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    ☽ rock goddess ✧ flashback freeforms ☾ Empty ☽ rock goddess ✧ flashback freeforms ☾

    Post by desirée 26th June 2021, 5:08 pm

    ☽ As the food arrived, the fresh scent made Desirée gush in happiness and joy. The waitress placed the plates down in front of the four at the tables, and Kiwi began to hop around in happiness. "Yay! Yay! Yay!" Kiwi exclaimed, twirling around the salt and pepper shakers sitting in the middle of the table. "Kiwi, calm down! I'll cut you some pieces in a second!" Desirée exclaimed, patting Kiwi on the forehead. She grabbed the smaller plate she asked for on the side, and began to cut small pieces of chicken in bite-size bites. She then sliced the waffles, pouring maple syrup on the smaller pieces for Kiwi. She reached into her purse, which carried a small fork and knife especially made for him, placing them onto the plate, and proceeded to pour a larger quantity of maple syrup onto her waffles. "Eat with manners, Kiwi," Desirée told Kiwi, in which he proceeded to pick up the small fork and knife with two of his long tentacles. Before the food arrived, Desirée was introduced to the young kitsune girl sitting next to one of her friends, which appeared to be named Yuri. "Hi Yuri, it is nice to meet you!" Desirée exclaimed, smiling. She took note of the young kitsune's appearance, as she looked very cute.

    As Desirée began to eat her waffles, the texture was absolutely magnificent. They were fluffy but also silky, which made for the perfect breakfast. She also dipped her chicken into honey mustard, which came on the side of the meal. Kiwi was dancing while eating, considering this was one of his favorite meals. "Soo good! I think this is the best waffle I have ever had!" Kiwi exclaimed, hugging Desirée's arm. As the meal progressed, Kiwi seemed to look fatter and fatter, considering the generous portion of food Desirée had given him. He slowly floated down to the booth's stool and fell asleep against Desirée's hips. Desirée dunked the final chicken strip into the honey mustard and plopped it into her mouth. "That meal was so good,Yuri! Thank you!" Desirée exclaimed, smiling. "So I remember you told me you would show me how to get to the cursed lands, I think I am ready to go! Are you?" She exclaimed, putting her hoop, Kiwi's utensils, and the sleeping Kiwi inside her purse. She stacked her plates on top of each other and patiently waited for Yuri and her quiet friend to finish eating. Desirée had always been a fast eater, so this was not a surprise for her. Desirée began to play with her crystal hoop as she waited, flipping the circular worry stones around the circle- she soon would be given a set of muffins that she had ordered prior to her arrival at the cafe, pumpkin spice flavored, which she felt would be the perfect snack for the mages she would meet on the job.

    As Desirée began to get up from the table, she realized that Yuri was stuck in a thought. "Hmm.. what could she be thinking about?" she thought, looking into her eyes. Desirée couldn't tell if it was fear, sadness, joy, or mere constipation, but she did not ask, since it was courteous not to break her thoughts. Yuri looked at her in a confused manner, which Desirée did not pay any attention to. They began to walk outside, and she soon realized that they had not discussed the mode of transportation they would take. She assumed this meant that they would fly there, which she had no way of objecting to. As Desirée reached into her purse, she had to search a bit before finally finding her Crystals. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Opal!" she exclaimed, gripping an iridescent crystal that harnessed many beautiful colors inside its milky-white exterior. This resulted in a flash of rainbow lights shining overhead, as well as Opal flying out of the light. "Hihihi~!! What can I do for youu~?" the winged being asked with a giggly tone, bowing at the site of the girls... and kiwi.

    "Can you please fly me alongside Yuri to the desired location, please?" she asked the winged summon, smiling. "Only if I can smack your ass once~!" she exclaimed, rubbing her hands together. "Oh goodness... well, uh... I guess.. sorry about this, Yuri." Desirée exclaimed, covering her eyes before the slap. "Woo-hoo~!" Opal screamed, hitting Desirée's rump with pure force and agility. "EEEEK~!" she screamed in agony, running around in circles. "Good one, Opal!" Kiwi exclaimed, high-fiving the winged angel. "That hurt..." Desirée responded, pouting. "Well, don't just stand there, Desirée! Grab onto my skirt!" Opal exclaimed, backing up into Desirée's area. Her and Kiwi both held on to the long skirt that was tattered, and she launched up into the sky. "Weeee~!" Kiwi yelled as they flew, holding onto Desirée's purse. She felt her ears pop as they reached a higher altitude, which resulted in her opening her mouth to pop them back into their regular state.

