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    Save the Maiden!


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    Save the Maiden! Empty Save the Maiden!

    Post by Nadarr 2nd February 2021, 4:20 am

    Octavia sat in a dark room her hands bound behind her back as she sat in the corner of the room sighing. She didn't know how long she had been toed up down here, it really wasn't to important...it had to be at least a day or so, she was feel pretty hungry after all... She had to wonder when or who was going to be the one to come save her, she put out the request about two days ago And ended up getting captured a day ago so hopefully someone who had responded by now. If not then she was on her own which was fine but more time after all She was sure someone will come. Worst case she was on her own, but she was sure it wouldn't come to that.

    A couple days ago she had heard about a group of human traffickers, looking for a beautiful young woman You take to a Faraway land and Sell them to the highest bidder. This group didn't do mass groups of girls they did it one at a time To make sure their hostage stay safe and well. Octavia really had no idea how many there really were, shouldn't truth be told she only heard about them A few days beforehand, and decided to use it to her own benefit. She put up job listing all across the city to put pressure on them and then made herself an easy target by being a beautiful young woman. A bit of a gamble on her part but it worked out in the end as she was now tied up in a wedding and a heroic rescue.

    As she sat down there in the dark room She would start to hear noises, footsteps coming towards her. Was someone finally coming to check on her maybe. it had been a while since she's seen her captors, or even better yet it was the hero of the story coming to rescue her. Well she didn't necessarily need to be rescued she would eventually get out on her own if push came to shove, but that would make a poor story. Guess it would depend on who came through doorway. She say the door open and winced, the light was bright as she saw someone looking like a police officer, her eyes going wide with excitement struggling try to get her hands free looking up at him.


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    Save the Maiden! Empty Re: Save the Maiden!

    Post by Wiggles 2nd March 2021, 3:10 am

    For days now, Scully had been investigating a string of kidnappings all throughout the city. The targets have been pretty constant. Beautiful ladies in their early to mid twenties. Great, so fifty percent of the city's total population. It would be hard to know when and where the criminals would strike. There were numerous leads, hotspots were opportunities for the kidnapping to occur but to no avail. Hours spent on stake outs yielded no positive result. It was becoming to look like a wild goose chase as Scully contemplated his failure on a police car, looking down on the file he had in front of him. He sighed as he had realized he had exhausted all possible suspects. Usually, operations like these cause numerous disappearances and yet these people seem to have been undetected until now. It was frustrating to be sure, even after exhausting some assistance from private sources and from the Rune Knights, they just can't find these guys.

    He had no choice but to inform the concerned citizen. He had weakly started the vehicle and drove slowly with no enthusiasm to the requester's address. When he got there however, Scully noticed something was not right. Like it was crime scene waiting to be detected. Going through the unlocked door slowly as it creaks with every inched it moved ,leading to an organized room, with some more posters regarding these string of disappearances. Scully stopped and stood wondered why she suddenly stopped. Perhaps she was out posting some more? He thought as he brushed his beard with his fingers. No, then that would mean that she would have brought these posters with her.

    No, something must've happened to her. He thought, worry evident in his eyes as his gaze would constantly, trying to piece it together as he was desperate to save her. Fortunately, she knew where she frequented to place these posters, and that could be a start. Though they could very well be dead ends as well since those areas were highly populated, if he remembers correctly but he had to try. Quickly, he ran back to the squad car and drove as fast as he could for the area.

    Despite the inconspicuous markings of the squad car, and of Scully's uniform. And that was because he parked it a couple of blocks away. He began his search on the alleyways the area of the city had a lot of and found signs of struggle in one of them. More posters laid on the ground trampled. At the corner of his eye, he spotted a homeless child hiding behind a dumpster. Fortunately, he was able to befriend the kid by offering a few doughnuts. Eventually, he was able to pinpoint Scully to the girl's location, even saying that he's a day late but he assured him that everything will be fine, now that he was around and that they have arrived to the place.

    There weren't any guards around. Possibly because they were out getting new women to kidnap, which made it easy for Scully to get in despite his size. The man simply jogged across to a room and banged its knob open. Inside, he found a blue-haired woman, tied up and quickly he took a standard issue knife to loosen her bonds. "Come on, let's get out of here. Quickly!" he whispered in worry as he checked through the door if there were any kidnappers coming.

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