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    Fangs for the Memories

    Grappa & Jellisha
    Grappa & Jellisha

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    Fangs for the Memories Empty Fangs for the Memories

    Post by Grappa & Jellisha 30th June 2021, 11:15 pm

    (( It's short because I'm awful at starting off))

    The windows above the Unknown Lands were treacherous at this time of night. The moon would be in full glow above the Exceed who sailed above in their natural forms. Two small lavender furry bodies would sail through the twilit night as their wings beat to a steady rhythm, occasionally pausing to glide by on the velocity that they had achieved in their short burst of flapping. Grappa let out a sleepy yawn, having spent a good majority of the time here not spent flying towards a meeting location, and instead, spending it asleep in her bed by their parents' quarters in the Rune Knight headquarters. Her emerald eyes would scam the ground below every now again although clearly not truly present in the moment. Her sister would show her appreciation at this gesture by bumping into the side of her twin in an effort to keep her awake and not plummeting in the ground below. "Ngh...What time is it?" Grappa asked, rubbing an eye with the sleeve of her right uniform. "Why can't vampires be polite and wait until daytime to be a threat?" she complaining as they'd continue on their way to the meeting location. It would be there that they'd meet with their contact for the mission and quickly get to work fetching the book that the vampire would have hidden in his abode somewhere. Jellisha would force herself awake moreso than her sister by willpower, effort, and drinking a bunch of coffee from their Dad's office when he wasn't looking. It was pretty easy to sneak all things considered, especially when one factored in that he was almost always out of his office on some task. It made her miss them doing family stuff, but work always came first in their lives, it seems. "They'd be asleep, which is what we'd be doing if you hadn't had agree to sign us up for this in the middle of the night." she muttered angrily, letting out a soft growl at being woken up for work at this time of the night. Grappa, who had been the first to leap at the chance to get out of the HQ without it being forced to go to a meeting, would offer a sympathetic yet restless glance while beginning to sink lower during the flight. Jellisha caught her with her right paw and yanked her back beside her by the scruff of her neck. The action had caused the young General to flutter aloofly for a second or so, before then quickly coming back on track. They sailed on for ten more minutes or so before crossing the boundaries towards the Unknown Lands and continuing onwards.

    The two eventually came across a cityscape, noting the unique architecture there while they passed by overhead. Grappa found her eyes wandering every which way while Jellisha grabbed her with her tail and yanked her along before she could become sidetracked. After they crossed the border, it was a short flight towards the north that they would reach a clearing on a hill that overlooked a grand estate below, shrouded only partially by the canopy of trees below. "That's the place." Jellisha said, beginning to descend as Grappa would lag close behind her. The two would touch down and shift back into their human forms, donning the garb of their usual combat attire, custom fit for their small frames compared to most others in the same role. Grappa would look around for the other woman, hoping to introduce themselves before they would depart for the mission.

    "Hello? Anybody home?"

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    Fangs for the Memories YvWNyTL

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    Fangs for the Memories Empty Re: Fangs for the Memories

    Post by Syndrome 1st July 2021, 7:59 am

    Syn had been surprised when she first saw this job advertisement. It simply stated that a group of hunters needed a strong individual with magical power or a group of mages. The reason for needing a mage could be anything; however, the more she read, the more it made sense. Naturally, in order to pass through a magical barrier that barred entry to those not in possession of a magical core...a mage would be required. Nodding her head slightly, Syn reached up to unfasten the job description from the MV board. She would contact the hunters for more information later.

    Only two days later, Syn had received word back that she would have a partner for this mission. They were to meet up before entering the vampire's house itself. Rather than try to arrange a spot for their two hires to convene before actually reaching the vampiric mansion, their chosen meeting spot was the mansion. That was fine. Well, it would be, except now she was currently traipsing through the Unknown Lands trying to find this single mansion. Her sense of direction was not irredeemably terrible, so Syn was surprised she hadn't found success yet in locating it. Glancing down at her side where Wish hung inconpsicuously, she pulled her dark red cloak more tightly around her. Disguising the movement with the covering swing of her cloak, she unsheathed Wish subtly and dropped it on the floor. Leaving Wish behind for the moment, she continued forwards.

    If one were to look behind her, Wish would be lying on the ground for only a minute before slowly disappearing in a shimmer of golden shards. They would scout around the area and privately let Syn know if they discovered anything of note.

    And discover they did. Within the next twenty minutes, Wish managed to locate the mansion...and a set of what appeared to be twins. Both were dressed in uniforms, revealing their affiliation as members of the Rune Knights. One called out, seemingly asking if anyone was around. Syn straightened her back imperceptibly, her senses raising themselves to high alert, as she approached them with both of her hands visble and one outstretched politely. "Hi, I'm Syn. Hired by a group of hunters to enter this place as a mage. Let's work well together," she said steadily. It would be extremely awkward if this pair was not actually her job partners. Syn would likely pull a Wish and fade nonchalantly into the floor.

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