    As they began to cross the ocean, Desirée began to think more about her family. "Now that I think about it, Yuri does have some certain mannerisms that of which my family had... or at least what I remember." she thought to herself, but she thought it was no way to be true. Her mind jumped back to the day she was abandoned in the woods, by her deceitful father that had nothing but pure hatred toward Desirée. "Why would he think that was okay..?" she wondered, while a tear trickled down her cheek. This tear was very warm, as anger struck a nerve in her body. She had no idea where or what that man was now, but she had vowed to never forgive what he did at that moment. "Screw you, Godfrey Blooms..." she said angrily under her breath, her face getting redder and redder as each moment went by. She hated that man as if hate was an understatement. He made her childhood unbearable but shaped her as a human being that had struggled in her past. "Not all idols have the greatest childhoods," she thought to herself, envying those that had loving parents. It had seemed as if she had always thought about sad things while being flown by Opal, but she felt as though it was because there were typically not that many people in the sky.

    White and pink bundles of light and feathers would cascade downwards from the skies, the smell of pumpkin spice muffins filled the air of The Cursed Lands. Behind where Desirée sat on the angel was an entire rack of these muffins, delicately wrapped and stacked in a basket while also being entirely secured by a flexible rod of rainbow-based light and Yuri sitting behind her. It was about a month after the starfall occurred, and Rose Garden was entirely repaired from the mishap, looking as normal as it would any other day upon the beach. It was difficult to repair the giant crater that the falling star caused, along with the red blood and deposits of color nearly everywhere. Her solid white house had to be re-painted in its entirety, along with the beach having to be filled with fresh sand once again. It was how the Ace of Diamonds was killed the first time, something that she did not expect ever happening in her life until she reached her older years. She was now immortal due to her transcendence into one of her summons, a Crystal, and now fully fit her title as The Crystal Queen. Her blood changed from an opaque crimson red to that of the skies, an opaque sky-blue with white and gold swirls twirling throughout as the liquid would shift. The insides of her stomach switched as an average human's would look to one with a rainbow glaze on the inner wall, turning anything she would consume into liquid rainbows infused with stardust. She was like a child of the stars, something she never pictured herself as being. The issue was that this was not of consent, and with that, it destroyed some of the things that comforted her the most.

    One of these things was her golden hoop of worry stones. This housed her summoning tools and contracts, which was one the first things to go during the starfall after her humanity. She sobbed as she watched the hoop float upward and split into two, causing each crystal worry stone to spin around and crack. One by one, each multi-colored crystal shattered into light and colored reflections, causing her heart to break more and more. She felt her magical power slowly drain in this event, and with that, her new magic was absorbed to take its place. She was now the essence of stardust and Diamond, The Queen of Chrysalis. She was now her own worry stone, entirely filled with worry and fear of the unknown. She learned so much that day, things that changed her life as a whole. She learned that a fifth dragon emerged in Chrysalis, causing all of the Crystals to change from their extremely humanoid forms to that of a more beastly feel, she found out that her hoop would not be able to be repaired for months on end, and she found out that her radiance of a human was gone. She was now of the rainbows and stars, and with that, the human presence in Black Rose fell more and more. She now fit in more with the yokai there in the sense that they were not human, but she was different than all the others there in the sense that she was not animalistic. She stood out, and with that, she was named the Ace of Diamonds. It was a rather fitting name since her Crystal name was also Diamond, and with that, the set of cards was complete for now.

