly celebrating something, what that was she had no idea honestly shouldn't even come in for whatever events was in question hey, she was on her way home but she might as well stay for a minute and maybe have some fun. It's been a moment since she she has actually stopped and had some fun and relax, she need to do that more often training was all well and good but if you don't stop to enjoy the little things what are you trading for. With those thoughts in her head she went to one of the nearby stalls got some food inside to walk around the festival to see what was actually going on.

    As she walked around eating some sort of meat product off of stick which was actually quite delicious, he made note of how different Magnolia was to where she grew up and what she's been so hard it was clear to her that she needs to get out more this place was bustling with life and wants he's been to places like the capital, Magnolia had a city like feeling to it wasn't like a big cities like feeling what does a nice change of pace. As she walks she noticed more than a few eyes were lingering on her, she's going to rough it was the way she was dressed, if it was just because he would do around here, but maybe mixed with the two it really didn't matter to her too much but she was distracted for a brief moment by causing her to bump into some gentleman. Dropping her food on the ground which normally would get her rather annoyed she took a deep breath oh, this time it was her fault. "Hey, Sorry about that you okay?" she asked hoping that whoever she ran into was so weak they couldn't handle that.

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