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    Troublemakers at the Beach (Event)


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    Troublemakers at the Beach (Event) Empty Troublemakers at the Beach (Event)

    Post by Killua 23rd July 2021, 2:24 pm

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    The young mage rose a hand above his eyes to protect them from the sun, as his bare feet felt the sand in what felt like forever. He couldn't remember the last time he could relax at a beach, people were running everywhere, having fun. It was a Beach Party, a lot of activities were being set up still, but there were already people playing games, conversing, and all-around having a good time. However there was one problem that needed solving, and that was that he had no beach outfit or just a swimsuit in general.

    Fortunately, there was a store at the start of it with a couple of changing rooms, he slowly made his way towards it, looking around him as he went, there were a few volleyball nets set up and already people playing. "That looks like so much fun~" He muttered under his breath, he had played a few times, when he was in between missions with his squad and it was always fun for them. As he walked towards the shop he noticed two men building a sandcastle, it was obvious that they were having fun building and were quite enthusiastic. "Too bad if something happened to it." As he walked past them towards the beach shop, he sent a little snipped of lightning to run through the sand, barely visible,  it collided with one of the small towers, and it collapsed, Kil snickered as they started hysterically trying to fix it as fast as possible, it wouldn't take them long, but their reaction was worth the while and got a good snicker out of him, honestly for their age he didn't expect them to react in such a way, but oh well, maybe he would be the same in the future. Nevertheless, he wanted to cause some more mischief today and just have fun.

    It wasn't long before he reached the shop and both a pair of swimming shorts that were darkish blue in color and a red hat to pair it. "Now time to see what the events are and maybe find someone to do them with, it would be more fun that way." He mumbled again and went further into the beach where more and more people were gathering, where a host was displaying multiple events that people could participate. There were a few that he was personally interested in, like the volleyball, fishing contest, and the surfing one, the others looked interesting as well, but they didn't spark the same interestest as the first few.

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