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    Dia Izuna

    Dia Izuna
    Dia Izuna

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    Dia Izuna Empty Dia Izuna

    Post by Dia Izuna 5th August 2021, 1:37 pm

    Name: Dia Izuna
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Birthday: Unknown (She doesn’t care anymore)
    Sexuality: Straight; Demisexual
    Special Characteristics: Due to her interaction with a strange artifact, the “Tome of Tongues” during her years of service aboard a pirate ship, she is a polyglot, and can speak and mimic the accents of the known Earthland languages.

    Who is Dia Izuna?:


    • Power: The one who has power makes the rules. Dia is tired of feeling powerless, and wants to get power in any way she can.

    • Ships: Whether they ride on the seas, fly through the air, sail through the stars, or plunge through the underworld, Dia loves them, and for the most part, is able to utilize them efficiently. To her, they are a sign of freedom and mastery of the fates.

    • Money: Money is a form of power, and it seems to be able to buy more than half of all sentient beings...

    • The Sea: The Sea is unpredictable, powerful and mysterious. Dia feels that she shares similar characteristics with it, and thus it reflects her person... not to mention the fact that it possesses a lot of secrets ripe for the taking, for those who are strong enough.

    • Bounty Hunting: Everything about the hunt appeals to her, whether it be a heart-pounding lunge into battle, or the systematic studying of the quarry.

    • Knowledge: Knowledge is another form of power. Besides, who knows when it will be useful? She is more attracted to more forbidden and arcane topics.

    • Combat: Battle is one of the ways she can prove that she is not weak. And if she loses, then it teaches her where she needs to improve.


    • Smoking: Some people feel it makes them look cool, but Dia thinks it is a dirty habit. Besides, it colors the teeth.

    • Politicians: Most of them tout themselves off as the good guys, yet they are rotten within. If they are so decadent, they ought to let those who put their trust in them know where they stand.

    • Oppressors: Dia had been oppressed all her life. Tyrants remind her of the days when she was weak and helpless; days she eagerly wishes to forget.

    • Physical contact with strangers: This is a very easy way to get a grievous injury from a vengeful Dia. She hates being touched by people out of the blue. Doesn’t really apply to combat much, though.

    • Fate: The concept of Fate seems so inexorable, so irresistible, so unavoidable. Dia thinks that is quite unfair. Besides, Fate is a big bully, forcing people down predetermined paths, whether they like it or not.


    • To defy Fate: Dia has heard legends where people, through manipulation or might, broke free of their “fate”, and forged new destinies for themselves. This is her dream.

    • To be worth something astronomical: For the most part of her life, Dia Izuna was so much the underdog that she didn’t have a name, nor was she ever sold for a better bargain than even small livestock. Now, she wants the whole of Earthland to recognize her name once they hear it, and she intends to be worth a staggering amount of Jewels, be it via the accumulation of wealth, or the bounty on her head.

    • To kill those lofty pretenders: Nothing disgusts Dia more than people in positions of power who outwardly spit on evil deeds, but are no less immoral in their hearts. She has decided to find ways of exposing them and ruining them. Yeah, she would have been quite the good girl, had she not upheld the dark creed that the end justifies the means, by whatever means necessary.


    • Becoming weak: Dia knows what it is like to be downtrodden, oppressed, unwanted, unloved. She has vowed to do her best to never find herself in such a position again. Besides, she has enemies. Enemies who have promised to do horrific things to her. Power will deter them, or better yet, break them.

    • Going totally insane: Dia likes to be in charge... and that includes her mind. However, the magic she has a predilection towards has the great risk of irreparable insanity. She is afraid of losing who she is completely. For her, that is like an unacceptable form of death, because the soul remains trapped in the body.

    • Being abandoned: For a large part of her life, Dia had been abandoned and alone. Despite her tough exterior, there is still that little girl deep inside who is scared of being forsaken.

    • Incarceration: As long as Dia has an escape plan, she remains calm. However, once she realizes that she is truly trapped in a place with no foreseeable hope of escape, her cool exterior will begin to break down, and she will eventually truly panic.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5 feet 7 inches / 172.7 centimeters
    Weight: 135 pounds / 61.2 kilograms
    Hair Color: Orange
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Tone: Pale

    Guild: Abyssal Fleet
    Tattoo: Right shoulder
    Tattoo Color: Royal Purple


    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Post by Julius Seas 5th August 2021, 1:58 pm


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    Post by Shen Kadokawa 7th April 2022, 8:53 am

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