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    Looking to the Future [Job | Private]


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    Looking to the Future [Job | Private] Empty Looking to the Future [Job | Private]

    Post by Vayrin 29th January 2021, 12:23 pm

    Job info:

    The locals weren't kidding when they said that the docks were always busy, especially in front of the customs office. Vayrin wasn't entirely sure what to expect when she came to Hargeon, but it sure as hell wasn't this. All around her people pushed and shoved each other to get further and further in line, as if they were all running from some unseen threat. Vayrin knew better than that though, she had been with mortals for far longer than she could remember and the spirit had learned how impatient most of them could get. Sighing with irritation, Vayrin couldn't deny that she too was rather impatient most days, which was rather odd considering her profession. Of course if recent events were any indicator than it wouldn't be hard to believe that the spirit was getting less and less inclined to wait. Not when thousands of years had been stolen from her life. She needed to venture beyond the borders of this kingdom called Fiore, she needed to see Earthland in all its glory and discover if any remnants of her old life still existed beyond those waters. A likely fruitless venture, but it was one she was willing to take.

    The spirit finally made her way down to the docks and noticed that they were practically overflowing with people. However that wasn't the worst of it. Being a bustling port city dozens of boats came into the harbor carrying fish. The spirit gripped her stomach in vain as the scent wafted across the salt stricken air towards her. If she was going to get a passport she needed to do it fast. She wouldn't last long in this mosh pit that smelled of rotting meat. Taking a deep breath Vayrin stepped back, looking for her target. Near the end of the dock was a building with the word "CUSTOMS" written across its head. Without hesitation the spirit leapt forwards, shoving her way through the crowd before using her magic to get a leg up. "Hey you can't just cut in line mis-" One man started to complain before he was cut short and Vayrin had vanished in a flash of magic. This occurred multiple times throughout the crowd, and each disgruntled civilian was left dumbstruck by her sudden appearance and sudden disappearance afterwards.

    Finally in one final flash of magic power Vayrin appeared directly in front of the custom's window. Breathing heavily from using so much magic power the girl panted silently before turning her attention to the customs agent. "Reason for being here miss?" He asked with a monotone voice. "Huh? Oh yeah! Right. I uh.. I need a passport." She spoke plainly. The customs agent gave a sigh before opening a large leather book in front of him. "Name?"
    "Vayrin Vulpecula. Rune Knight."
    "Ah A rune knight.. Well you might be pleased to know you get a special offer. Just face the lacrima and we'll have a passport for you in no time." The agent told her. Vayrin did as instructed and with a flash of light from the picture lacrima the process was done. A few minutes passed before the agent returned to the window and dropped off the small passport. "Here you are miss, have a great day. NEXT!"

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