    With being hit by a star of The Seventh Aisle came its perks, as she now supported two new magical items on her person. One consisted of a crystal necklace, which allowed her to create adorable teddy bears and ribbons out of thin air. This was the harmless item, while the other was definitely not the case. Her back now supported a large sniper rifle at all times, something she knew she could result to using to protect herself at extremely long ranges as well as short ranges if her magical power began to falter. This is something she could also do with the help of her lifelong companion, Kiwi. Now with her immortality she could live forever with Kiwi and Strawberry, her two bio-luminescent organisms that flew along the sides of her body as she rode through the trees. Pitaya was also immortal, being a descendant of Fenrir and having an origin tracing back to the early days of Vintermyr. She made for a good means of transportation in the sense that she could run very fast, so fast that the muffins behind Desirée were still warm despite purchasing them hours before. She would always forget that she was capable of taking flight now, as well as teleporting across the cosmos to get to any destination she would wish to go to. Her magic was an entirely new concept for her mind to adjust to, but she knew exactly what she was capable of doing when it came to using her magic. She trained ever since the starfall, and with that, her magical power grew more and more. She even considered herself more powerful with this type of magic, being that she was entirely independent during this stage. She could blast around the battlefield alone and knock out waves of enemies if she wished, something she could not do earlier without her golden hoop. She now channeled her magic through her body instead of the golden hoop, something that was useful in the sense of independence. She missed her summoning hoop, but she knew it would be repaired someday in the future.

    As the party of five traveled rapidly through the woods of The Cursed Lands, the sun began to rise. She was here to rid the land of monsters and corruption, the first job she was assigned since becoming a guild ace. This was not her first time being here, however, being that she was assigned a similar task months earlier. She had grown so much since then, and with that, change was apparent. Her long and wavy blue hair was now replaced with a stylized version of itself, now being blonde and fitting her status as one with the stars. Her radiance became more apparent as well, her blood filled with light unlike how her human blood once did. She was now open to foreign styles of clothing she was scared to wear at first, which was certainly apparent on this day. She was wearing a beautiful outfit with white, brown, and golden hues, and looked a bit old fashioned in regards to what era it was reminiscent of. She was in a short dress that featured a corset, falling to one third of the thigh at length and featuring her long and white legs. She also had on long and striped socks in a darker color, hitting boots of golden origin and being made of leather. This was a newer outfit added to her collection, being that she designated it for jobs that could possibly heighten her image in the public eye. Her favorite part of this outfit was the hat that hit the top of her head, being very fashionable yet something one would find in an antique store. From the right of the solid surface came a white, faux fur puff, following a golden and orange-amber pin which was representative of a flower.

    As her stylized and twisted hair flew behind her shoulders, she realized that she was as close to her destination as one would consider themselves to be; she was where the monsters were the last time she was at this location. It felt as though she was here the day after the fight, except it was much more peaceful in the sense that it was extremely quiet and peaceful on this morning. Desirée commanded Pitaya to stop running where she was situated, and hopped off the side of the mire wolf and pet its fur back to its flattened state. She untied the basket of two dozen pumpkin spice muffins and unwrapped their heat sealing layer of saran-wrap, removing her pumpkin spice latte tucked in the center of these muffins and began to sip it. After she gave Yuri a small pat on the head to symbolize that they were there, she looked across the area and saw a large rock sitting right next to a large tree that stretched over the clearing, and decided to walk toward it to eat her small breakfast. She went a bit overboard when ordering this muffins, but she knew that her party would be hungry once the job was done. As they all sat on the rock, Pitaya shrunk into her smaller form and sat in Desirée's lap patiently, awaiting her permission to eat a muffin.

    Desirée passed each of the animals a pumpkin spice muffin, and they slowly began to nibble on the sides in a fashionable manner. Desirée began to do the same while also sipping her pumpkin spice latte, embracing her inner white bitch before pulling out her rose gold iLac. She slowly scrolled through her Lacrimagram and watched her follower count bounce up by the minutes, hitting nearly 37 million by the time she was done watching. She began to scroll through the pictures that were uploaded by her fellow guild members, slapping a like at the bottom of the page before scrolling to the next. She loved watching her friends upload cute photos of themselves, so much so that she aspired to be like them in a sense. Her Lacrimagram was almost like a blog in a sense, and was very aesthetically pleasing in regards to how she stuck to themes of color. She was in a golden color theme at the moment, which was fitting, so she decided to take a picture of herself in her golden outfit with her pumpkin spice latte. She angled the phone and took the picture, adding a filter and uploading it to her page. She watched as the likes began to flow in, and switched to Mageify. She began to play classical music as she bit into her muffin, savoring all of the bad bitch pumpkin spice flavors that entered her mouth and hit the rainbow glaze of her throat. She felt this turn into liquefied rainbow and all she could do was burp, producing a small haze of rainbow dust and stars that slowly faded away into the air around her. It was like she was smoking rainbows, but it was really just the result of her inner rainbow.

