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    Heavenly God Slayer- Hybrid

    Kiari Cold
    Kiari Cold

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    In Progress Heavenly God Slayer- Hybrid

    Post by Kiari Cold 14th February 2021, 11:22 pm


    Note: Link to the Lacrima in signature below  

    Magic Name:Heavenly God Slayer (2nd gen)

    Magic Type: Slayer

    Description: The lacrima of the Egyptian god of light. Khepri. In the times of old when the gods were worshipped there was items that held the power of the gods magic itself. These would be the Lacrima of the gods. The magic was a form of lost magic know as God Interception Magic. The God Slayers. Within the journey of the caster, they have come across one of these sacred items. Kiari was one such person who has been imbued with a second lacrima to obtained the power of a god of Light. With those who possess this lacrima within them gains the power of God Interception Magic. The magic to slay the gods. All of the magic of this kind is considered unholy magic. This magic is all about supporting the castor with all of their spells. This magic was a highly supportive magic that can let the castor heal and increase the natural affinity of the castor. This magic was known to work well with other types of magic or slayer magic.

    Unique Abilities:  

    • Ability 1: Gods Healing – This ability allows the castor to heal the wounds of other in half the time of a normal healing spell.

    • Ability 2: Gods blessing - Increases the castors support spells by 30%

    • Ability 3: Gods Vitality – Increase the castors base HP by 20%



    D rank:


    Heavenly God Slayer- Hybrid JHL1jhL

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