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    B-A exam

    Noctis Rose
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    B-A exam  Empty B-A exam

    Post by Noctis Rose Fri 26 Feb - 21:11

    Natalia finally received her first mission as a certified Dies Irae mage. The objective was simple Natalia and V were tasked to hunt down an ambitious mage in pursuit of the title "Warlord". According to the information provided the culprit was attempting to create a some sort of toxin or poison in hopes to claim countless lives. Though the threat wasn't large enough to warrant the mobilization of a large force, it was still a threat nonetheless. Dead or alive, Natalia had to bring the culprit in either in handcuffs or in a body bag.

    Upon receiving the mission Natalia began to make her preparations …

    "My lady. How do you wish to approach this mission?" V inquired curiously as he emerged from the shadows in Natalia's office. The mage looked through the files and information provided by the guild, taking her time to respond to her butler.

    "You already know... what needs to be done V... we do what Vanhelling's do best... we hunt... we purge..." Natalia spoke calmly as the lights flickered, the temperature began to drop, and the shadows began to darken. From the depths of the blackest shadows emerged a two individuals a young man and a young woman. Both of which had black hair and crimson red eyes similar to V's features.

    "Track the culprit down, start investigating River Village, get me samples from their water supply. If there are any casualties get me a body of a person who died due to the poison... you two have by the end of the day to give me a report... do not let me down." As Natalia spoke her orders, her summons diligently listened to their master orders, upon being dismissed the young man's body broke apart turning into a murder or crows. The young woman began to fall apart turning into a hoard of black mice. The crows and mice vanished into the darkness. As soon as her summons vanished the shadows retreated and the lights in the room to their original brightness.

    Natalia then turned to V in her chair. "As soon as we get a lead... we leave for the hunt the culprit down..." She took out a cigarette from a pack in her coat pocket. V approached his master and lit the cigarette for her. He then went to liquor cabinet and filled Natalia a glass of scotch.

    "Of course my lady... the legion is already restless... it has been some time since they've had their share of blood...." V chuckled. Natalia took deep breath and exhaled the smoke, before taking a sip from her glass of scotch.

    "Worry not... I have a feeling you all will have your share of blood soon enough..." Natalia mused as she held the glass of scotch. "In the mean time... take care of what ever needs to be taken care of in the manor. I shall summon you when I need you V... I wish to be alone for a moment." Alicia spoke with out looking at V as she began to work on some paper work.

    "As you wish my lady..." V bowed and dissipated into black mist...

    12:45am (About 8 hours later)...

    Natalia sat alone in her office filling out paper work and financial reports for her uncle when the light in the room began to dim. From the shadows the two summons Natalia had released earlier that day came forth to present their results to their supreme master.

    "Master... we bring news..." a young man appeared before Natalia, from a cloud of black smoke and raven feathers he stepped forward. He bowed and presented to his master multiple vials filled with water samples. "We have returned from out mission... from our investigation... we were also able to acquire a victims corpse that unfortunately passed away due to the poison" the summon spoke through dissonant whispers, his tone cold and other worldly. There was a few seconds of silence as Natalia finished taking care of the paper work she was preoccupied with.

    Eventually Natalia would address her awaiting servant, meeting his gaze with her cold gaze from her golden colored eyes. "Good... and where is the corpse now?" Natalia asked as she got up form her desk to take the vials from the hands of her servant.

    "My sister is already running some tests on the corpse in the laboratory downstairs..." The servant quickly reported to his master. Natalia silently nodded as she looked at the water samples, she shook the contaminated water inside the vials.

    "Take me to the body..." Natalia commanded in her usual cold and calm demeanor. The servant bowed as he out stretched his hand, opening a portal of umbral shadow. Natalia stepped into the portal with her servant following her close behind. In a blink of an eye Natalia and her servant emerged from the shadows. Natalia found herself in the laboratory, she stepped towards the table where the corpse of a child lay. She handed the vials to the other servant waiting for them.

    "...Worry not my child... we shall bring the one who did this to you to justice..." Natalia whispered as she gently brushed the little girls hair away from her face. She stood there in silence before turning to her servants. "Tell me... what do you two know?"

    "Of course my lady... from our investigation there has been many casualties at River Village, the contaminated water was indeed from the poisoned water supply. According to our investigation, the water supply was tainted the night before... the poison is a powerful neural toxin... any unfortunate soul that were to drink from this water will suffer from convulsions and eventually suffocate to death..." The female servant took care to present details of their investigation in a clear and concise manner to her master.

    "Our investigation lead us to the culprit's hide out... we discovered he's nearly completed the final iteration of his toxin... he plans to dump the toxin in a river not to far from his base... he also has a platoon of hired mercenaries to do the heavy lifting... there are about 50 of them my lady.." the male servant continued with the report, presenting Natalia a map of the mark location of the culprits base.