    If she were lucky, more allies would show up like they did the last time she was here, but she was confident in facing these monsters by herself with her mentor. With her new magic came a better chance of her to succeed, but she knew that the more there would be here, the merrier. All she had to do was wait for the monsters to approach as they did last time, and she would begin to use her new magic to her advantage. For now all she could do is sit on this large rock and enjoy her white people food, mentally preparing for the unknown to come.

    As she bit into her pumpkin spice muffin, she could feel the soft taste of the white girl food slowly develop her mouth in flavor and texture. The way these muffins were produced were simply divine and were clearly freshly made, resembling little fluffy clouds of beige and orange tones of fall as they created this seasonal treat. Of course, Desirée was one to typically stock up with pumpkin spice before it was to go off the shelves, so much so that she would have an entire refrigerator-freezer combo filled with treats of the sort in order to have anything she would need going throughout the year. From coffee creamers to pumpkin spice muffins, she had it stocked by the day the beautiful and spice-filled assortments of sweets would rid the shelves of every store that was in Rose Garden. However, these treats always tasted the best when they were fresh. The warmth of the muffins along with the fluffy texture made Desirée swoon at the taste, along with her three pets eating the soft muffins upon the same rock they were sitting.

    "Hey Strawberry, guess where we are sitting," Kiwi told Strawberry as he floated over toward her, holding his pumpkin spice muffin in hand. "Um... I don't know..? Maybe we... we are on a historical monument?" Strawberry said in a nervous tone, as her eyes began to water. She was a very introverted and nervous bio-luminescent organism, despite how close one would be able to get to her. However, she loved her companions and vowed to keep her past caretaker's wishes. "We are on a damn ass rock. A gay damn ass rock." Kiwi said to the pink bio-luminescent organism as she gasped, dropping her muffin onto the rock and beginning to glare. "Wa... wa... watch your profanity!" she said as she began to cry, Pitaya soon walking toward her to pick up her muffin and eat it. "I... I don't like it when you say that!" she cried to Kiwi, as he came over and pat her on her forehead. "It was just a joke..." he said to her as she let her tears flow, soon hopping into Desirée and causing a strip around her arm to glow pink. Kiwi soon followed and caused a strip beside it turns green, leaving Desirée and Pitaya sitting on the damn ass rock with only each other.

    Desirée sighed after she watched the two fight and retreat into her body, something only the bio-luminescent organisms were capable of doing. However, this sigh was soon interrupted by a similar yet different version of the music that Desirée was listening to through her iLac reigning down from the sky above, classical music by a different composer. As she looked in front of herself, it was another guild member of Black Rose. Her name was Leah, and honestly, Desirée did not know much about her. She did not look that much different than how she looked since the last time they say each other, her Halloween outfit was now consisting of a winter-styled type of clothing. Desirée felt very warm in the clothing she was currently in despite her appearance looking like something she would wear in the spring, as the inside had a thin yet compressed thermal layer used for versatile traveling. "It is nice to see you, Leah. I assume you have read my texts?" she told the other member of Black Rose, as she stood from the damn ass rock that she was sitting on and picked up the basket of muffins. "I bought extra for those that would be assigned this mission with me. Would you like one? I don't think my pets can eat anymore." she told Leah, as she motioned the basket over to her in case she would want one to eat. Desirée would sit back down and turn toward Leah, slipping her iLac under her waistband before beginning to speak with Leah to update her on some important things that the guild may not have been able to hear about.

    "As you may have heard or seen about a month ago, a shooting star slammed into the beach of Rose Garden. Its a bit of a strange story, now that I think about it..." she began to tell her as Pitaya curled up in her lap, her hand stroking the soft and white fur that was marked with red-pink markings around multiple places of her coat. "The shooting star killed me, and with that, I lost my human essence and ability to summon Crystals." She said it, and with that, she looked down and sighed. She hated that she was no longer human, she really did. It angered her that she was to live forever, considering she would outlive those that age around her. It angered her that she would live to see the world end. It angered her that she would never be able to be reunited with Lele in the afterlife. Lele Stone, her first guild master. She was her apprentice when she was younger, and assisted her in training before she was famous and a high-ranked mage. It was a shame that the angelic summoner was to die, especially at the young age of 27. It all came down to the responsibility of Desirée's father, which made her feel at fault. However, she could not harbor her hard feelings at this moment. It was a rather constant thought, something she wished to not think about when she was with others.

