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    Celestial Wisdom


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    Celestial Wisdom Empty Celestial Wisdom

    Post by Vayrin 8th March 2021, 11:49 am

    Now was the time for more wandering. Despite all that had happened, Vayrin was still unsure of how long it had exactly been since she was banished from the spirit realm. All of that time floating within the void made her numb to the effects of time, so when she finally had come out of it the spirit was completely lost. She had found refuge within the Rune Knights, though she was still very unfamiliar with most of them. However the celestial spirit wouldn't let that discourage her, seeing as she had no way of controlling the flow of time. No, she just needed to get her head on straight and go out and explore the world for herself! She was still new enough that nobody seemed to notice or care if she dipped for a few days, taking in the sites of this new kingdom called Fiore. In her time this place didn't exist, so it felt as if she was stepping into an entirely new world! There must've been so much to do and discover, the spirit was pumped just to get into town and explore what the locals called Crocus, the capital of this magic filled kingdom.

    A few hours passed and the spirit could be found hunched over the counter of a bar, her eyes shut with a half empty tankard in her hand. Of course when new discoveries were to be made Vayrin was more inclined to see what new types of alcohol would follow. "Err.. Hey bunny lady, you good?" A voice urged the spirit. It was enough to stir some motion from the girl as she slowly lifted her head and faced the bartender with a malice in her blue eyes. No matter how many times people referred to her as a rabbit, Vayrin never got over the fact. "I- Hic! Am not a.. r- rabbit..." She started before her head slowly sunk again and her eyes shut once more. "Whatever you say... You lookin for another?" He asked. Without any words Vayrin's arm silently shoved the tankard over to him to imply her answer. He took the hint and grabbed the cup, filling it with the same brew as before and placing it on the counter next to her. Her long pink ear twitched slightly before the girl groggily faced upwards again and she eyed the drink. A light smile appeared on her face before she grabbed it and chugged it all in one gulp! With some sort of renewed energy the spirit lifted herself up off the stool and stood up straight! Well, sort of. She wasn't getting a great hold of her balance, and the whole world seemed to spin slightly around her. "Th- Thanks for the drink, Stewart."
    "My name's Albert."
    "Eugh... That's what I said..." She grinned before slowly dropping some cash onto the counter and making her way towards the door. The spirit almost tripped on her way out before catching herself by grabbing onto the nearest patron. He was a tall, muscular man who did not look too impressed with Vayrin. "S- Sorry pal, not lookin for any fun tonight... Hehehe.." She said partly to herself as she wandered out the door and onto the street. Why was the sun always so bright?


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