    "Wonderful work... take some samples from the corpse and have Dr. Jykle make an antidote..." Natalia spoke her orders as she reviewed over the map, The two servants bowed acknowledging their masters order before vanishing to complete their next task.

    Natalia then called out to her butler "V... get ready... the hunt begins..."

    2:00 am

    From the shadow of the night Natalia stepped out from the darkness. Her golden iris' glowing as her cold gaze stared at the large concrete facility where the culprit and his minions were hiding. Next to Natalia was V along with two of her most trusted servants. One was a tall man dressed in a black uniform from an unknown military organization, the other was a beautiful young woman wearing casual clothes. All four of them slowly walking towards the building unafraid and undaunted.

    "Lady Vanhellsing... do we proceed with lethal or nonlethal force?" V inquired, his blood red coat shifting the cold breeze of the night.

    "Proceed with lethal force... let us show their misbegotten kind what true wrath looks like..." Natalia mused, her voice calm yet cold as steel.

    A guard soon noticed Natalia and her servants approach he called up raising a blade towards the approaching mage.

    "You there! What's your business here? don't cha know this is private prop-" The guard's sentence was cut off, he stood there frozen. His head slowly slipping and falling off his body. The tall servant of Natalia transformed into a demonic humanoid, with blades protruding from his arms and forehead. He let out a blood curdling scream alerting the damned souls that judgement had arrived.

    The young woman next to Natalia dashed forward the incoming guards alerted by the demonic scream of the bladed demon. pulled a ring from her choker like a grenade pin, Her flesh began to glow in an intense heat before her body exploded, ripping the guards flesh into shreds. Once the smoke cleared in the young woman's place, stood a humanoid figure of a woman. Natalia's servant had transformed just like the bladed demon. Her head was that of a torpedo with jagged teeth, her arms replaced with intertwined fuses, over her clothes was an apron of sticks of dynamite tied together.

    The bladed demon, the explosives demon began to wreak havoc across the compound. The bladed demon began cutting down every adversary, while the other began destroying equipment and decimating the enemies into smithereens with shrapnel and powerful explosions.

    Natalia walked slowly with V by her side. Anyone who attempted to approach was cut down or decimated by the flames of her servants. Others were shot down by V. In a matter minutes the whole compound was set a blaze, blood and carnage painted the ground red.

    Without much effort Natalia and her summons made it inside the factory where the poison was being produced.

    "Xaiver Lawrence... we have come here to collect your bounty... you have two choices... I can bring you in warm.... or I can bring you in cold... what will it be?" Natalia called out into the factory as the sound of explosions and screams of the guards could be heard outside.

    A man in his early thirties emerged from behind one of the large vats of the synthesized neuro toxin. " I'm impressed you found me... but you were a fool to try and stop me..." The man growled as thrust his arm forward and unleashed a stream of arcane poison at Natalia. V quickly used his own body to protect his master, however as soon as the poison made contact with V his body began to dissolve, the poison was so toxic and potent it was acidic. The liquid began to eat away at V's flesh until he collapsed as his face and upper torso liquidized.

    "Hahahaha! You have no more guards to protect you.... surrender to me and perhaps I shall let you live" Xaiver chuckled as he stepped over V's body. Natalia stared at the dark mage, her face calm devoid of fear or even anger.

    "So you've chosen death... that is fine by me... I was not going to allow you to live anyway...even if you surrendered..." Natalia smiled sweetly as she spoke a spear forged by shadows impaled the dark mages leg.

    Xaiver howled in pain, he turned his eyes filled with terror as he watched V's corpse slowly rise. His flesh healing over the exposed bone's of his once liquidized muscles and skin. From V's wounds, teeth and blood shot eyes began to appear. The shadows began to darken as the V's animated corpse grabbed Xaiver by the neck.

    "Jolly wolly Mr. Lawrence~" V laughed maniacally as black chains made of solid shadows wrapped around the dark mage's limbs. The chains slowly tightened, the dark mage howled in pain as V's insane laughter filled the factory. Soon the dark mage's limbs were crushed by the coiling chains of darkness.

    "I SURENDER! TAKE ME IN PLEASE I SURRENDER!" Xaiver yelled begging mercy. Natalia looked up at him her face calm and serene, almost merciful as she approached the mangled dark mage.

    "Drown him in his own poison...Then burn the whole place down... be sure to bring his corpse to me when you're done...." Natalia turned around and began to walk towards the exit of the factory....

    "With pleasure my lady~" V laughed as the dark mage screamed in terror and in pain.

    The next morning Natalia presented her report to the Dies Irae headquarters, along with Xaviers corpse. The corpse was not mangled or mutilated, in fact the body of the dark mage was pristine as if he died in his sleep. Once Natalia presented the success of her mission she took the antidote to those affected in River Village....


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