    "The magical power built up inside of the star from the places it passed through and came from killed me with enough force to rewire my insides, causing me to transcend with an entirely new type of magic. With that, my summoning hoop was destroyed," she told Leah as she angled her head downward, slightly ashamed for the event that had occurred. She did not want to be a Crystal, it was an entirely new concept for her that she did not want to accept. She wanted to be human, and she wanted to be able to die. She wanted to be able to reunite with her master in Valhalla, as she was the closest thing she ever had to a mother. The orphan began to shift her feet through the soft dirt that sat among the exterior of the rock that met the ground, causing it to shift around her boots. "Has... anything happened to you since we have spoken last?" she asked her as she suddenly heard the noise of something hitting the dirt in front of her, and soon she found herself flying through the air.

    She was trampled and pinned to the ground, by what appeared to be a wide-eyed and semi-drooling monster of white. Who was she and what was she doing here? 'Do I know her from somewhere?' Desirée thought to herself, as she began to scan the face of the violet-eyed woman on top of her with confusion. Was it from a sales commercial? Sorcerers Weekly? A poster? A job flyer? She was entirely unsure what or who this woman was, only knowing that she looked to be very white, almost as white as the queen of all white bitches was; Desirée. "I... um... hello?" she asked the white-haired girl with extreme confusion on her face, trying to close her eyes due to the extreme amount of awkwardness she felt in her stomach. Was this awkwardness, or were the muffins just making her gassy? She was unaware, nor could she care, all she was here for was to complete a task which was ridding the land of monsters.

    "Muffins...? Muffins! Mu-" Desirée began to say, as her eyes widened in embarrassment. The muffins indeed were causing her to become very gassy, and one of the curses of her magic would begin to come into play in mere seconds. Around the bottom of her body produced a haze of multi-colored smoke, which smelled like cotton candy and glowed with small flakes of golden stardust inside. Desirée quickly scrambled out from under the white-haired girl, wafted away her fart, re-adjusted her sniper rifle on her back, and quickly jogged over to the basket of pumpkin spice muffins that sat on the rock near Pitaya. The basket had about thirteen muffins inside of it, organized in a beautiful stack and delicately wrapped in silver ribbons and light-pink holders. She walked over to Miki and held the basket in front of her, smiling before performing a quick bow. "Sorry about what happened when you knocked me over, my perfume bottle in my back pocket must have activated and sprayed. I am Desirée Blooms, Black Rose's Ace of Diamonds. I assume that you are here to assist us with our mission?" she asked the white-haired girl with a wide smile, as two bright flashes of green and pink light formed around each of her shoulders and erupted into Kiwi and Strawberry. "This is Kiwi, and this is Strawberry. They are my bio-luminescent organisms. As for the white-furred wolf on that rock, that is Pitaya, my mire wolf." she told her, as she looked over at the damn ass rock and saw the wolf asleep, curled up in a small dent inside of the rock formation.

    "I picked up some extra muffins before I came here for those who would be assisting me on this quest, so perhaps you would like some? They are pumpkin spice flavo-" Desirée said as she witnessed a sharp blade of ice launch in-between her and the white-haired girl's heads, nearly skimming her nose. She quickly turned and saw that there was a horde of monsters approaching them through the clearing, looking extremely different than the monsters she experienced before in this same location. "They are here. We need to act fast," she said aloud, as Strawberry screamed and hopped into the soul of Pitaya. Pitaya quickly bounced into the air and flew overhead, sitting in a grotto of the tree that stretched above the clearing. Kiwi hopped into the soul of Desirée and caused her aura to glow a bright green, resulting in her taking a deep breath and raising her hand above her.

