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Exadia Empty Exadia

Post by Zeta 15th February 2021, 9:16 pm

Exadia 6kuuwBJ

Medieval Fantasy // brand new // no word count // LGBT+ friendly.

A land once ruled by the gods and plagued by wars and conflict, Exadia, has become a utopia under the eye of the 'Emperor' after banishing the pantheon to a place aptly named The Abyss. With the gods nowhere to be seen; Years have passed and 30 years after the phenomenon that brought forth magic into the world. The current Emperor has been assassinated and a new danger is starting to crawl out from the Manna Gorge. Such turmoil has shaken the foundation of the world, No one knows why these creatures are suddenly appearing, but reports are being made of growing attacks. What is at the bottom of the manna Gorge, no one knows, but a dreadful power seems to pulse from the depths. Is it the power to conquer the world or something more sinister?  .

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Exadia Empty Re: Exadia

Post by Althea 23rd February 2021, 7:03 pm

linked back~!


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