    As she raised her hand above her body, a golden beam of light stretched directly above her and latched onto a thick tree branch. She then pulled herself quickly toward the branch with this flexible cord of stardust, swinging from it and launching herself in the air at a rapid space. As she launched into the air she quickly withdrew the sniper rifle from her back and zoomed into her sights, quickly locking onto what appeared to be a dragon-based humanoid walking with one similar of the sorts. "Two shots." she thought to herself, as her scope began to glow a bright gold, symbolizing that it was ready to fire. She placed her finger onto the trigger and quickly fired these shots, causing two golden bullets to rain out of the front of the sniper rifle and fly toward a singular dragon guard. Both of these shots hit each of his shoulders, causing him to falter and have small streams of blood gush out of his bullet wounds. She swung her rifle to her back as she flew toward the ground, quickly landing it with a firm hold on her feet and meeting the flat ground of the surrounding terrain with her hands.

    She let out a small breath and closed her eyes as her hand began to glow where it met the ground, causing it to glow a range of multi-colored particles as a magical circle formed. She quickly reached her hand into the circle and pulled out a large and thin double-sided sword, that of which was made of crystallized light and reflected many different colors of the rainbow. The two dragon men began to run toward her, and she soon began to run toward them with all of her might with both sides of the blade. As she ran she began to spin the blade around her head, causing the double-sided blade to appear as if it were the blades on a helicopter. She quickly ran toward these dragon-based humanoids with the rapidly spinning blade and sliced into both of their hilts at once, causing them to slowly crack away and spill blood onto the outside. However, as these dragon men were finally in the melee range of Desirée, they gaped over her in regards to their height. This resulted in her having to focus on a single enemy at once, while also having to attempt to manage her defense on the other as they tried to punch and kick her with their razor-sharp limbs. As she kept hacking away at a single draconian being, he finally burst into the smoke to symbolize that he was defeated, but it was too much to manage at one time. The other dragon-man kicked her in the back and caused her to slam into the ground at full force, her arm beginning to welt up with her Crystal blood.

    The dragon-man also looked to be weak, therefore Desirée blast back upward and began to swing her blade once again. With every hit, another would be deflected, and it became a full-on battle between blade and fist. As Desirée attacked faster and faster, the dragon guard also increased in speed and kicked her so hard that she flew nearly 10 meters backward. As she landed on her feet she let out many quick breaths and quickly threw the bladed weapon toward the monster. As the weapon flew it twinkled through the sky, and luckily sunk into the body of the dragon-man and caused him to burst into smoke. The weapon also shattered, causing it to produce many different colors of smoke along with the grey that the monster produced, luckily resulting in her being able to retreat from the center of the battlefield. As she made it to the edge she removed a water bottle from her bag and quickly drank from it, satisfying her heavy breaths for the time being.

    As Desirée breathed slowly on the exterior of the battlefield and chugged her water bottle, all she could think of was what the white-haired woman said before she began to fight. Her name of all things, something that dwindled on her memory considering she just fought multiple enemies, still rung a familiar memory in her head. "Miki, where could that name be from? I sure as hell has heard it before, on multiple occasions." she thought to herself as her mind began to hurt just by thinking too hard, as she was definitely determined to remember. As she began to go deep into thought, which seemingly pissed her off because she was stumped, Kiwi hopped out of her soul onto her shoulder and whispered into her ear. "I remember seeing Miki, multiple times! Remember, on your old laptop, the day before you joined Black Rose! And at the Candy Corn Gala!" he exclaimed, as her mind quickly remembered the occurrence.  

    It was a warm summer day outside, and Desirée was sitting on the balcony of a hotel in Rose Garden with her laptop sitting on her lap, while her hands were occupied- one with a bottle of red wine, and the other with the applicator of a lip gloss. Her blue hair was let completely down and was sitting with a beautiful pink flower in her hair, the bottle of red wine being half empty from her drinking it straight out the bottle. As she set the lip gloss down, she began to scroll down the search engine's tab that she had open for a few hours, her mind thinking as to which she wanted to choose. It had been years since Summoner's Stone was destroyed, and with that, Desirée wanted to finally fulfill her guild master's dying wish. She wanted Desirée to achieve many things in her life, such as joining the bigger guilds and perhaps becoming a guild master on her own. This was a dream of Desirée as well, especially the part of following in her master's footsteps to become a guild master, as Lele was her idol. She had a sketchbook of plans for a guild in which she would be the guild master of, but those were only dreams... they would never be able to come true. At least, she didn't think they would be able to at the time, but what was worth giving up a dream? Those were plans, plans that could someday be made, but she did not believe that they would be successful.

    On this day Desirée was browsing an article titled "Fiore's Best Legal Guilds: Five Wonders of the World". It was something Desirée was finally researching after her previous guild's disbandment, and something she was longing to do for a very long time. Her summoning hoop sitting on the table with only four contracts, she was by no means powerful, but definitely knew how to work her summoning tools. As she scrolled down the list, the second guild listed was Golden Phoenix, and for the images of the guild masters were two women; the first being a girl named Summer, while the second was a white-haired girl that went by the name of Miki. It was the same girl that had just tackled Desirée for her muffins, one that was also apparently present at the Halloween Gala in which she was also located at. Of course, that was back when her hair was a silver-white instead of blonde, so she may have been a bit unrecognizable now- but still similar. The cases of the situation were familiar, as she was hogging out on pumpkin spice festivities there as well, as she was a basic ass bitch. But the thing was that while she was basic, she was not, but her inner white girl seemed to always shine through. Pumpkin Spice was so good in her opinion, almost as good as hotdog water, therefore her mouth began to salivate after just thinking about it- until she began to hear more screaming. Her mind quickly cut back into reality, finding that she was standing unscathed where she was before, with Miki screaming upon the damn ass gay ass rock that the muffins were situated on prior.

    The rock had suddenly broken due to a silver pulse that Miki had let out in anger, following the dragon-based humanoids to fume in total anger. The rock was called a "great rock" in their minds, something that was extremely confusing for Desirée to understand. As the rock crumbled so did the dragon's sanity, as they appeared extremely angry and looking to fight even more than they already were. Leah, Miki, and Desirée were entirely surrounded by these angry beasts, and it looked as though it was going to be a large fight. As Desirée was slightly separated from the rest of the group due to her going into the previous fight first, she could not exactly reunite with them at the current moment as there were dragon people standing between them, so all she could do is hope for the best. She removed her sniper rifle from her back when suddenly she felt her back get pushed with a heavy force, resulting in her body slamming into the ground at full force- stomach to ground.

    Kiwi had retreated into Desirée's body at this point, so all she could do is flip over onto her back and try to secure her rifle in her hands that it had fallen out of. It was a Dragon Knight on top of her, its eyes flaming with anger and its claws holding down one of her hands. "I kill you for destroying great rock! Great rock is great rock! How dare great rock be destroyed by girl group!" he screamed as Desirée punched him in the face, resulting in his eyes going starry for a few moments. "I'm a bad bitch, you can't kill me!" Desirée screamed as her forehead seemed to produce a keyhole-like space, which began to glow. "Why you punch me! I punch you no-" the dragon knight began to say as the hole was filled with its maximum light, resulting in it erupting into a large beam of light which developed his body whole. It reigned through the sky with multiple colors, looking like a beacon of rainbows which was as beautiful as it was deadly. Desirée grabbed her sniper rifle and stood back up, her eyes narrowing down to the enemies surrounding her. It appeared as if ten dragon guards were nearing her as well in all directions, their arms interlaced to form a wall to trap her inside, which would not work out well for them. Desirée soon threw her gun in front of her into the air, resulting in it beginning to levitate and twirl quickly around her body. As it twirled bullets began to fly out of it at quick speeds, causing a barrage to hit all of them and knock them over into a state of unconsciousness.

    As she backed away from the ten unconscious dragon guards, it had appeared that a giant horde of them was approaching from the north. Running at full speed toward Desirée, she began to channel her magical power through her mouth while her eyes began to shine a bright range of multi-colored lights, symbolizing the attack was ready. She let out a large whirlwind of rainbows and stardust that traveled through the large horde of dragon-people, which pushed them backward and exerted extreme force onto their skin. Desirée began to hear more and more war chanting from them as they began to run at her once again, but she had an ability in store just for that reason. "We kill blonde bimbo!" "She is bitch!" "I'm hungry!" could all be heard from their large mass, but all Desirée could do was chuckle in response.

    "You guys want a damn ass fucking gay damn ass great rock?!!" she screamed at them as they began to scream back, her hand drawing the constellation of Capricorn in front of her. As a result of this a large magical circle formed on top of her head, which produced a giant rock out of it and into the air above her. The rock began to rotate like a large planet, its runes and signs of astrology booming with light as stars ran down from the bottom around her. Desirée pulled her hand back and caused the rock to follow, it looks as if it were loaded into an invisible slingshot ready to fire. "GO!" she screamed with all of her might, her hand pushing forward through the air. The rock shot from its position toward the group through the sky, its stars and glowing runes twinkling like a large comet. As the rock had flown Desirée heard gasping from the dragons, but all she could do was watch it fly across the sky and land in the middle of their ranks. As she watched she re-adjusted her hat that was slightly tilted on her head, placed her gun back onto her back, and drink the last few gulps from her water bottle stored in her small bag.

    After Desirée had thrown the damn ass fucking gay damn ass rock, she noticed that it had crushed and injured most of the approaching dragons, resulting in them staring at her in awe. She listened to them as they began to worship her like a goddess, her eyes beginning to switch to a sky blue color with golden stardust on the inside. "Okay.." she said aloud as she wiped the sweat that had gathered on her forehead because of the amount of pressure exerted onto said damn ass rock, dabbing her glove on her head as she watched them get knocked out due to Miki's attack. She was used to being idolized by people due to being an idol, therefore it was not too strange for this to occur, but rocks? Sure, Desirée was a Crystal, but still, it was a bit different. By now, Pitaya and Strawberry had returned to Desirée's side, the mire wolf turning into its larger form and preparing for a steady ride.

    "Hey Desirée, I saved my pumpkin spice latte for you after the battle! Would... would you want it?" Strawberry asked Desirée as she held up her cup, placing it in her hand while Pitaya smiled. "You did amazing in the battle, master," Pitaya told Desirée as she rubbed up against her leg, her soft fur wiping up some of the blood that was caused because of the job. "So, as they are all passed out... I guess I have a plan?" the Ace of Diamonds thought to herself as she reached into her purse, grabbing a sticky note-pad and a pen out of it and proceeding to write. "As you say I am your Goddess now, I believe that you would wish to come and serve your dearest master. My address is 71802 Komorebi Street, located in Rose Garden. I have a large backyard, therefore you can stay there. Just don't go in the house please." she wrote on the yellow sticky note and proceeded to walk over to the nearest dragon-guard on the ground, sticking it onto his forehead before mounting Pitaya.

    Walking over to Miki's direction on Pitaya's back, she removed her iLac from her purse and proceeded to open her Lacrimagram. "Thank you for helping with the mission! It was really nice to meet you, your magic is absolutely beautiful. This is my Lacrimagram account if you ever want to get in touch. I hope we can meet again sometime!" Desirée told Miki as she showed her the account, her pop music beginning to play quietly as the page stayed on her screen. Pitaya, opening a portal to Rose Garden a hundred feet away with her eyes, rubbed her head on the side of Desirée's body signaling that the way home was ready to go. "Thank you again!" she exclaimed to both Leah and Miki, as Pitaya faced the portal in front of her and began to pick up her pace directly toward the portal. Strawberry and Kiwi both hopped into Desirée's soul at once, causing half of her body to glow green and the other half pink, radiating a beautiful glow. Pitaya began to run at full speed and jumped into the portal, and the scenery changed drastically from the open field to that of her large backyard. She anticipated the dragon folk to show up in the next few hours, but all she wanted to do was nap after that battle.

    "Well, that was an interesting day." she thought to herself as she hopped off of Pitaya's back, letting her hair down and proceeding to walk inside and fixing herself a nice glass of fireball.

    But then the pink-haired crystal would open her rose-hued eyes of lovely proportions, looking around the cascading cloths of silk flowing around her bed- no wonder it felt so strange what had just happened, it was a dream consisting of a mixture of things she had gone through much before the war against the shades, a very strange array of hyperrealistic depictions at that. Oh, how she wished her old friends were doing well from way back then- but she knew deep down they would be gone forever, never to return to Earthland, the same fate she felt was hers until recent events unfolded in front of her eyes.

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